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Times they are a-changin'... at least on

So, my friend eaglegirl6 just informed me that will no longer be supporting blogs as of tomorrow. Here is the announcement:

I am saddened by this as I really enjoyed blogging my Stream of Consciousness on that site after each episode of Supernatural.

I wanted to let anyone who reads my reviews, here or elsewhere, that I will continue to write the reviews and post here. Also? There is apparently a site called Blog Free Zone that other former TVG bloggers have been promoting. I haven't yet had time to give it a look-see, but if it's easy enough for a non-technically savvy individual like myself to figure out, I will most like post my review there as well.

Here is that site:

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, stay safe and warm, and I look forward to seeing... well, anyone, really... on January 15th when our boys are back in town!!


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