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Creation Con: Day Two

Dudes! I got a shout-out at the Jason Manns concert. Hee. That and more under the cut. Sleepytime...

Day 2


Here's what I've learned after two days of my first "pro con"…


It’s rather exhausting. It strikes me as one of those things that you could do once in the span of your favorite show and not really need to do so again because you get the effect that one time and can catch up on any subsequent cons via the Internet. The experience of meeting the stars is fantastic, and the possibility and probability of making and meeting friends is priceless. But there are some drawbacks as well.


For example, there is a lot of waiting. A lot of standing in line. And there are the FANatics and there are the friends and there are the ones who are on a mission and there are the ones who are there to enjoy.


I've literally bounced off of people accidentally because I'm so busy trying to see everything. And, admittedly, trying not to be seen at different times. By different people. Long story.


Anyway, okay, let's see. I started out the day trying to sleep in. Which I did. Until 6am. I know… the bane of being a mom, I suppose. Your internal clock is set to listen for the baby. I did kinda hibernate in the room for a bit and IM'd with Terry, checked emails, sipped—actually sipped—coffee. Then I met up with amyblair and we inhaled some breakfast and attempted to change my flights for Sunday because it took 4 hours on Friday for autographs, so we were worried about Sunday… but, I have the latest flight out to Kansas City…


The first vid of the day was a tribute to Dean called "Not Dead Yet" with a song from Spamalot and I laughed. A lot. I don't know who did it, but it was good. First celeb was Samantha Smith (Mary). She said that it was her first Con and she was a little nervous. She looked a lot different. Her hair was curly and a bit darker—and she had bangs. When asked if she'd been pranked by Jensen or Jared, she said that the boys hadn't played tricks on her… because she's their mother and they know better. Hee.


She wasn't very chatty, actually. Her answers were quiet and succinct. Someone asked her in three words to tell us what it was like to work with JDM and she said, "Sadly, no kissing." One girl now has a running theme of asking the panelists if they've had any encounters with Jared's dogs. Samantha said that she hadn't, but that she has a 3.5 lb Yorkshire terrier that bit Harley (which I guess is the larger one *shrug*) on the nose and the dogs haven't messed with her since. She talked a bit about the Transformer's sequel, revealing that she'd been pregnant in real life and in the movie, which was interesting. Her son, Wyatt, is now 4 months old.


I bet it was a little hard for her to leave him for the con. Her husband and Nathan Fillion from Firefly are apparently best friends, and she shared a brief story about Nathan playing "drunk baby" with Wyatt. Funny.


After Samantha, they played another vid—vids are apparently the best way for them to fill time—and it was an "Adams Family" parody.


Next came Jason Manns, and I admit, I was rather excited to see him. He has a very nice speaking voice—wore glasses, which I didn't expect, and rocked the T-shirt/jeans look. His hair was short once more and he was bigger than I'd thought he'd be. In fact, he kinda reminded me of Seth Rogan.


There were a lot of questions about his song being played in Lazarus Rising and the basic reply was that he met Eric Kripke in a Greenroom somewhere (he didn't say) and Kirpke realized he was Jensen's friend, then promised to figure out how to get Jason's music on the show… though it's not exactly "Dean material," as Jason said. He spoke about meeting both Jensen and Steve Carlson—basically it was soon after he'd moved to LA and went to a holiday party, saw a guitar, started playing, Jensen walked up, said he liked the song, and the rest, as they say, is history.


He talked about a couple of movies he was involved in. One called "Death" something (I didn't catch it), and another called Rock Slyde. He told a classic boys are dumb story about Jensen, himself, and a couple of other guys who randomly decided to shoot each other with BB guns… because they were tough enough to take it. *shakes head*


He was funny about the show—said that usually he waited until the season was over, got the DVDs and caught up in 2 days. But because his song was in the premiere, he had to watch…leading him to get caught up in the story, and now he was right there with us in the "TBC??? What's up with THAT?!" When asked what he thought about Jensen ad-libbing the Eye of the Tiger end, he said it wasn't that shocking. When asked how close he felt Jensen was to Dean, his reply was rather poetic, I thought.


He said that Dean was a facet of Jensen's personality—that any character an actor plays for awhile eventually takes on some of the qualities of the actor. He sees his friend in Dean, and he sees Dean in his friend. I liked that.


Between Jason and Malik (Agent Hendricksen), we took a quick break to eat—and I do mean quick. We only had 30 mins, and we still missed the very beginning of Malik's panel. I have to say, this man was very, very impressive. He is a physically beautiful man, has a whiskey-smooth voice that he uses almost as a separate personality, and a fascinating past that has shaped the way he now looks at the world.


He grew up in the Bronx, in a building that housed some of what are now the biggest names in Hip Hop. I'm, um, rather not into Hip Hop, so I only knew the names he spoke of because of E! Shhh… don't tell. Malik is in a movie about Big E (or is it Biggie??) coming out soon and he spoke about that with passion. If I caught the comment correctly, it's called Notorious. He actually knew Big E before he died.


He talked about the scene where Sam shoved his head into the toilet and the camera was below him. He said that in the set-up for that scene, he kept a close eye on everybody. He was not about to be pranked when he had his head in a toilet. Someone said that they'd thought he could have been a great ally for the boys and he said that when we speak, Kripke listens. And he'd like to come back.


He shared in a very candid, gentle manner that he'd had a hard go as a kid. He'd been selling drugs, went to a half-way house, and was inspired to make his life better by one mentor. He quoted DeNiro, saying, "You want to live so that you can be in a room at the end of the day with a bunch of survivors." I loved that. I am adding it to my quote collection.


After Malik, there was another vid contest winner set to Aerosmith's Dreamweaver and it was extremely good. I got goosebumps. It was about Dean's lack of faith and really spoke to me.


