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Mind over matter

So, I'm back to work today. My baby's sick, so I'm working around her, but I finally feel as though I'm among the living again. If anyone wanders past, a very sincere thank you to all who have sent me well-wishes and emails. I feel truly blessed, and rather undeserving of your light.

I plan on getting started on In the Light chapter 8 again tonight. I know that the length of time between posts may have cost me some interest in a few readers, but I truly hope that those who stick with me are pleased with the way the story shapes up. Especially Nana56 as the story was written for her Kazcon auction bid waaaayyyy  back in August of '07. 

So, time and life seek to thwart forward movement, but we persevere, yeah?

The human spirit is a fantastic thing.

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