Gaelicspirit (gaelicspirit) wrote,

Music drives my muse... or I need me some vids!

Okay, so, I have this habit. I make new playlists for every story I write. They may include a lot of the same songs, but it's in a different order and they trigger different ideas.

As I was listening to my Desolation Angels playlist, I wondered if there were any vids out there to some of the songs I really liked. And if not... then I wanted to throw out a request. I did do a YouTube search for the first couple, but thought you all may have some rec's right at your fingertips. Please send links my way. :)

And if you're reading, you amazing vidder-type people (*ahem* lsketch42 , jessicarae24 , novembersguest , wolfpup , lovinjackson, sojourner84  ... I'm talking to you guys and anyone else that is made of awesome I just don't know your name), I would love some Winchester inspiration to any of the following songs:

Hope, Vol. 2 -- Apocalyptica & Matthias Sayer, Amplified: A Decade of Reinventing the Cello
Nutshell -- Alice in Chains, Jar of Flies
Dead Reckoning -- Clint Mansell, Smokin' Aces Soundtrack
Again -- Fuel, Angels & Devils
Weapon -- Matthew Good, In a Coma: 1995-2005
Born to Kill -- Mattew Good Band, Beautiful Midnight
Sailed Away -- Saving Abel, Saving Able
Tied My Hands -- Seether, One Cold Night
Fade -- Staind, Break the Cycle
Devil -- Staind, Chapter V
So Long, Good-bye -- 10 Years, Division

Angsty, hurt, fighting, working together, family, brothers, sons, hunters, drivers of kick-ass cars... anything goes.

Here's hoping!
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