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SPN, S5: Thinky thoughts, speculations, musings...

So this has been a tough week with a couple of 'off' days... but I'll whine about that later. To try to distract myself, I posted some thinky thoughts on Tuesday on a site called Supernatural Fans Online about what I'd seen thus far spoiler-wise about Season 5, what I'd like to see in Season 5, and what I felt about a Season 6.

Not all thoughts were met with agreement, which is actually very cool because that generates dialog. It feels good to be one with the group, but I'm always curious to see what others think, so... I thought I'd post the same thoughts here and see if you all were up for chatting.

I don't usually stick my head out from behind my Couch Of Safety to speculate -- especially this early in the hiatus -- but I'm having a very off day and thought maybe this might be a safe place to chat and wonder a bit with ya'll.

I saw the spoilers about Anna returning and Lucifer being an actual being and not a disembodied entity. And I've been thinking a lot about this whole will they/won't they have a Season 6 and Jared's Butch and Sundance hope of an ending.

My thoughts never really order themselves until I'm in the middle of them, so if it's okay, I'll ramble. Feel free to ignore.

Sam's Powers

I think Ruby's telling him that he basically blew his wad when he killed Lilith meant that he's on empty when it comes to the juice... but not that he no longer has need of it. The Levee episode showed us how strong a hold this addiction had on Sam -- physically. Not just because he 'believed' he needed it to stop Lilith. So, I suspect one of the things they will be dealing with is a way to step Sam down off of the demon blood so that a) lack of it doesn't kill him and b) intake of it doesn't turn him full-on evil.

Dean's gonna have his work cut out for him there...

I am in wonder about what they'll do with Sam mentally -- going from "I'm stronger than that now; now I can kill [demons]" to basically once more riding shotgun in the valley of disillusionment. Since the moment this all began, he's rolled through a gamut of bizarreness: dreams of death, telekenisis (which, why didn't they do more with that??), demon exorcism, demon slaying.

Everything he'd been taught to hate, hunt, and kill.

Hmmm... perhaps there's something to that. Maybe he's the devil's advocate (no pun intended) for the Winchester family on purpose. Maybe the fact that he's always been situated in the gray while his father and brother rode hard in black and white will come into play while Lucifer walks the earth.

Brother vs Brother

My very sincere hope is that we're done with this. I don't want us to simply return to how they were in Season 1 -- it's been too long and too much has happened. And after what they've survived, suffered, and witnessed... there is no going back.

But, with Dean saddled with Micheal's duty of defeating Lucifer and Sam given the mantle of The One To Release Lucifer, they need each other more than ever. The demon newsletter circulated rather quickly when Dean sold his soul to save his brother. And once we found out that the righteous man who broke the first seal was the only one that could stop it... well, the struggles the boys faced from both factions became a lot more meaningful.

It was a season of struggle that leaves me weary when looking back. They fought the demons, 'cause they always fight demons -- but this time they were fighting both demons that wanted Lucifer to rise and demons that didn't. They fought angels because for some totally baffling reason there were two sides to Team Angel as well. And because of all that... they also fought each other.

So, enough, I say. You have so much out there against you, boys. There isn't really anyone else you can trust completely -- you have to be able to trust your brother. Have to.

Or you'll make me cry.


Okay, I know that we as a fandom really want our boys free from the troublesome burden that is a female companion so that we can fantasize to our heart's content, but... I want Dean to have some peace. And if that's in the arms of an angel, then so be it. Sam got Jess. And though it was doomed, he still has that time in his life to look back on, and, if he chooses to see it this way, he can say, "See? It's possible."

Dean doesn't have that. Not even with Cassie, though he wanted to, it seemed.

When Anna appeared in the back of the Impala, scaring the crap out of them, and Dean's first instinct was to say, "You look terrific," my heart crackled a little. She, of course, gave him the snarky "so not the time" reply, but that was such an honest reaction from him that I caught my breath. And, it kinda makes sense that he would only connect to that extent with a supernatural being. 

I mean, seriously, none of the Winchester men have luck with women -- regardless of Dean's rougish reputation. John loved Mary with everything in him and he lost her, sending him tailspinning down a path that has basically consumed his whole family. He apparently sought and found temporary comfort in Kate's arms, but even that was doomed because he left his family (the boys) out of the equation.

Similarly, Sam had Jess, loved her, lost her. Since then, we've seen him make hesitent connections with the preacher's daughter in Hookman, Sarah Blake (my personal favorite), and Madison. I'm not really counting the doc-that-could-have-been-a-siren-but-wasn't. That was pretty much the same kind of one-night-stand that his brother is infamous for.

And Dean... he hasn't had to suffer the loss of a woman he loves, but I think that's purposeful. Getting close to someone like that destroys you (or so he's seen) and he's got enough out to destroy him. But an angel? Hey, not only are they (hopefully) the good guys, but they are powerful, know The Secret, and can stand next to him in a fight without him having to fear for the fragility that is their life.

I want to see him with her again.

I want that to be something that comforts him in Season 5 when the salvation of his brother's spirit and soul and the weight of his 'duty' becomes too much to bear. I want another shirtless love scene to Bad Company or (like this would ever happen) Zeppelin.

Only minus the Titanic-like Hand On Steamy Window.

And... I kinda don't care if Sam gets any all season. I don't mean to sound cruel, but hey, he had demon nooky several times in Season 4 and I think he needs to just take a breath.


I love this man. I do. Aside from the boys, if there was a single actor I'd like to meet from this show, it would be Jim Beaver. Even over JDM. Bobby has been the surrogate father that Dean has so desperately needed over the past 4 years, stepping in (albiet a bit reluctantly at first) to fill in the gaping hole that John left with his sacrifice -- and even before.

