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Stream of Consciousness: Episode 4.06 review

Not. To. Be. Missed.

I can't stop grinning.

Hiya peeps. I'm trying to wipe the mile-wide grin off of my face. This show just brings it. Every time.

Okay, before I get into the ramble, can anyone tell me where I can find Tina Charles' blog? I haven't been able to read/find it since "In the Beginning" and I know I'm doing somthing wrong...

I just have to say God feakin' BLESS the inventors of the DVR. I will be watching this one again and again. You ready? Here goes.

Overall Thoughts/Observations

No music for the previouslies. I soon forgot about that, though. Because of the awesomeness of this episode. And those of you who recently read my LJ post about my journey to Indiana will forgive my over-use of the word "awesome."

Oh -- random -- I need to go back and listen, but does anyone know what the song on Dean's ring tone was? I'm way too music obsessive, but... I kinda need to know.

Moving on! Dean running from Hell Hounds. Poor guy -- of course the thoughts of hell and those vicious beasties would be the thing that sends him running. The sight of the little ankle-biter with a bow on top though totally set the mood for Dean's plight this epi.

Agents Tyler and Perry. HA! *turns up Aerosmith's Dream On* Their "been there done that... oh, wait that's really gross" facial expressions while observing the autopsy was classic. Throughout this entire episode, Sam was control, classy, calm, polite. Grown up. Just so... grown up. I wanted to pet him several times.

Okay, so Dean got to hold the heart -- significant, I suppose, that he's the one with the heart trouble. There's someone over at Tina's blog (Hugo maybe?) that had this whole Dean's heart theory going last year. But... he had heart trouble, his heart had most recently stopped, and now, it was in danger of stopping again. 'Course the fact that Sam got the (gack) "spleen juice" on him and didn't get infected... hmmm.

The germophobe sheriff was interesting. I don't think I've ever seen anyone use that much hand sanitizer. My skin ached watching him rub all that alcohol in. Dean giggling at the name "gamecocks" was so pure 14-year-old boy that I giggled, too. Despite Sam's "you did NOT just do that" glare.

Plus? He said that Frank had a big heart. Heh. *giggles again* Okay, I'm done. Sorry. Dean was just... yeah, Bobby was right. He was freakin' adorable in this episode.

So... we get the low down -- the vics were scared to death and the boys are trying to narrow down from a list of apparently 100 possible baddies what could be responsible. Our first clue that our hero was infected? When he didn't like the look of the teenagers. Heh.

The snake man would have made me skeevy, too, but his reveal that Frank had been a bully in high school had me going "ah, okay, so that's it." They've done that angle before... I'm trying to remember when, but I'm still buzzing a bit from the show. But I remember they had Dean affected by someone or something or zeroed in by someone or something because he's more of the heavy than Sam. He has used fear as a weapon more often than Sam.

But... I think they tried to plant the seed of doubt that perhaps Sam's immunity to certain things -- like the psychotic illness in Croatoan -- prevented him from getting this. Like I said to someone before, I don't spend a lot of time delving into the "whys" and "hows" until the season is done. I just watch the story unfold.

Anyway, the snake neighbor saying Frank had been scared of the witch of the west and the boys nods of, yeah, that makes sense, had me laughing. That witch gave me my first true nightmares. The kind that made me sleep with a Bible under my bullet-proof covers.

Oh, come on -- you know you did the same thing.

Learning that Frank's wife committed suicide, I knew would be important, but I was too busy feeling for Dean as he sat utterly frozen while Marie the Boa Constrictor slid across the inside of his leg. Ack!

Dean driving 20mph. That was just... wrong on so many levels. "Did I just say that? That was weird." HAHAH! Okay, how freakin' CUTE was Dean waiting in the car air-drumming to "Eye of the Tiger"??? Not to mention what came at the end. But I'll get to that.

Dean has scratches... eek. And ouch. And eek. I love that Bobby, once again, has all the answers. Sam sharing with Dean that Bobby said it was "ghost sickness" and Dean's, "God no.... I don't even know what that is."

Bwah! This just got better. And then... his little boy confession of their room being on the 4th floor and that it was high... and Sam saying he'd see if they could get a lower floor and Dean's quick, "Thanks."

