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Jus In Bello Review

Well, I can't exactly stop now... Especially when they leave us for 8 looooong weeks before we get anything. Not even a rerun in all that time. Thank God for DVRs. Okay, if you're at all interested in my ramble, here 'tis. Slainte.

Holy. Sh*t. What a rush. Seriously, this show is freaking amazing. Even when there are unanswered questions or plot holes or question marks above my head, I'm willing to roll on and accept because the way the story is delivered. I even convinced the hubby to watch this time around. Okay, since the evening started with Nightshifter, I'll go there because I'm just rerunning the show in my head and I have to start with the first thing I mentally see. Or I'll get confused and miss something. If I were smart, I'd do what Kelly does and watch for effect, then go back, watch and take notes, then write this up, but if I did that I'd never sleep.
Here goes. I could probably wax endlessly in philosophical musings about the differences between Sam and Dean between S2 and S3, the way the show itself looks different with muted colors vs vivid colors, the fact that even in S2, Sam was showing his bad ass moxy by taking out the two SWAT guys and Dean was more fragile than he appeared because of his quick attachment to Ronald, the way Sam "tolerated" Sherry gushing about his brother or the fact that Dean fighting that female shape shifter was disturbingly hot... but when it comes down to it, Nightshifter is about three things for me: Flannel, Eyes, and Styx.
Dean totally rocks that black and tan flannel (though the denim will forever be my favorite). And his eyes when he's on the phone with Hendrickson and says "you got no right talking about my Dad like that" -- holy hell. Those lashes kill me. And Renegade -- could there be a more awesome escape sequence when the boys slow-mo-ing it up the stairs into a oddly dusty Impala? Whew. *Gaelic fans self*
Moving on.
Now, I have to say in the war between Bela and Ruby, I now find them both intriguing for VERY different reasons. I don't like Bela, but that's what intrigues me about her. Despite the fact that she's a bitch, I felt my eyebrow raise at that well-timed pause when Dean said she was going to sell the Colt to the highest bidder. She may have actually been planning that, and she didn't like that he called her out. And she may actually have something else going on -- I mean we don't know her dead sibling story yet. Could there be a deal in her past as well? A demon with a contract? There's something there and bitch or not, I'm curious. Personally, I can't wait to see what happens when Ruby and Bela end up in the same room together. I hope there's blood.
I entered this episode as unspoiled as possible despite sooooo many carrots dangled. All I knew was what they showed us in the previews. So this was a FUN episode for me. I started out in the Human Ball of Perceived Protection knowing I was going to end up there anyway. When the boys' eyes traveled up Hendrickson's (let's call him "H") legs, I chuckled. I love these boys. I've learned with this show to watch everything, suspect everything, trust no one. Oh, wait, Mulder taught me that. Anyway, the sheriff saying this "wasn't his first rodeo" made me suspicious of him for something. I didn't know what he was going to do, but he was going to play some kind of pivotal role. 
Then of course you see Nancy and the rosary. That's coming into play later, yeah? The boys chained together and going in different directions -- hilarious. Especially when they had to try to untangle just to sit down. You know, I know that eventually this show has to end, be it five seasons or more. But whenever it does end, it's going to be hard to watch either of those guys in anything else and not miss their brother. They just work so well together. When H came back to the cell to banter it up with a snarky Dean, I loved watching Sam. His forced disinterest in that slouched pose totally vanished when H said that Dean was never going to see him again.
I could practically feel his panic at the thought of Dean's ticking clock and not getting out of this situation and actually GOING to solitary. I know it wasn't planned -- that this was actually supposed to have been episode 11 and Mystery Spot episode 12 -- but it worked SO WELL thinking back to Sam without Dean and the idea that that could be true w/out the Trickster scaring Sam to death. And then when H slammed John, Sam sits up, either in affront at what H said, or in back up to Dean, it didn't matter. It was his body language saying "Hey, watch it, buddy" that just... yeah. *pets him*
Okay, I know I'm forgetting stuff, but dude! Doug Penhall! I haven't seen him since 21 Jump Street! I guess everyone has a boss -- even H. Penhall totally scolds H, making him fill out paperwork, flying in on the chopper -- WHY I didn't suspect him is beyond me. When he shot Dean I gasped. I mean BLAM -- right through the shoulder, blood on the wall, Dean falling back... I'm such a sicko, but I'm so watching that part again and again. Sam stepped up there, too, man and latinated the hell out of Penhall, saving them both. Whew. Goosebumps.
