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Two cents on a spoiler, and the random

I don't seek out spoilers, but sometimes they find me. I'm not really upset about this, generally, but sometimes it does prompt thought. Please to not be looking under the cut if you do not want to be spoiled.

In other non-spoilerish news, I am giddy about my upcoming visit to see thruterryseyes this weekend. We swap locations every 4-6 months and it's my turn to go to her. Last time I got to learn how to throw knives. This time, we get tat's. Yup! Tat's. Mine was polished by my friend amyblair's artist of a husband, and is a dedication to my baby girl. It is her sign (Cancer) twisted into a Celtic knot with her nickname, Mo Chuisle, beneath it.

Not only that, but Terry and I, and if all goes well, hopefully the fabulous
novembersguest as well, are going to see My Bloody Valentine on its premiere night this Friday. SQUEE!!! I'll be posting thinky thoughts on it when I return. Under a cut, of course, for those of you who are being good and waiting to see it. :)

If anyone is still reading Weapon and the Wound, I have Chapter 4 half done and will be working on it more when I return from Terry's. I hope to have it posted by the 24th so that there's not so much of a wait this time. Sorry for that.

Last bit o'random: Mo Chuisle is in a healthy phase and I'm ever-so-grateful because she is such a fabulous kid. She told me this morning that I was her favorite friend. Hee. Also? I got a 'gig' as a full-time contractor. Means a bit more balancing to the juggling act that is life, but! it also means more funds with which to support the act. :)

So, recently I was emailed by no less than four people about a particular spoiler that was on about there being a potential additional Winchester brother. There seemed to be great lamenting and gnashing of teeth about this news. So, when asked my two cents, here’s what I had to say:

IF this is a legitimate storyline possibility, and not a way for Kripke to weed out a possible good vs bad idea based on preliminary fan reaction (like a covert Advisory Board), then I’m actually intrigued. They have to go somewhere with Season 5. Kripke thought Season 4 would be it and he's been to Hell and brought down the angels and of course our boys will stop Armageddon (somehow)... what's next? Having the possibility of another brother is pretty damn big, and yes, it IS playing with fire.


There's no way it's an older brother -- the John we saw in "In the Beginning" was so innocent and so very much in love with his Mary that he would never have cheated on her. You got the impression that he didn't even... hell, swear or smoke pot while over in Vietnam. He was a straight-laced soldier, dedicated, devoted, humble.


However, in the 22 (ish) years between Mary's death and his own, he lived a hard life, raising two boys the best he could in a very violent world. The idea that he found comfort in the arms of a woman is not out of the realm of possibility and actually makes him a lot more human in my book. Doesn't mean he ever stopped loving Mary. His devotion to her was still evident by the way he said "I want Mary alive" in "Salvation."


So, this mystery brother will be younger than Sam, IMO. How much younger, I'm not sure, but if they go through with this, I'd wager he's probably late teens, early twenties. It wouldn't be something, I don't think, John would have done in the first couple of years after Mary died with Sam just a baby and Dean so traumatized and John, himself, just learning the ins and outs of hunting.


As for what this means for the brothers? It changes their dynamic, certainly. If this brother is for real, and not some kind of a hoax, it will turn Sam from baby brother to middle brother. And it will heap more responsibility on Dean because he just does that to himself. I think it will make both brothers not only further question their past relationship with their father, but take a hard look at their own lives and the ways the look for escape.


Dean, especially. As far as we know, all of the women Sam has slept with have either died or are a demon, so he doesn't have much to worry about in the way of potential prodigy, but Dean does. And will this brother be a hunter? Will he know anything about this life? Will they want to protect him from it or tuck him into the fold where they can keep an eye on him? Will it mean that Sam can take a break because Dean won't be alone? Or will it mean they are like the Three Musketeers?


Will this brother be innocent or evil? Will his mother have anything to do with this? Will he be introduced as an antagonist to the brothers or will he be an ally? I mean, either way, you have to admit, it will be interesting to watch their reactions.


I tell you, as long as Jensen is in the show, I'm in for the long haul. I have no parameters that they "must" stay between in order for me to like it. I would be sad or disappointed if either of the brothers went permanently to the darkside, but ultimately? it's not my story. And I want to see how Kripke and Co are going to play it out.


Okay, so maybe that was more than two cents... ;)

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