I think he is Dean's core in ways that Sam could never be. Sam is Dean's purpose -- his mission in life (over and above Saving the World and Killing Lucifer). But Bobby is the hand at Dean's back pushing him forward. Dean's psyche was built around following orders and even though he's done pretty damn good on his own, he still needs that touchstone. He still needs someone to shake him and snap him out of it... someone that he will work to not disappoint. To not let down.

And because of that, I think Bobby will die in Season 5.

I think that it's going to come to a point where it won't be enough for Dean to simply do what the angels say he should do because they have dicked him around one too many times. It's not going to be a clear-cut case of defeating Lucifer = saving Sam. His black is fading to gray quickly and I think that in S5 the lines he's carefully stayed inside all of his life are going to be completely gone and he's going to need a 'thing' that catapults him forward into his apparent destiny.

I think that may be the death of Bobby.


I think it's kinda cool that he's going to be a man. And according to the description, one that will almost be hard to believe as evil. Totally makes sense to me. First of all, he was an angel. The Morning Star. In my reality, I've been taught that the devil is seductive, offering the easy solution, the path that 'feels good.'

It's hard to walk the straight and narrow. It's lonely and sometimes cold and the only thing pulling you through it is the promise of Heaven after the fighting is done. But the devil says, here, take this shortcut... have this instant gratification... let yourself feel good.

Why would anyone believe that of a nasty, demonic-looking, monster? I am anxious to see how his role in this whole thing is played out, and I'm already geared up to see how Dean will defeat him. Because I refuse to believe that it will be otherwise.

Dean is my hero. Simple as that.

Butch and Sundance and the Fate of Season 6

I would flat out watch Jensen Ackles in anything. I'd watch him sit on a bar stool in an empty room and read the phone book aloud. Just to watch his hands, listen to his inflections, let my eyes fall on the way his boot heels hook on the rungs of the stool.

However, that said, I would be crushed if, for the sake of ratings and money, they pushed this story, these brothers, past their prime and without the creator of the series. I watched X-files for all nine seasons, but after Season 6, it was out of a weird sence of loyalty and mild curiousity and not as the true fan I'd been before. And... I taped them and watched them later. Y'know?

Jared has said he wants the brothers to go out fighting. At first, I was in the "bite your tongue, Padalecki!" group... but I think I'm looking at it a bit differently. Dean's line says it all to me: "When Dad told me I might have to kill you, it was only if I couldn't save you; Sam, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna save you."

This all began as a search for their dad. It got a little tangled when John gave himself up for Dean, but they could have gotten past that and still carried on. But when Sam died, and Dean didn't save him, the world as they knew it ended. That moment was Dean's apocolypse. So, they were carried into a world of deals with demons, survival of two very different Hells, and destinies that tore them apart.

They canNOT survive without the other. They just can't. In my mind, there can't be a happy ending that is one going before the other. Ending it with them out there fighting the good fight still ends it with the very real possibility of one going first.

And that would kill the other.

So, what I'm currently thinking this far out from the start of Season 5... the only solution is for them to die together. Die together fighting and therefore winning. But... I like Jared's idea of Butch and Sundance. Because... at the end of B&S, they're both shot to hell, hiding in that old ramshackle building, bandaging each other up and bantering through painful pants for air. Sundance ties Butch's gun to his hand and pulls him to his feet. And they look at each other and though they say one thing with their mouths, their eyes are expressing gratitude and brotherly love as they run out of the building.

The image freezes and you hear -- hear -- a hail of gunfire. You are left to speculate if they made it or not.

Now, I wouldn't want it to end so that there was the possibility of the bad guys walking away after taking out our boys, but the idea that you don't know what happens next for sure, but that it looks as though they die together is somewhat appealing to me.

Because, if they were to complete their six-year contract with, say, a TV (or, God-can-you-imagine Big Screen) movie, there could be ways to explain how they escaped death when the screen froze. And... selfishly, fanfic speculation could continue.

I could be swayed from this thought rather easily, I'm sure, but that's where I am mid-June of the 2009 hiatus. I do hope for a better solution -- one where they are rewarded for all of their struggle, for fighting the good fight, for sacrificing so much. I'd love for them to have peace and companionship and the kind of life that makes each of them happy. I know that's what Zach elluded to in the finale. But I don't trust him -- and obviously neither does Dean. How can you trust someone who abused their power to the point of playing you against your own brother??

For me, what would be worse than them going out ala B&S would be for them to keep fighting, never able to stop, never able to truly live... never going 'home.'

And as far as a S6? I really don't know that I'm up for it. I love how this story has been told. How in looking back you can see the plan.

From Mary's horrified expression of realization when she runs back up to Baby Sam's room in the Pilot to S4's In the Beginning when we see her make her deal. From Roy LeGrange saying he looked into Dean's heart and saw a man with a purpose that hasn't been fulfilled to Zach telling Dean that he is destined to take out Lucifer ala Micheal. From Baby Sam tasting demon blood to Big Sam drinking from Ruby. From YED's search for the Special Kid that would open the Devil Gate and free Lilith AND the SK that would defeat Lilith and release Lucifer...

There is a method to the madness that I haven't seen tie a show together like this before. It's captured me and possessed me and catipulted me into storytelling and has been the catalyst for friendships I wouldn't have otherwise had... but it's worn me out. And I... kinda need to know how it ends. Before the end is too lost in the Hollywood Machine to satisfy me.

But... that's just me.

As it gets closer to the September 10th premiere date, I'll be more avidly avoiding spoilers. Especially anything related to the actual storyline. I really enjoyed being taken by surprise with the Season 4 premiere, so I'm going to try for a repeat performance.

For those of you reading, Chapter 2 of Desolation Angels should be posted a week from today, if all goes well.
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