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Bon Jovi Concert

SO! After much debating and mental pros and cons listing, my husband and I went to a Bon Jovi concert that we'd had tickets for since November of last year. My daughter had been sick, but was better...I'd had surgery, but was better...hubby had a headache, but could push past it... It. Was. A. Blast. SERIOUSLY. 

Here's my midnight-hour recount of the experience. :)

Okay, you have to excuse me because it's late and my ears are buzzing, but I feel like I so often do after I watch an episode of Supernatural and sit down to write a review -- words are pin-balling around in my head and I have to let them out stream-of-consciousness style before I go to sleep. So! Coherence may be lacking. You've been warned.

I just got back from my first arena concert in, oh... 10 years. And OMG. OMFG. I had forgotten how much freakin' FUN it is to let loose like that!! First, we almost didn't go -- not simply because of my surgery and the fact that the zipper on my jeans hits TWO of my incisions (ouch), but because of Rowan's fever. It had been a bit better this morning, but returned by the afternoon and all she wanted to do was cuddle with Mommy.

 *heart breaks for multiple reasons*

However, after another dose of Motrin, she was outside pushing her shopping cart and waiting for Grandma with bated breath. Sherry practically pushed us out of the house... we ended up missing the first couple of songs by Daughtry (opening act), but we made it!

We got to our seats just as Daughtry was finishing up "It's Not Over." Let me tell you -- I have a WHOLE new appreciation for that man. I never saw him on American Idol -- I can't handle reality TV. Seriously. I have to leave the room. Don't ask me why. But I did get some of his songs off of iTunes and loved them.

But NOTHING compares to seeing him in concert. I swear, if Dean Winchester sang in concert, he would sing like Daughtry. Not just the voice, but the way he sang -- all... knees bent, mouth tucked up under the mic, like he was attacking the sound, despite the fact that it came from him.

He ROCKED. I was on my feet by the end of his set -- just, the whole package: black T-shirt, torn jeans, boots... I couldn't really see him because we be po' and were sitting up in literal nose-bleed section of the Sprint Center, so he was about the size of my thumb, but they had the jumbo-screens and while he's not the most attractive individual, his ferocity and passion for the lyrics and melody full-on rocked me.

And I'd forgotten what it was like to sit in an arena during a concert. I'd forgotten how your ears instantly go into shock and your body thrums with the beat. The music literally seeps into you and you are left with no choice but to move with it. Even Mark tapped his fingers (the equivalent of slam-dancing for him).

Toward the end of his set, the boy broke out Filter's "Hey, Man, Nice Shot" and I whoo-hoo'd my bloody lungs out. VERY cool.

There was a small break where I must have said "I'm so impressed with him" about a dozen times and then the drunks filed in. That was another thing I'd forgotten about concerts -- the odd array of people that tend to be there. We were unlucky enough to get a trio of girls more than three sheets to the wind -- one with a halter top that tied in the back who was having trouble keeping it tied...nice -- seated right next to us for most of the concert. They left before us, thank goodness.

THEN, the lights went out, Bon Jovi appeared, and I regressed to a teenage girl. I clapped until my hands throbbed, screamed until I was coughing for want of water, and jumped as cautiously as my thirty-something-broken-self dared. I am ashamed to admit that I don't know any of the songs from his "Lost Highway" CD, which is what he started with, but it didn't matter.

I was in the same arena as friggin' BON JOVI. And about a million other people, but that's beside the point. I've been listening to this guy for about twenty years!! Seriously! TWENTY YEARS. God, it boggles the mind. New Jersey was that long ago...

After his opening song, he folded into "Shot Through the Heart" and the place went NUTS. I screamed along with them and Mark, bless him, stood by me, quietly tolerant and mildly amused that his normally mature wife was so easily reduced to a product of her youth. I wouldn't have been surprised if he looked at me and saw Mall Hair and braces. :)

The songs flowed from new ones that I didn't know to the older ones that I could sing every word. And then he broke out "Blood Money" from Young Guns II and I blinked in surprise. I had almost forgotten that he did the soundtrack to that movie. When he segued cleanly from that ballad into "Blaze of Glory" I was on my feet again -- and THEN Daughtry came out to sing WITH him.

Fanfriggintastic. They complemented each other perfectly. I think that was hands down my favorite part of the show. Jon (since I've seen him in person now, I can call him that *wink*) sang a few more new songs and pulled out the older ones (I think) to rest his voice because the crowd screamed it back at him. It was so much fun!!

Richie Sambora (thankfully not yet serving his DUI sentence) broke out his blues riff for "I'll Be There For You" so Jon could change. I tell you, I have never seen a man rock a short sleeve button down, but Bon Jovi so could. Risking life and death by fan or security guard, he stood in the center of the audience for "Bed of Roses"...

The only songs I really wanted to hear that I didn't were "Wanted: Dead or Alive" and "Livin' on a Prayer" (because we had to leave a bit early) but "Bad Medicine" was AWESOME. I think I went hoarse on that one. While he was doing another new song, I glanced at my cell phone and saw that it was 10:20... Mark and I got a little anxious because we hadn't realized how late it was.

Being a school night, and knowing that I had a possibly still sick baby at home, we left. Had to forgo the $40 T-shirts, but I do have my ticket! And I have the memory of getting to go to a concert again to see someone I had literally grown up with.

I asked Mark if he ever whoo-hoo'd at a concert and he said sure, 311, Dave Matthews... SO! My next concert-oriented goal is to find one that we can go to where he can go just as crazy as I did. :)

We walked the three blocks back to our car, and I started ticking. One 45 min car ride later, and I'm suddenly reminded that I had surgery a little over a week ago. I didn't feel a thing while my body was absorbing the sweet sounds of guitars and drums, but I sure feel it now.

SO! I'm off to get aspirin and a few hours sleep before Rowan needs me again and I get to do the working mom shuffle

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