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Guilty. Pleasure.

So, I'd like to share a guilty pleasure with ya'll, but not take up too much of your screen. Sports related. Kinda. In a "hot guy" way...

Okay, so my hubs is a soccer guy. Played goalie for 8 years, and would have done so longer had his health not bottomed out. I grew up in basketball country, and knew literally NOTHING about soccer. Until I went to Ireland for school, and then they got me allll mixed up by calling it 'football.' WTF?

ANYWAY, after Ireland, and upon meeting my husband, I had a crash course in the finer attributes of the game and players of this fine sport. First, it Never. Stops. Moving. Fastest 90 minutes ever. Seriously. I get bored quickly in sports. Sorry, but, yeah. I do. And I haven't yet with soccer.

The World Cup in Germany was being played the year Mo Chuisle was born. Wanna guess what was on TV while I was 'enjoying' the effects of Pitocin? Yup. So after I gleaned the difference between a foul, a yellow card, and a red card and what the hell off sides meant, I began to relax and appreciate the players.

This is how, in my humble opinion, the male body should look. Trim, with lean stomach and back muscles, and legs that could literally crush you. Not overly-tall... topping out at an average of about 6 foot. So that you don't get that neck-crimp when standing close and looking up. Broad shoulders tapering to a V at the waist. Hands that blend nicely into cut forearms. Graceful. Bowlegged. With totally crazy hair (either longish with random bleaching, mohawked, or buzzed almost military short). Tats help, but are not necessary. Although some are wicked cool.

Man alive. Just, nicely put together. So, when my husband asked for season tickets to the local MLS team, the Kansas City Wizards, I was only too happy to oblige. Happy Christmas and Merry Birthday, my love. For most of the season, I've had a great time going with him, bonding, sweating my tail off in the hot June sun, freezing my *ahem* off in the bitter March wind.

But last night...the Wizards played the LA Galaxy. And a certain Mr. David Beckham was there. And Gaelic didn't stop grinning for 90 minutes.

They moved the game from the temporary minor-league baseball field to Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs play... so that made the pitch a bit bowed and there were all those distracting yard lines... but we got over it. The first half was basically a big game of keep away, so I just watched Becks move across the pitch. But we scored two goals inside of two mins in the second half (the first gifting us with Josh Wolff yanking off his oh-so-cumbersome jersey in celebration *grin*), and we ended up winning the match. Much cheering, streamers, horns, y'know how soccer fans are. Crazy lot.

I am posting some very amatuerish shots from my wussy little camera, but hey, Becks was in Kansas City. Hee.

The man is beauty in motion. Can't surpass Jensen, of course, but then, no man really can, am I right? *sighs*


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