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Are you KIDDING me?! Stream of Consciousness to be delayed...

It took me until 9:15 to get Mo Chuisle to go to sleep. But, that was okay because I had set the DVR, right? RIGHT?? Y'know what I got for my efforts?

"Sunflower Broadband no longer carries KCWE as of January 1st. We are trying to return this channel to you as soon as possible. For questions contact blah blah blah blah..."

Questions?! Yeah, I got a question for ya. How am I going to survive one more day without getting to see MY GUYS?! I hope to GOD Terry recorded it because... Well, i guess I can download on iTunes, but sometimes that takes FOREVER.

This just sucks out loud. On multiple levels. *is grumpy*

If ya'll still care about the ramble, I promise to have it up as soon as I see it. I just can't flippin' BELIEVE this. *growls*
Tags: episode review, rl is made of suckage
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