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And so it begins...

Thanks to the FABULOUS JessicaRae (whom I was introduced to by my good friend November's Guest), I now have a LJ page that I think is pretty stinkin' cool. Thru Terry's Eyes created the header and incorporated the pieces of me that feed the muse -- my Trinity Knot Celtic tattoo, the car (because who doesn't love a muscle car... c'mon!) and those eyes. Holy Mary Mother of God. Those eyes.

Now, I'm going to bounce around a bit and see if I can figure out how to post stories to these communities. I heard that there is a length limit, and my chapters are rather (ahem) lengthy, so I may have some cropping to do. 

I just posted the 6th chapter of my latest WIP, In the Light, and when that is done, I'm ready to see what happens over here. Prior to that, I may start with a one-shot or two.

Gah. I'm suddenly nervous. Hee. 
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