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These are the thoughts that keep me up at night...

I swear I'm working through the replies to comments. I am! But... I had this SPN-related thought and needed to get it on paper before tomorrow.

Okay, so in my stream of consciousnesses (I think I just invented a word) I've said very cavalierly that I know the boys will find a way to stop armegeddon. That they'll save the day. 'Cause they're heros.

But as I was working my way through comments and reviews, I had a sudden odd epiphany. And please to not be laughing at my slowness... I haven't been reading any spoilers or sides, so this might have already been made clear to some of you.

They're not going to stop armegeddon. They're going to fight and fight, but it's going to happen. I think the season is going to end with Lucifer rising, and I think Sam will be as close to full-on evil as we'd ever want him to get.  And I think Season 5 is going to be about putting everything back where it belongs so that humankind can survive and the Winchesters can be brothers again. At least in some form.

See, I keep thinking about what that male crossroads demon said to Sam when he tried to make a deal and trade himself for Dean. He said that they had Dean right where they wanted him. In Hell. And then I think about the choices Sam made while Dean was gone. How he broke deep enough inside that Ruby's words started to make sense to him. That he began to trust a demon. And, maybe even love her a little bit. He started using powers that would have probably forever laid dormant if his brother had been around.

'Cause Dean said as long as he was around, nothing bad was going to happen to Sam. And then he wasn't around. And bad things happened. Inside of Sam. Pamela said that that if he thought he was doing what he was doing with good intentions, think again. I think our hearts are going to be broken clean in half at the end of this season and we're going to claw our way through the summer with the need to see our boys fight and emerge on the other side -- if not whole, then at least together.

God, I hope together.

But I think we're going to see The Evil Angel, the first of the fallen before this season is through, and I think Dean is in for a soul-crushing experience.

We'll see, I suppose, but I wanted to get that out there before I wrote tomorrow's stream of consciousness because it was getting too crowded in my head.

Tags: ramble, speculations
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