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Big Girl Beds and Other Milestones...

Mo Chuisle is sleeping in a big girl bed. She looks so tiny. Is two too young? She's not even 2 and 1/2 yet...

She kinda fits about 3" below her pillow. We have a... gate/rail thingy, but... well, it took 45 minutes and three times climbing out of the bed... one with her clinging to the quilt in terror and a bleat of "MAMA!", one with her making it out of the bed and to the door, only to be thwarted by the plastic handle thingy I cruelly put on, and one with her simply sitting in front of the rocker crying "Mama! Rock! Mama! Sing!"

*heart breaks*

I sang about 567 songs, rocked until my calves cramped, and finally got her convinced that the bed was safe and happy and just because it was a Big Girl Bed didn't mean she wasn't still my baby. *sniffs*

She's been quiet now for, uh... an hour. All I know is, falling from her bed isn't as bad as falling from the top rung of her cribrail, which she was in danger of doing. The girl has scared the bejeezus out of me over the last month with her dare devil climbing tactics. It's like... gorilla warfare with keeping her from breaking her neck falling out of her crib.

I just hope if she DOES get out of bed, she'll play with her toys and books and not... I don't know... figure out how to open the window, or... pull another Sam impersonation with the monitor cord. Gah.

Plus? She's running another fever--not as scary high as per usual, but it's the first night, so I'm anxious. If it follows the same pattern, it will be way high tomorrow, not so high on Thursday, and by Friday, she'll be back to my little banshee.

*wonders how deadlines are going to be met*


In other news, I finally finished my promised zine submission to Brotherhood 8 that I'm calling "Wayward Ones." It was tough for me to write, simply because my heart was already into "Weapon and the Wound." But I'm nothing without my promises, and I feel good that it's written and sent to my beta for a quickie check before it's submitted. I don't think it's my best work by far, but it's completed, and, I think, basically decent.

Now, though, I can start in on "Weapon" and I'm more than a little excited to write it. My good friend Tara, aka LovinDean/LovinJackson, is creating a vid for the story to Under the Flood's "Halos"... I'm excited to see it. And as a preview... here is the banner that the most awesome bulletbabe created:

Okay, I know that including an OFC in SPN fic is like the kiss of death for some... but I'm glad to be excited to write again. Random things in life have faded that desire a bit recently and it feels really, really good to feel the fire in my imagination.

That didn't sound as silly in my head...
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