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From a bang to a whimper...

So, I had an interesting end to my week. I hadn't been feeling...myself...since Tuesday, but on Thursday what had been simply uncomfortable turned into full-on pain. Pain in my belly such that I'd never felt before -- not even during labor or my C-section. We're talking knives stabbing from the inside out, crying that you can't stop and don't see coming, whimpers that you'd never thought you'd hear from your own mouth.

Turns out I had acute appendicitus. After some blood tests and a CT scan, they scheduled me for an emergency laproscopic appendectomy (say that five times fast) and the rest of Thursday night was basically a blur. I remember going from one kind of pain to another. I remember the doctor telling me I was really lucky -- they put the appendix in a bag before they pull it out of your body, and apparently it ruptured just as they got it in the bag. Nice.

Because it was laproscopic, I was able to come home Friday afternoon, but I'm limited on what I'm allowed to do. Including lifting and holding my daughter -- which she does NOT get...

Thankfully, it's supposed to heal faster than if they had opened me up all the way. Oddly enough, it actually hurts MORE than my C-section did... can't figure that one out.

But at least it's now Saturday and I can sit up long enough to type. I have some promises to keep... but before that, I must sleep.

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