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promises, promises

Okay, if anyone is wandering by and also happens to be reading In the Light, I wanted to let you know that I'm working on Chapter 7. I promise. I'm going to be later than my two-week posting "guarantee" and I'm really troubled by that. When I'm reading a fic, I hate waiting. So, I'm sorry I'm making others wait (if indeed they are).

It used to be easier to cram everything in, but these last few months my rope of life has gotten a bit frayed and I'm now trying to weave it back together. I finished my last Virtual Season story, so I only have my own fic to concentrate on when work and life demands aren't pulling me in random directions.

And it's not like I imagine I'm the only one who struggles with multifaceted demands -- I just hate not fulfilling promises. So...I probably shouldn't make them when it comes to fanfiction, huh...

Anyway, it's in progress and will if all is well with my beta, will be posted by the end of this week (only a couple days after the two-week deadline, but... still...)

*slinks off sheepishly*
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