I just loved this whole middle act of the epi. Sam shifting easily into "care for you" mode like we rarely seen. Dean regressing in such a big way. Just... adorable. The lines in the book he was researching while waiting for Sam to get food (again) kinda broke my heart.

It's funny what your own insecurities will do to you. Not funny, ha ha, but funny strange. "You're dying. Again. Loser. You gonna cry? Baby gonna cry?" What a freakin' rollercoaster ride -- ghost sickness or not. To have had to live a year with a death sentence, travling through all the stages of grief with no way out. Dying an inexplicably horrible and painful death. Experiencing a Hell that we're only just getting a glimpse of. Being saved. Returned to your home, your purpose, your family, your brother. And then having to face that all over again.

My heart hurt for him. Even though I knew it wasn't "real." It... felt real.

Dean's pitiful "I don't wanna be a clue." *pets him* How much did you just want to wrap your arms around him and pat his back with a "it's gonna be okay" right then?

Coughing up wood chips... OUCH. Sam's worry was nicely played there. I bet he was seeing the coughing up blood scene from the witch epi. Seeing Dean gasp for breath like that -- scary.

Oh... speaking of scary... I seriously thought I was going to burst something when they went to the mill, Dean "manning the flashlight," Sam taking point, finding the rattling locker, and that full-on girly scream of terror emitting from Dean followed by a "That was scary."

*has to pause for repeat of laughter* He sounded like my two-year old saying "It scare me, mama." *wipes eyes* Yeah. That was freakin' funny.

Luthor facing the corner? Anyone think Blair Witch? I got a little spooked by that. Gack! Dean running away and leaving Sam... the sickness was obviously getting worse. So much so that he downed a whole bottle of whiskey and was barely able to stand in the sheriff's office, inspecting his hand, and telling the deputy he was "awesome." *laugh*

I was trying to piece together the mystery once we saw Luthor's ghost with the sketches of Jessie, Frank's wife, but I got really confused when the germophobe sherrif saw his own reflection taunting him with a "they know what you did." Huh? I figured it out later when he came to beat the hell out of Dean, but I am usually quicker than that, and I didn't get it at first.

I liked how young Dean's eyes looked when Sam told him to take a deep breath.

Sam: "You feel better?"

Dean: Head shake.

Gaelic: Awww!

So... the Luthor story reminded me a bit of Of Mice and Men with the big gentle monster of a man and the kitten and the love for the woman. But God, what a way to die. Dragged by the truck? Horrible. Just horrible! So, Frank was never arrested and thus, the vengence.

And was it me, or did anyone else think it was funny that the couple was named Frank and Jessie? Just me? Okay.

Dean's explosion of "our lives suck" and "who does this" after the reveal that he was reliving Luther's death in slow motion just tugged at me. His "we're insane" and Sam's yeah, true nod was just so well timed. But, while it was played up for comic relief, there were things in his speech that hit marks.

How he always drives too fast and listens to the same songs and how Sam's "gassy" (heh)... isn't it funny how you just learn to live with people because you love them? Habits or quirks that your partner has or does that you would literally want to kill someone else for, you tolerate in them. Snoring, not changing the toilet paper, watching soccer, listening to Staind, getting dressed from the clean clothes pile on the couch... I mean, we all do it.

And this speech, though it ended in "I quit" just screamed "I love you, man" to me. Even though he didn't realize it. Even though he was just talking because fear was gripping him hard. He was telling Sam in one of the most basic ways out there that he was his partner.

Sam returning to the motel with Dean covered in sweat saying he ran to there... poor guy!! But that was the creepiest moment. Sam calmly saying that it was about time for Dean to go back to hell. Sam with yellow eyes. Sam with white eyes. Sam saying this was what he wanted to become. Sam killing him...

Of course that's his biggest fear. Losing his family to the darkness -- he's been afraid of that since the moment in the hospital when John saddled him with the "save him or kill him" mandate. And now? With all that he knows? With angels and devils fighting to the death all around them? With the new powers Sam has? The idea that Sam might choose to go that route... the Dean might have to fight him not because he was taken, but because he decided to go there... the idea is terrifying.


Y'know... there's a line from a song called "Running up that Hill" that haunts me for different personal reasons. But in writing this... I just thought of it. They lyric is "and if I only could, make a deal with God, and get him to swap our place... keep running up that road, keep running up that hill..."

