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You are all beautiful people!!! (also? a request)


I tried every link that was sent to me and I think I got the epi downloaded through the megaupload link, though I've saved the Sam_Dean community link in case that MU didn't work.

When there's a break in action at work I'll watch and ramble. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


My good friend thruterryseyes  is going through a bit of a hard time in rl right now. She's not one to lament or vent and basically only uses LJ to comment on stories, so I am reaching out to you all. If you know Terry or if you read and enjoy her stories, and if you have time, would you drop her a PM or an email or something and just let her know that there is light around her?

Thank you!!

Tags: episode review, rl is made of suckage
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