Gaelicspirit (gaelicspirit) wrote,

Taking my Swingline Stapler and leaving...

Okay, I need to vent, peeps. Work-related. Thus the cut because... GRRR.

I go to contractor status next week. I have been looking forward to that with a mixture of relief, excitement, and trepidation. Mo Chuisle starts part-time daycare next week as well, and will be home with me on Tuesdays and Thursday. Her Papa is also off on Tuesdays, so he gets some daddy-daughter bonding time. This is really going to be a big change in our little house and I've never really done well with change. Even the good kind.

I think that's why I've been fighting a headache for the past week -- today being one of those days where my jaw is so tight I feel like I got punched in the face. And my neck... ugh. So, anyway, I'm trying the zen breathing to work through this week... The hubs had to go to the doc's today about his Crohn's meds to try to figure that out since the last one gave him pancreatitus severe enough he was pretty much 24-hours away from his kidneys shutting down. And Thursday we take Mo Chuisle to Children's Mercy for her tests.

Just setting the stage a bit, I guess. Anyway, my boss calls me today for a standing weekly project call. I have been working on this consultative sales simulation for Sprint since March. It's a project our little company has never done before, and we were awarded the business because of my relationship with the client -- I managed an eLearning project for him that completed in February and he wanted to continue to work with us. I also managed to get $80K more out of him when we realized the project was out of scope.

My boss today wants and explanation why some rewrites are taking the time that they're taking. Rather than throw the initial writer under the bus -- because his drafts were horrid -- I said that we were working to make them "quality" and explained the process. She responded like she understood. We talked about my transition to contractor, and she said that she was thinking of taking me off the project after Thanksgiving and putting another PM on it to complete it.

Fair enough -- it's her perrogative, I suppose. All contractors have to deal with that. I just personally think it's silly to take someone who has been working on the project since March and has built up a great relationship with the client just to save on having to pay that person. Because that's why she'd take me off -- so that she could use someone who is on salary. But whatever. I always knew I'd have to scramble to find work with this situation.

But then, 30 minutes after we hang up, she sends an email to me and my subject matter expert (who has been helping me rewrite the five very poorly written drafts) that she wants all scenarios ready for her to review by Friday. There are five. I just sent her the 3rd today. It took us five weeks to do those three. She wants the remaining two by FRIDAY??

All I could think was that she wanted them done this week while I was salary -- pushing me into another 60+ hour week -- so that she didn't have to pay me for it next week. I replied, as calmly as possible that we could get her the 4th, but the 5th couldn't come until next week. She demanded to know why. Wanted to know what I was spending my time on. Seriously?

I have been busting my ass on this project. Working late nights, working weekends. I have gotten her more business from this client than she realizes. And all she's done is say "it's not fast enough." The client is thrilled. What's the deal?! So, I sent her my time sheets so that she could see what I've been spending my time on.

She just called and said she realized I was going to be out on Thursday, but she couldn't imagine the tests taking all day. And that I needed to make these scripts a priority. I just tightly responded, "fine."

If my jaw was tight before, you could bounce a quarter off of it now. Where the hell is my aspirin?

I tell you, if I had ANYWHERE else to go -- or more than one other job lined up -- I would tell her thanks for opportunity to learn what I have, good luck with completing this project, buh-bye.

But I can't do that. Not to the client, not to my coworkers, not to my family, not even to her. Especially not to my family. It's bill-paying day. That ought to put my priorities into perspective, huh?
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