Gaelicspirit (gaelicspirit) wrote,

Grabbing my bootstraps

I'm having a week. Just one of those weeks where I stand outside of myself and watch myself and want to shake myself but can't seem to get past something that I should be over by now. I wish I weren't so... just so. But I think that there comes a time in your life when you have to realize you simply are who you are and you can embrace that or you can hide from it. 

Or you can do a little of both, as I seem to be doing at the moment.

I should be writing. I have a story to finish. A story I've wanted to write since last August. A story that's actually really going well. And I have a friend to support with a different story. I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. SO... why am I staring at my opened file with empty eyes and a movie in my mind that can't get through to my fingertips?

Get over it, Gaelic.

I come from a long line of individuals who simply made themselves do what had to be done. And somewhere along the way, they convinced themselves that's what they actually wanted to do. *rubs face*

Okay, pity party over. I'm not even making sense at this point. I'm going to grab a glass of vino, the baby monitor, and my music and burrow in the world of fiction for awhile. 

Tags: writing
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