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411 on some zines...

Hey ya'll...

I just got an update that the next Brotherhood zine from Pyramid Press is ready for online order. It will be available at MediaWest, too, if anyone is going to that. Here is the link:

I have a story called Wayward Ones in Brotherhood 8. There are also stories by Geoffrey Woods, gekizetsu , K. Hanna Korossy, scullspeare , gert , Jeanne R Gold, kimonkey7 , sodakey , maygin , geminigirl11, and dodger winslow.

In other zine news, agentwithstyle will have both Hear No Evil and Weapon and the Wound available in zine form for MediaWest and online at: by Memorial Day weekend (last weekend in May).

Don't quote me on this, but I think Rooftop Confessions and Blood Brothers 3 will also be available at MediaWest as well as for order. I have a story called Veritas in Rooftop Confessions and will have one called Blue Collar Man in Blood Brothers 3.

These zines include some fantastic writers; depending on the writers' preference, the stories printed in the zines are usually posted one year after the zine comes out in print.

Rooftop Confessions is printed by GriffinSong Press:

Blood Brothers is printed by Gold'n Lily Press:

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