They've made deals with the demons and the devils. What if... nah. I won't go there. That's too heavy and I'm in too good of a mood. But it's something to think about. For me, anyway.

Okay, I'll go more into Bobby in a minute, but YAY! Bobby!! I love that man! I loved the end scenes with his "this is a terrible plan" but going along with it. I loved Sam and Bobby battling the ghost -- Sam getting his lanky ass kicked up one side and down the other before he could scream "Bobby, punch it!" -- Bobby saving the day. Again!!

I loved that all that wove into Dean's final moments -- his scratching, his fight with the sheriff, his struggle to both survive and calm down the agitated man, his horror at watching the sheriff's heart stop... and then... Lilith. The creepiest little girl since The Ring.

"Four months is like 40 years..." "You remember every second..." Ohhh I want to know more!! I want to know if he really DOES remember or if she was just being her nasty little evil self!! I want to know what happened to him, what he went through, how he survived, how he changed. I want to see his pain. I know, I know, I'm sick, but I do!!

I know they'll show us eventually, but man! Waiting is torture!!

"Go team!" Hee. The whole "How you feeling?" "I'll kill anything!" "Aww... he's adorable..." exchange was just so... family. The good parts of family. The parts you want around you.

But the odd yellow flash of Sam's eyes before Dean said "howler monkeys" and deflected Sam's "what did you see" question with a "nothing I couldn't handle" had me wondering. How will Dean's fear/perception that this could come about affect his trust in his brother when he has all his faculties in place?

The Players:

Dean: Okay, I gotta do it. I gotta slide in the standard JA amazes me comment. This guy really does have it all. The humor, the angst, the sex, the tears. He sends your heart pounding for so many different reasons with a glance. He holds you in the hollow of his eyes -- all you have to do is look at him once. Just once. And you're lost. I mean... wow.

The look of controlled dread and fear at the end, lips curled around the swig of beer... guh. The man is beautiful. He makes me shiver.

Sam: I think that planting seeds of wonder and doubt around Sam, furtilizing them with innocent glances and furtive eyes, and letting them grow in the protection of Dean's fear and resistence is a fantastic way to set us up for a reveal come the mid-season sweeps.

Just before they leave us begging for more with a month-long hiatus.

Thinking about Sam... he spent four months without his brother. Had to watch him die, failed him by all accounts because he promised more than once that he was going to save Dean, that Dean wasn't going to go to Hell. He had to learn how to fight on his own, by himself, without back-up, without protection, without the reassurance of the only family he had left, his best friend and partner.

And then Dean is returned. I think Sam is behaving so in line with how one in that situation WOULD behave. He wouldn't immediately regress into little brother mode. He's got this now. He's happy Dean's not dead, of course, but in many ways, he doesn't think he needs him anymore. Not like he used to.

And I think he recognizes on a few levels that Dean has some serious issues to work through that he's not facing. I gotta say. I'm liking Sam's reticense. I'm concerned about where his head's at, but I think we're going down a fantastically entertaining road.

Bobby: He is so awesome! He knows Japanese!! Hee! Oh, and the funny thing? When he revealed the spirit they had to defeat? The Japanese spirit? I was this close to using that spirit when I wrote In the Light -- I changed it to an ikiroyh because I could do more with it (I thought). But HA! Bobby's a show off and I love it.

Lilith: The fact that Dean saw her when he was hallucinating leads me to believe that she was in Hell with our boy. That she is doing more than just opening seals and trying to bring back ol' Lucifer. She has the power to play with Dean's mind. What a villian. Grrrr.


And now to squee and gush about the last bit. I read that Jared's cue to stop Jensen from playing air drums was that tap on the roof of the car... and then he thought "what if I didn't give him the cue... what would happen."

Voila! We get a fanfriggintastic, lipsynching, leg-guitar playing, '80's rock hero Jensen, climbing out of the Impala window like a Duke, popping his collar and lifting us up with his rendition of the most awesome prepare to fight song... ever.

And did you hear Jared laughing and "whoo-hoo"ing in the background?! That was the best!! I love these guys. Jensen's sunny "I can't believe I just did that" grin when he stepped away was fabulous. What a treat! I love that they did that -- I mean, I love waiting for and watching the gag reals, but I love that they let us into some of the fantastic aspects that are our boys.


Not to be missed, that.

Thanks for wading through the ramble.

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