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The SQUEE heard 'round the world...

Okay, I've been sitting on some big news, afraid to share it because in my life, good things are meant to be shattered and shredded. Know what I mean?

Especially in light of recent job issues and karmic influences on my life.

BUT!! Airfare has been purchased, so it makes this real, and I really want to share this and so... well, here goes.

Thanks to some incredible generosity that is still blowing my mind, I am going to attend the Supernatural Convention in Chicago this coming November. My travel companion and benefactor knows my situation and through a series of good-natured beratings via email, convinced me that I cannot let this moment pass me by. Who knows if the stars will align thusly again?

So... after talking it over with the hubs, using my best puppy-dog eyes, we found some wicked affordable plane tickets and... I'm going. I don't want to get TOO excited because it's still a little ways away, and so much could happen to ruin it between now and then... but... *insert squee here*.

I would LOVE to know if anyone else is planning to go. I'll be traveling with amyblair (

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