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Tours, Tats, and 3D movies... oh my!

This is a report of the weekend I spent with thruterryseyes as a gift for my up-coming 35th (whimper) birthday at the end of this month. I was gifted with two and a half fantastic days with this lady, and I have to say she is truly one of the greats. Great what, you ask? Friend, people, storyteller... it all works. She looks at the world with unique eyes, laughs like someone new to the sensation of joy, and gives as though she is limitless.

I was also blessed to have met in person novembersguest, and I am still grinning. She is one of those people whose beauty beams from the inside out. She was the first to pull me into the world of fanfiction and since then, I've had virtual conversations with her spanning the spectrum of subject possibilities. Seeing her in life was like a sigh of welcome when you've come home after a long trip.

I'm going to cover several subjects in this post, including My Bloody Valentine, but I'll be sure to warn when SPOILERS are afoot. Cut to conserve space on your page.  

I'm actually going backwards through the weekend as I recount this...

So, yesterday, I got inked. Terry was going to as well, but her design was a bit too intricate for the time period we had, and she knows the artist personally, so she's going back on Monday to get hers. I had amyblair's husband help me with my design, and it was perfect -- and totally fit Mo Chuisle. I had to lay face-down on a table thingy for about an hour and a half or so, which, honestly? Is a very disturbing thing to do in public. I kept wanting to check over my shoulder. By the time I was done, my lower back was whimpering from having been tight for so long and the skin at the base of my neck alternated between STING and NUMB.

Here's a pic of the end result:


Prior to the tat, though, Terry and I went to Eureka Springs where she had found her inspiration for Moonstar -- which is still to this day my favorite fanfic story of hers. And it is in the top five Gaelic all-time fav's. We toured the Crescent Hotel -- which is what her Moonstar hotel was based off of -- and I felt the possibilities of hauntings all around. The floors beneath our feet creaked with age, the walls deadened sound, the railings on the stairs were only hip-level in height (dizzying!).

It was fabulous. Here's me in front of the main entrance to the Crescent. For those of you who have read Moonstar, just above my head is the balcony where Dean has his breakdown.

We spent the rest of the day tromping around the quaint former-artist colony of Eureka. It was a fantastic day, filled with inspiration for storytelling (those of you lost in Madness should be getting another chapter relatively soon as she was plotting and scheming on the nauseatingly twisting road home), and memories for friendship. I can't wait to get back to my computer to finish writing Weapon's chapter 4.

Friday however, was the Day of Horror. I finally got to see Family Remains when I got to her house, and after I wrote up my Stream of Consciousness, we went to meet novembersguest at a restaurant near the theatre. We got to the cinema early to get good seats and chatted until the previews came on.

Non-Spoilerish Thoughts on MBV

Watching this movie with the 3D effect was a trip! I had so much fun--as did the audience! As a group we gasped and laughed and ducked and squealed. I'd never seen a 3D movie before and it literally felt as if they were in the room with you at times. I think the movie itself will be lacking for those who are not able to see it in 3D.

I'm a lover all movies. Period. I like all kinds--with the possible exception of foreign films; if I have to read too much, I miss out on the acting. I know that with horror films, you have a basic formula of: a) mediocre to bad plotting, b) desperate acting, c) blood, gore, blood, gore, and more blood, d) action sequences where the victim has to fall at least once while running away and the baddie doesn't die easy.

So, if you go into MBV with this in mind, you'll enjoy it and have a good time. If you expect too much more, you could potentially be disappointed. That said, however, MBV surpassed my expectations in several of the categories. For one, the plot, while predictable, was an honest-to-God "who dunnit." They kept you guessing until the very end.

I saw on the Bonnie Hunt show where Jensen was talking (in adorably animated tones) about the different lenses used for this movie as opposed to filming a TV show. I think the 3D aspect was what drew him to this film; not the plot or the character, exactly. He did an exceptional job with both, but we all know he's capable of so much more. Personally, I would love to see him in a Western as a tragic character looking for redemption and revenge... *shakes self* Moving on!

