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Contest: Lawrence-based fanfiction for KAZCON 2009

Are you dying to share a unique angle on the boys' origins? Think that Sam should have been with Dean back in 1970's Lawrence? Wonder what might have happened if Mary had known who Dean was when she made that promise? Tell us about it. Seriously--tell us!

 If you are attending Kazcon 2009 and you write fanfiction--or have ever considered writing fanfiction--you are eligible to enter the Fanfiction Contest. Entries are limited to 2,500 words and must be a missing scene or tag from the episode In the Beginning. The entry must also be related to or mention Lawrence, KS, 'cause, that's where we'll be, ya'll!

 Submit your wpd, doc, txt, or rtf via the link provided here: no later than Saturday, July 18th. All entries will be posted on the KazCon website and will be password protected. The password will be provided to registered attendees when the stories are posted online.

We'll include ballots in the registration packets; you can list your favorite three fics. Three points will be awarded for each first place vote, two points for second, and one point for third. All entries will be published in zine format and proceeds from zine sales will either support the costs of the convention, or be donated to the Kazcon charity.

We'll announce the winner(s) at the Theme Party on Saturday night. The winner(s) will get a trib copy of the zine; all other writers may request a trib copy. The winning entries will remain housed on the Kazcon website, however, after the convention, you can post your entry or submit to another zine whenever you like.

Send us your stories, tell us how you see it, share your inspiration and entertain us!

Tags: fic, kazcon
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