There was another auction, which I missed most of because I was chatting with K. Hanna Korossy, Jeanne Gold, and wolfpup. As I made my way back to the auction room, I saw that amyblair had actually bid on a banner (a very large banner) that came with a Jensen autograph ticket with a "front of the line" label. I clapped and grinned and said congrats, then she turned to me and said "I just made sure you'd make your flight."


She gave me the autograph ticket. My mouth fell open and I simply stared at her, watching as she went up to make her donation and gather her banner. I couldn't believe this woman's generosity. I started to tear up, sitting alone in a room surrounded by familiar strangers. I still don't know how to adequately thank her. I'm going to get her banner signed by Jensen, and then I still get to have my pic of the boys signed by both. I'll let you know how that goes. Hopefully not like the last two days…


There was another vid to a song by the group Nightwish called Amaranth. It was fantastic. I actually made a note to find it again because it triggered a bunch of ideas for Weapon and the Wound.


Finally, Chad Lindberg was up. He described himself as "zany" and I would agree totally. His family was here—sister, brother in law, and his very young nephew. He brought his nephew, Ivan, up on stage and put a John Deer hat with a mullet on him. It was very cute. Let's see… some answers to questions… he said Ash was too intelligent to sit around and get burned up in the Roadhouse, so he thinks there's a possibility that Ash may come back. He has apparently seen "many" ghosts, believes in them, and says experiences like that will change you (I imagine).


His most memorable filming moment was filming naked and watching the boys trying to keep a straight face as he said, "Sam. Dean. Sam and Dean." He spent a lot of time talking about his documentary called My Big Break, which sounds like it would be a fascinating movie about what Hollywood and fame can do to people. He and his whole family got the Breast Cancer Ribbon tattooed somewhere on them when he mother survived Breast Cancer. He also braved the crazy fans and walked down the center aisle.


All I could think was… I wish Jensen and Jared would do that and there's no way Jensen and Jared would do that.


After Chad, amyblair and I had our photo ops with the threesome: Mary, Agent Hendrickson, and Ash. We stood in line. Again. Got up to the room, were literally swept into the space paused long enough to look at the camera and grin, and then we were escorted out. I remember smiling briefly at Mary as I stepped up, looking up at Agent H, noticing once again what a beautiful man he was, then click, done. I don't think I even saw Ash up close for the pics.


Knowing the waiting for autographs was going to be terminally long, we elected to eat first this time. We ordered pizza from a local Chicago hot spot called Giordano's, amyblair's hubs got us some beer, and we camped out in the lobby eating chatting, and people watching. We decided to line up for the autographs when they called Row T (we were on W), but we still had a good hour before we got up to the room. This time, autographs took close to 3.5 hours.


By the time we got up there, they were moving us along rather swiftly, no time to talk. There was a schedule to get to, you see. Ash was first. He took my calendar, said hi, saw my name as was written by the Trickster and Andy, then signed. I was moved along to Mary, who looked tired, then finally to Hendricksen. It was so quick, and I had wanted to practice putting my hand out, as someone suggested, to get them to shake it (hoping to do so with the boys on Sunday), but I never got the chance.


Which is ultimately okay, but wow. It is hard to focus on what is actually happening. They're just people—but people we've allowed into our living rooms and through that, into our lives. People who's fabricated stories have shaped our lives in many ways. I mean, because of this show, I started writing again. How do you say, "Thanks for showing me what a muse can be, and offering me balance in an unbalanced world."


Because the line took so long to get to Row W, we missed Jason Manns for autographs, and I was a bit disappointed. I'd been entertained by him in the Q&A, but I figured what I'd received was quite gift enough. Immediately after the autographs, we stepped into Jason's concert. I was separated from amyblair and her husband because of the assigned seats, but I sat next to Goddess972 and some other fans I'd met literally moment prior.


We all hoped that Jensen would join his friend and sing for us, but Jason let us know that he (JA) had gotten caught up with dinner. Jason has an amazing voice—very sweet and rich, and there are times when he growls through notes that leaves me with chills.


About half-way through his set, he suddenly speaks up. "This is probably the lamest shout-out ever, but I got a call from a friend in LA, {her name}, and that probably only means something to one other person in here, but, uh… I forgot your name." I knew he was talking about me, and I'm only leaving my friend's name out because she's usually very private, but she knows Jason because she's had to book him for a gig before, and I knew she'd told him I was coming to the con.


So, getting my nerve up, I actually called out my name and he found me in the audience, pointed and said, "I'm saying hi!" I said hi back, and blushed furiously, laughing, while people turned and looked at me. He finished his set, and I decided that being brave once could easily lead to being brave twice. I scurried up to the curtained area he'd stepped behind, said his name (which still floors me), and told him I was the gal he shouted to.


I asked for his autograph, saying I missed him before because the line had been so long. He graciously agreed, and signed my calendar for me, where I'd had everyone else sign.


After that, I headed up to the room, hugging amyblair and waving to new and "old" friends I'd met that day, and wrote this. *yawn*


Tomorrow promises to be an interesting day, to say the least. It's the one thing pretty much everyone in this hotel has been waiting for. It's the reason for young girls weeping for no reason in the corner of the lobby while their friend pats their shoulder helplessly. It's the reason older women actually push each other out of the way for a chance to get closer. It's the reason people paid so much money, for so little time.


I'm very excited, and slightly apprehensive of the fans, and I have no idea how I'll react or even feel. I have been given a gift—not just by amyblair, but by the sweet and wonderful people who are also attending this con. Their excitement and genuine appreciation for the guys that encompass our obsession, and the characters that brought me back to writing, is not something I'll soon forget.


I will try to capture the experience as soon as I can, and I will post pics when I can.


Thanks for reading.

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