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Stream of Consciousness: 4.02 Episode Review

Wow. Just... wow.

So... it's a day late, but not a thought short. RL had me by the throat last night, and I was unable to watch until this morning before my baby got up. In the interest of time, I may try to reorganize this ramble.

But I just want to get it out there that first and foremost, I am constantly, constantly impressed by this show.

*deep breath*

Overall Thoughts

I gotta get this out of the way. Billy Squire's "Lonely Is the Night" was fanfreakintastic in the previouslys. I have always loved that song and thought it to be VERY Dean. *claps* Way to go, Show!!!

I've been a fan of several shows where the apocolypse came into play. And quite frankly, I'm not surprised by this turn of events -- in fact, had it not been that extreme, I might have been a little let down. Buffy was forever fighting back the apocolypse, Angel, even a few epis of the X-files dealt with it.

The forshadowing of Lucifer's existence in "Sin City" led me to believe that he would be coming into play eventually, and we all knew that Lillith was up to something. Once we saw her fear when she couldn't defeat Sam, I think we all knew she wasn't cut out to be the Great Queen of the Underworld.

Plus? There had to be some reason the angels chose now, after all this struggle and fighting and suffering and defeating evil in the mere hope of good, to come to earth and mix it up with the black-eyed masses.

So, this gal? Is excited to see how this plays out. 66 seals doesn't really give us much time... a season perhaps? But if we're on a five-year plan... where does that take us next year?? Okay, Gaelic, one hurdle at a time.

This episode literally rocked me. I sat so close to the TV, I could have been pixellated. Dean's doubt that there is a God was so very real to me. I've never doubted that He existed, but I've had occasion (as I'm sure we all have, who believe) to ask myself the same questions Dean struggled with.

Why doesn't He help? Why does it appear so often that He stands idly by and lets good people, believers, suffer? Why do bad things happen to good people? I smirked loudly, if such a thing is possible, when Dean interrupted Castiel's "The Lord works--" with a "If you say in mysterious ways, I'll kick your ass."

I get that that is the easiest explanation for us mortals who can't wrap their mind around the Big Picture, but rather than being comforted that the highest power has a handle on things and I just need to trust that He knows what's going on, I've always felt that statement was a bit of a cop out.

Lillith's selection of the witnesses packed a helluva punch, pun intended. There was much GORE to be had. Nicely played, that. There was also torutre aplenty with Meg beating the holy hell out of Dean, Bobby's heart being twisted by the little girls he couldn't save, Sam guilted by Hendricksen (or however you spell it...). Ronald's ghost just made me so sad. :(

There was some fantastic one-liners in this, too, with Bobby's "If you're gonna shoot, shoot..." and his admonishment to the "chuckleheads" to stop debating religion. And Dean... Oh my goodness do I love that boy. But I'll get to him specifically later.

I feel like the overall purpose of this episode was truly the debate of when there is so much ugliness in the world, why does one hunter deserve to be saved from the pit? What is it about him? And why does that scare us so much? Because, along with Dean, I don't so much like being singled out at any time, let alone by an angel of the Lord. Gah.

Before I get into specifics? I have to say that the conversations with Castiel and Dean are quickly becoming the most fascinating aspect of this season. Dean's challenge that angels were supposed to be guardians... Michael Landon, not dicks... just bled his fear and doubt and mistrust all over that kitchen.

But Castiel's comeback of "read your Bible... angels are warriors of God" impressed the hell out of me. So much so that I actually forgot to breathe for a moment. The way Dean literally stopped moving -- everything but his soulful eyes -- and waited for Castiel's next words held me fast. And Castiel's "I'm not here to perch on your shoulder... You should show me some respect... I dragged you out of Hell, I can throw you back in..."

Wow. *shivers* Just... Wow. Whatever Kripke has planned for us in the way of the final Seal being opened, I'm looking forward to. It's going to be a wild ride, a rush of Good vs Evil, questions about their purpose, concern about all the good they've done in the past being the good they were supposed to do, brother next to brother and brother against brother... culminating in what I expect to be moments that stop our hearts and gather our tears and shake our heads in wonder.

