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New experiences are good for the soul

I had an interesting experience tonight. For Christmas, I purchased season tickets to the Kansas City Wizards (soccer team) for my husband. The season starts next Saturday, and he found out there was a meet and greet with the players in Kansas City tonight, free admission and food for season ticket holders.

He said we didn't have to go, but looked so hopeful that I couldn't say anything other than "sure! sounds like fun!" But I was like... what do we do, just... look at the guys? I've never been to a "meet and greet" -- and I only knew one player's name... Claudio Lopez from Argentina...

Anyway, we picked up our little girl from daycare as soon as I finished work, and off we went. It was one of those nice nights when winter is reluctantly releasing and spring is eager to control -- soft wind, warm enough for long sleeves but no jacket, and the air smelled clean. Rowan couldn't get her eyes big enough as she looked at all the lights and the people. We got our food, pulled up a corner of floor to sit and eat (which she thought was very cool) and waited until the players came out.

They were introduced with funny stories aabout their personalities (and no, I don't remember their names... thank goodness for programs) and the coach spoke. I understood about half of what he was saying, and I filed away copious questions to ask my husband later. He, however, looked like he was about 12 years old. I haven't seen him smile that much in a long time. It was... fantastic. 

We were seated next to a biker dude, who had several interesting tattoos on his large, crossed arms. Rowan pointed to one and said very clearly "Mama picture." My husband and I laughed, and the biker guy looked at her and said "your mama's got a picture like this?" She nodded and he grinned at me. It was a naked lady. I said "not exactly like that..." He just nodded sagely and looked back at the coach. 

Rowan likes to trace the Celtic tattoo on my back and we call it my "picture"... I think I'm going to be wildly entertained when she starts speaking in full sentences. 

I got a soccer lesson on the way home and the only thing I'm not completely clear on yet is "off sides" but I think that will be easier to see on the pitch. I can never see it when we watch on TV. But when you're married to a man who was a goalie for 8 years... you get some intricate details. :)

It was a nice, unusual night and I am happy we went. 

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