Somewhat Spoilery Thoughts on MBV

Basic premise is this: there is an accident in a mine caused by the mistake of the mine-owner's teenage son. Men are trapped. One miner goes eight kinds of crazy and kills the others with his pick-axe. He's rescued, but is injured and lingers in a coma for a year. Teenage son has to figure out in that year how to overcome the end results of the mistake he made, and doesn't really ever manage that.

One year later, Killer Miner Guy wakes up from his coma and goes on a freakishly bloody killing spree in the hospital. It just so happens that it's Valentine's Day, too, which makes for some bloody disgusting boxes of, *ahem*, hearts. Group of teenagers are partying in the mine shaft where the tragedy took place (because, that's what teenagers do since they believe themselves to be immortal). Miner owner's son is there with his girlfriend, but is having Serious Problems going inside the mine. With good reason, says me.

Killer Miner Guy shows up in the mine and hacks teenagers to pieces left and right (and people, when I say pieces, I mean PIECES... be prepared for gore). Four survive, including miner owner's son, but he is not only wounded by Killer Miner Guy, he is quite traumatized by his encounter with the freak, leaving him looking shell-shocked and shaken as we segue into Ten Years Later.

It's Valentine's Day again, and people in the town have tried to move on. Some have gotten married and had kids, some have turned into lonely, almost-but-not-quite hookers looking for grounding, some ran away. The killings begin again, with just the same level of gore as ten years ago, prompting some to believe that Killer Miner Guy wasn't really dead and buried as everyone claimed.

The storytellers work to leave the audience so enamored with the 3D effects that we get caught up in the plots efforts with red herrings such as... is Killer Miner Guy back? Or is it the adulterous sheriff who married his friends' sweetheart and impregnated the teenage grocery store clerk? Or is it the miner owner's traumatized son who recently returned to town to face the backlash of selling the mine?

People, there were pick-axes to the head, a rather lengthy (and, I'm sorry, somewhat humorous) full-frontal naked chick scene prior to said naked chick getting hacked, pick-axes to the eyes (GAH!), blood, blood, and more blood.

Their bait and switch techniques worked on me--I was so busy ducking the shotgun aimed at the audience and covering my mouth with a horrified squeal as some dude's jaw was torn off -- TORN OFF -- that I actually got my suspicions confused until the final reveal. And then, when it came, my reaction was basically "of course!"


Stop now if you don't want to know who's who.

Jensen's portrayal as the traumatized miner's son turned psycho killer was very well done. Once you see the end and look back, you can see how very Jekyll and Hyde his performance was. There were moments when he'd hear the voices from that horrible moment in the mine when it all went wrong and he'd go pale and sweaty and tremble and shake, popping pills like they were his one and only lifeline to reality. There was one particular moment when he tried to go into the mine shaft where it all went down, and it was as if he ran into an invisible wall, gasping for air as if someone had gut-punched him. I'm not going to pretend I didn't get all tingly at that.

In the interview with Bonnie Hunt, he said that on TV, all of the acting is based on tight shots with the camera, so it has to be captured in the face and eyes. But in movies, the lenses are wider, the shots further back, so he found himself simply moving so that people knew he was reacting to something. While I laughed at that mental image, I can tell you, even as a deranged, damaged, killer, Jensen's acting is still captured in his eyes.

He had expressions of hollowness where you could feel how utterly lost he was, expressions of lunacy where you could feel how out of control he was, and expressions of -- there's no other way to put this -- evil where you saw the "spirit" of the Killer Miner Guy take him over and shove his real persona so deep inside there was no bringing him back. I was amazed, and I hope that some movie mogul somewhere out there has the cojones to look beyond the hype and gore and cheese of your basic horror flick and see the talent that is bared before their eyes.

I had a blast watching this show, and I actually can't remember laughing so much at a horror film. I think it's almost the intent with this. You're supposed to be skeeved out and jump in your seat and giggle at yourself for screaming like a little girl. It's not meant for you to go home and check your closet for pick axes and miner's suits. It's not meant to get inside your head. It's just meant to scare you in the moment and leave you with a feeling like you've just been on a wild ride.

Worked for me.

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