Now, this is when this episode got actually freaky for me -- H's partner going outside, dead cops all around, chopper blows up... yeah. Ball of Perceived Protection was my only hope of surviving. Then we get the h/c part of the show which I WISH we had time for it to be more. Sam trying to stop the bleeding, Dean's muffled groan, Sam's "don't be such a wuss" (HA!)... all I could think, though, was that was the same shoulder Sam had shot in BUABS. Poor guy -- he's going to have some serious scar tissue. I loved how when Dean was talking Sam was looking worriedly at his back where the blood was obviously still flowing. Tingle.
Nancy, little scared fawn that she was, totally came through with the towel, but I saw the grab for the rosary telegraphed from the beginning. Not that I minded. It came in handy. But the thing I noticed more about that situation was that even though Dean was shocked and confused that Sam grabbed Nancy, he didn't do anything until it was over and then lobbed a "what the hell?!" Sam's direction. He's backing his brother. I mean, of course he questions him later, but in that moment, he trusted that Sam had a reason and I so dug that.
Sitting on the bed, Dean using the towel to staunch the blood, I loved how little boy he got with the fact that the demons were suddenly coming right for them...never done that before..."it's like they've got a contract on us? 'cause we're so awesome?" That's just like asking if getting hit by the car looked as good as it did on TV. This is a guy that left his childhood behind at age 4. He's carried responsibility like a yolk across his back all of his life and when he lights up about random things I feel it in my gut. Even when it's ridiculously timed random things -- the boy inside knows that he'll have to retreat soon enough so that battles can be fought, but in a moment of silence, he sticks his head up and says "'cause we're so awesome." Love it.
Okay, so when the sheriff came in, I thought that HE was possessed and H would see the boys exorcise him. I did NOT see Hendrickson being possessed coming and was totally riveted. Nasty bit shoving him in the toilet, though. Blech. Smart, but nasty. Sam's all about the latinating again -- happy to see that 24 years of reading the stuff sank in and he has it by heart. :) And I have to say that even the hubby laughed at the "I shot the sheriff" "but you didn't shoot the deputy" coupled with Sam's incredulous "you're impossible" look that he shot Dean. That's what makes this show so great. Death is knocking at the door and the brothers still act like brothers.
Oh, Lord, and they had a patching up Dean's shoulder scene with the bicep of doom staring at us. Staring RIGHT AT US. *needs a moment*
I'm sure there was some important information there about going to church and talking about the devil, but... THE ARM. *ahem* I gotta say, I liked H even in Nightshifter. He was an asshole, but I liked him. He was quick and snarky and focused. And as soon as he saw the truth, he turned that skill to the good side. Nicely played. Dean running out to the Impala to "grab something out of his trunk" was a sure sign of Bad Things Happening. When the black smoke showed up I was chanting "must move faster must move faster must move faster." The Demon Swarm was intense. I knew they weren't going to get in, what with all the salt and Devil's Traps, but wow. I was still worried.
And good Lord. Tattoos. The tattoo reveal pulled another "oh" from me that got a smirk out of the hubby. He even asked me if that was going to be my next one. *ahem* Sam's "not long enough" quip had me saying "no kidding" -- I mean I wish they'd figured that out when they were kids. All three of them. The torment that would have saved Dean. Well, sure, and John and Sam not having the memories of being possessed and blah blah blah, but Dean would have been spared torture by his father and brother. Ah, well. 20/20 hindsight. Moving on!
Liked H's "putting down monsters with condiments" line. Hee. Everyone laughs at the salt. Don't know about you, but I've actually increased my sodium supply 'round here. I really enjoyed the conversation between H and Dean about H's job being boring and how he barely manages to save a few people after all his work. Dean's "I think the world is going to end bloody" but he's "going down swinging" had me saying atta boy. I noticed, too, with that little exchange about Dean only having his brother and Hendrickson also having no one but a string of divorces, Dean is the rogue, Sam's the one that had normal for awhile, but it's Dean who is able to find connections with people more than his brother. Maybe that's because he's pretty flat with who he is in the grand scheme of things and it's so unknown for Sam... I'm not sure. Just an observation.
