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Enough already!

I know I haven't been really good about posting these last couple of days and I'm really sorry about that because I've realized how undeservedly lucky I am to have the friends that I do. I wish I had more time -- scratch that, more energy -- to reply to all of the well wishes I've received as soon as I get them.
I am working my way back to good, but had a minor set back. I started feeling lousy on Sunday night and it just got worse as Monday wore on. I did call my doctor and followed their advice, which consisted mainly of walking, pain meds, and, um, Milk of Magnesia. Seriously? The most un-sexy situation ever.
Anyway, last night was no better and I had an appointment today at 1, so I hung in there. I got to the doc's and explained what was going on. He looked at my suture sites -- focusing on the lower one overtop of my C-section scar where I'd been saying all along that the pain localized then radiated up and to the right. That was where he'd removed the ruptured appendix.
He removed the bandage and... YUCK. Turns out it was rather severely infected. I wanted to say "SEE?! I have been telling you something wasn't right." In more fodder for fanfic, they told me they'd have to lance it and drain it and it would be, and I quote, "uncomfortable."
I did get some numbing shots on it, which hurt like hell, and then they started the draining process and Mark claims that I damn-near broke his hand trying not to cry out. If that is uncomfortable, kill me if they ever tell me something is going to be painful. There was a lot of gunk in there and they packed it with some sort of...gauze-like stuff to keep it open and let it drain more. Apparently I get to take that out myself on Thursday. Lucky me.
I was told to keep an eye on fever and pain and let them know if anything worsened because the infection could have gone deeper. Swell. I got some antibiotics and some Percocete (which I've never taken before...) and was sent on my way.
SO! I think that trying to actually work through two of the roughest days (so far) of this whole ordeal has earned me a day or two off, and I'm going to ban all work that doesn't involve making up stories about the boys until Monday. I am determined to be back to myself by then.
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