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just can't get enough

Through other journals I've wandered through, I've been inspired to share with you my fav fic writers, vidders, and artists. I may not be able to link to their items appropriately, so I apologize if you read this and are forced to go hunting. But... it's worth it, I promise. Okay, these are only scratching the surface of the talent out there, but I hide a lot, and these are the ones that flit through my stream of consciousness on a regular basis. 


So, if  you're reading this, you probably know that I fancy myself a storyteller. It's the one thing that's for me in life. Just me. And I love the rush I get from spinning a story. But I do not think I'm anything fantastic. There are those writers out there, however, who are fantastic. I have not read a fraction of them -- Big Pink, Kimonkey, Ridley... so many more that I have in my "to read" pile but haven't gotten to. These few are the ones I've gotten to and actually make time to go back to because I just can't get enough. You may have read them all already. :)

I am Thru Terry's Eyes' slave. She pulled me into this world and has never let me down. My favorite of her collection is It's a fantastic gen fic with plenty of hurtDean and franticSam. Delicious.

by November's Guest was the first fanfic I read and it wowed me with angst and emotion.

EFW's epic is one of those where you can see the thought process of the writer, the level of research and care she took. Truly amazing.

Onari's is fabulous. She is pretty much the queen of my angst fix.

JennK528 has a story called that captivated me. There is a short scene in there that talks about Dean's lips that just... *melts*

LovinJackson's not only entertained me, but triggered a great friendship.

Mellaithwen's haunted me. No kidding.

Sojourner84's introduced me to a fantasticly gifted writer.

SilverKitten writes amazing tags to the epis, but her story really caught me.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention SodaKey as well. Her epic kept me coming back for more.


Let me just say that I have no idea how these people do it. They create mini movies. It's amazing. I sit in awe as I watch our boys -- the muse that so many of us use -- act out scenes to songs that just fit so perfectly. I go to these vidders for inspiration time and again.

JessicaRae24 is fan.friggin.tastic. She goes in the art category as well, but her vid just... guh. lump. in. throat. Shoot, anything by her is amazing.

LSketch42... OMG, what can I say. The girl can go from angst to rock and friggin' role in two beats. I love everything she's done. One that makes me grin, though (because we all need to grin) is Heh.

A girl who is all about the angst in her vids is November's Guest. She chokes me up almost every time. Even when she vids to friggin' Korn. Her ...guh. *searches for tissue*

Kira Reed doesn't vid much anymore, but when she does, man, she floors me. This one just took my breath away:
LovinJackson has done some amazing vids for my Brenna stories -- blending scenes and movies so effortlessly they look like they were made to go together. My favorite is:
Sojourner has done so many amazing vids for the Virtual Seasons team, but my favorite of hers is

I don't know how to link anything art-related here... but I have just seen some of the work by Thru Terry's Eyes, JessicaRae, November's Guest, CarmenDove, Kira Reed, Sojourner, and others that have made me laugh, blown me away, and left me in awe.

This whole post is for all the wayward talent that is out there... thanks for being brave enough to share it, to put yourselves on the line, to show us all a piece of your heart and take the heat that comes with being part of this world of fanfic. 

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