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It's all fun and games... until someone flushes a duck...

So, I got to meet the person I referred to in an earlier post as my benefactor. amyblair, a writer and true fan of the show, and the reason I get to go to the Con in Chicago this November, brought her three daughters to my house on Saturday for a visit. My small place seemed to grow with the addition of laughter and children.

I impressed her with my culinary abilities by dialing Pizza Hut. And the girls whirled through the downstairs playroom, giving it the proper breaking-in that I suspect Mo Chuisle has always wanted to.

The two youngest (including mine) were heard on the monitor giggling gleefully, and while one might think that a happy sound... I was suspicious. Turns out, they wanted to see if one of the smaller rubber duckies from Mo Chuisle's bath toys could swim... which, I'm sure it could have if the centrifugal force of the flushing toilet hadn't  propelled it into God-knows-where.

When I asked Mo Chuisle what she thought she was doing, she predictably replied, "Nuffin."

*Gaelic winces* If she knows how to cover up misdeeds at two... whatamigonnado when she's 12, 14, 16...

It was  a wonderful visit and I'm so looking forward to November -- not only because I get to see the boys, but because many names will become faces, and I'll get to hang out with amyblair once more.

Thanks for the break, B. You helped me push real life back behind the flood gates for a little bit. I needed that.

The toilet survived the duck's journey. All is well.
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