The Players

Dean: From the inception of the show, this character has been my hero. There is a way that Jensen Ackels carries Dean -- a way that he plays him through his eyes, belying the words he's speaking -- that has captivated me. I can't say enough about how his physical attributes curl my toes. *sighs*

But it's his whole package -- the humor, the looks, the simple way his lips part slightly as he breathes... The look he gives Sam when Bobby hands them the stack of books on angels with the "You're getting me some pie..." BWAH!! That boy and his pie. I don't think someone has made me crave baked goods so much in my life.

Dean's struggle with Meg broke me. He wanted so badly to find his father that yeah, he forgot that there was a girl inside that shell. And seeing her face him with that reality, the absolute crushed look on his face... *sob* To make matters worse, Meg having a little sister who was lost without her... lost enough to committ suicide when she was found dead... I just wanted to gather Dean up and hold onto him tight.

Then again, I sadistically like to watch him crawl away from her, trying to breathe as she kicked him. Is that bad to confess? Moving on!

Dean calling Hendricksen "Victor"... awww. And having to find out that Lillith took her time killing them... GAH! When Hendricksen reached in, he grabbed Dean's heart in more ways than one when he said: "Why do you deserve another chance?" Well, Victor, you've hit on the one question our boy is asking himself with every beat of his heart. And he's scared to death.

Sam: I got a review recently that said they thought I did Sam a disservice in my stories. That I didn't let him be the heroic one enough. Well... the thing is? For me, the only time Sam is truly heroic is when Dean is down for the count. It's just how I see his character. *shrug*

This show is and will forever be about brothers, these brothers, but there, again for me, there is something lacking in Sam that I see in spades in Dean. Last year, he captured me. He worried me, he made me cry, he made me hurt for him. I wanted so badly for him to find a way to save his brother, not simply because I wanted Dean to be spared from Hell, but because Sam needed it.

So far, this season... I'm not sure. I'm cautious about him once more. Wanting to see how he affects his brother, but not so much invested in his character. I will so, though, that his boys happiness and enthusiasm at the knowledge that an angel had saved his brother was heartwarming. His faith -- the fact that he declared to Ruby that he wasn't afraid of angels when she beat a hasty retreat -- may save him from whatever fate is in store.

But he can be cold. Where Dean hesitated with the spirits, letting their torrent of guilt soak into him, Sam was able to apologize tightly, lift the shotgun and shoot Meg in the face. Mostly, I think, because she knew about his biggest guilt -- using Ruby to hunt demons and not sending her back to Hell. The point Meg made about how many bodies Ruby had burned through at least slashed a pale swath of regret across Sam's features.

I do so love when the boys just know each other -- the unison speak: "A sign of what?", the automatic obeying: "DOWN!", the shared looks of understanding... *sigh*

Bobby: SO much goodness about this man. I absolutely LOVE that he gives the boys reminders -- John Winchester's boys or not, it's reassuring to have him say to "the boys" (love that, too) to "cover each other, aim carefully, don't run out of ammo..."

I echo Dean's grin of "Bobby, you're awesome" with the iron panic room. I laughed out loud when I realized that was where they were going. "I had a weekend off." HA!!! "Someplace safe, ya idjits." I *heart* Bobby. Dean was right when he said Bobby was the closest thing to a father he had. My heart broke for him a bit when those ghost girls kept taunting him.

Oh, and aside, is there anything more creepy than the echo of ghostly little girls laughing??

Others: Liked Meg's explanation for the difference in her appearance. Nicely played. Liked Hendricksen's recount of the hell they went through before they died. Was saddened by Ronald and creeped out by the little girls. I think Meg was my favorite, though. The emotion trembling through her whole (very slim) body when she talked about her little sister choked me up. Ghost or not.


I loved the building of tension in the final battle with showing the empty shells hit the ground. I loved Bobby's insane level of concentration with the spells. I liked Dean saving the day -- instead of Sam -- based on Sam's shout of "cover Bobby." And I loved the slow shot of both boys asleep.

I also liked the idea that there are battles elsewhere and that the angels win some and lose some. This is not going to be an easy fight. The angels are soldiers, and soldiers die.

What a crazy ride this is going to be. Don't know about you all, but I'm hanging on tight.

If you're still here... thanks for reading


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