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Peace, Love, and Basketball

So, Lawrence, KS, is on a high.  If the downtown area is the town's soul, the University is its heart, and the pulse of the University is basketball. I'm not one to pay close attention to sports. It's one of those things that just happens in my background with those in my life of the male persuasion. 

Because of my dear husband, I learned the finer points of soccer enough to consider myself a fan. And I grew up in Indiana, a state that defines itself by the hoop. But even with twenty plus years of influence, love for the Game never grabbed hold. Until I moved to Lawrence.

Last night, the KU Jayhawks beat the North Carolina Tar Heels (ironically enough, coached by our former coach, Roy Williams) in a game that left fans unable to sit down. As the game drew to a close, I heard fireworks -- yes, folks, fireworks -- being set off in the downtown area. You could hear people outside congradulating their neighbors as if they had been the ones driving the ball up and down the court.

Today my husband and I took our little girl on campus to Potter's Pond to feed the ducks and reminders and remnants of revelers and celebrations in the form of sleepy-eyed co-eds, beer cans, and confetti were all over the campus. And that was for the game BEFORE the final game. The Jayhawks face the Memphis Tigers on Monday and I can feel this town holding its collective breath. 

In an ecclectic, liberal town that is an odd combination of hippies and farmers, basketball brings all together. It's a phenomenon I'd never before witnessed prior to living here. Today is the calm before the storm, I supose. But whatever the outcome on Monday, Lawrence had last night to celebrate.
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