Okay, so Lilith. When Ruby told them about her I was already creeped out. But that just led to the fact that Sam's keeping things from Dean. And now Dean knows there's more than just the power rising in the west. Not that he had time to go into it, but at least he knows he has to dig until Sam fesses up s'more. Secrets... always secrets with these two. Are they kept for protection or out of fear? Do they just need that one piece of information that's theirs alone? Makes me wonder about other tight-nit relationships.
The whole spell to wipe out demons in a certain radius (including Ruby) was interesting. And I know that there are going to be some heavy discussions about Ruby's character and her being willing to die to give Sam a chance and what that means about her and about Sam's importance, but I'm saving my thoughts on that until a more coherent time. What I will go into is Dean's adorable disbelief that Nancy was a virgin and her "what? it's a choice!" The fact that Dean and Ruby argued to the point of Sam having to make the call had me twittering. That was so nicely timed. Sam saying nothing, though... I felt Dean's heart drop.
The ensuing conversation between the brothers was fantastic. Gotta wave my Dean flag for a moment. I love Dean's character. I mean he is everything I'd create if I were able to create a hero in a story. He is the one constantly called out for his "sins" and his immorality. It's a running joke, apparently, that he's the weak one, the dimmer one, the brawn. He likes the women and he likes the booze and he has poorly timed cracks... but when it came down to it, it's DEAN that stops them from taking the innocent life of a girl "who hasn't even been laid." His "if that's how we win wars, then I don't want to win" should have had a crescendoing soundtrack behind it. HE is the moral compass now. And may have always been. He is willing to sacrifice himself, but damn sure won't sacrifice anyone else. AND he's the one that came up with the plan that saved everyone. Sorta. I mean, well, you know.
The point is, Dean mortality has revealed his morality and I'm loving it. Dean's plan didn't just save the townsfolk and for a short bit, Hendrickson and Nancy, it saved Dean and Sam's humanity for one more day. Killing that girl -- willing or not -- would have killed a piece of Dean that he can't live without and Sam can't afford to lose. "Saving people, hunting things, the family business" -- that's what it's always been about for Dean and, I think, will be until the end.

The interesting thing is that we now know there's a spell (with the heart of a virgin, but, still) that will wipe out demons in a certain radius. That's SO coming back into play at some point. The end of this episode was so full of action I couldn't get my eyes wide enough. I wasn't sure what Dean's plan was until I saw Nancy and the deputy on the roof. OH! Best. Line. Ever: "When this is over I'm going to have so much sex." HAHAHAH!
When they started to line the doors with salt, I actually clapped. Sam's droning voice reciting the exorcism over the loud speakers was fantastic. I loved it. Dean's so smart. Hee. Poor his shoulder, though with all that shooting and fighting and being pinned to the wall. Again. I loved Dean's little "heh" shrug to H when it was all over like "who knew"?
I had a bad feeling when there was 15 mins left and H says he had a "helluva story" he wouldn't be telling, that he was going to say they were dead... I mean, there was no way they could walk away free of the Fed issue, off the wanted list (since they were dead) AND have an ally. That was too much good luck. So when that creepy little girl showed up, I said "" out loud. Poor H. Just when he had a chance to be a good guy. And Nancy. Going out without the sex.
I'm a little worried that they're not exactly free and clear, though -- I couldn't tell if H had finished the call before Lillith blew everyone to kingdom come and the news reporter just said that "two fugitives" were also killed. So... hmmm. Ruby's admonishment had me feeling pretty bad for the guys. They did the right thing -- they didn't know that black guy got out (and here I was all relieved that he left Nancy alone... sigh). But I guess they're not just hunting anymore, they're at war. And I guess that while Dean is the consummate hero, and he did save lives, ultimately, Ruby said he made the wrong decision. I'm still not convinced.
This is going to be tense. Because hard decisions will have to be made and the line between light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong will be blurred for both of them -- and in different directions and different ways. We're no closer to finding out how to save Dean. We know who the power in the west is, but not how to take out a freaky little girl who can kill with white eyes. We know that Ruby is fully on Sam's side, but is willing to sacrifice lives to win the war -- even Dean's, or her own if necessary. We don't know for sure if they're off the wanted list, but they could be...
All I can say is... they still have each other and we get four more starting in April. Thank. God. I know so many of you saw so much more than I did, but thanks for wading through this one more time. Writing it lets me watch it in my head one more time. See you in April. :)
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