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Stream of Consciousness: Season 5... one week!

A week from today we get our heroes back where they belong: our livingrooms. Or, you know, wherever you find yourself watching TV on Thursday nights.
Hopefully the LJ cut works this time...

Welcome!!! I am so friggin' excited to be able to write up these reviews once again--starting NEXT WEEK!!

I started writing these rambles (for really, that's what they are... a total reactionary ramble of thought) in emails to a few friends during Season 3. When I finally joined the 21st Century and got an LJ account, I decided to post them here for the sake of keeping track. Since then, I've had the distinct pleasure of gaining friends who come by and read what is essentially a full-on stream of consciousness after each episode and I'm more than thrilled to see each and every one of you.

I've been asked where the rambles are for Seasons 1 and 2... and, um, yeah. They don't exist. Yet. I made a promise to a very sweet gal over on that as time permitted, I would re-watch the first two Seasons and post reviews them over there. I have one I wrote up for the Pilot, but haven't put it up here on LJ yet.

The anticipation for this season is almost as high as it was between Seasons 3 and 4 for me. I'm practically spoiler-free -- with one exception. I did cave and watch the "Oh, Death" promo. *squee!* I am so intrigued and excited to see where this journey Kripke start us all on in 2005 is going to end in 2010. Because, even if the show doesn't end this season, this story-arc will. And I am quite satisfied with that.

I can imagine the speculations and theorizing that have occurred this summer. This is one extremely intelligent fandom. And one extremely sensitive storyline. There's a reason you avoid discussing politics and religion in mixed company. But I think that, by and large, we are all able to set aside any reactions where the storyline runs sideways of our personal belief system and enjoy the show for the sake of a story well-told.

That... and the pretty.

I will say, though, that one of the reasons I avoid forums and almost any other discussion arena concerning the show is that there are some exceptions to that generalization. And it's those exceptions that tend to either fire me up or drag me down. Life has the power to do that to me anyway; I choose not to allow that to happen with my escape.

With that, I just wanted to let you know what you will and what you will not find in these weekly Streams of Consciousness postings.


-- A recap with thoughts and speculations of the entire episode. I write these basically right after the screen goes black and the credits pop up, so the word "ramble" is rather accurate. I ask you to excuse any typos or misspellings as I don't often re-read before posting. Unless the quirky Kansas weather sees fit to ruin my Thursday evening, I post around 11pm CT Thursday nights, or you'll know the reason why not.

-- Complete enjoyment of the genre of storytelling done through the medium that is TV (with understanding of the limitations of budget and time). There is always something that grabs me in every episode.

-- Tangents to personal memories, experiences, thoughts, musings that the show, actors, or theme inevitably triggers every. single. week. Here there be emotion, peeps. By the truckload.

-- A slant toward a preference for Dean Winchester. The story is about both brothers, and would not be whole without a focus on both; however, that said, Dean has always captured my attention and quickly became my consumate hero. Sam's plight has been alternately heart-breaking and heart-warming throughout the four seasons, but it's Dean that I came back to and come back for time and again. I had someone tell me once that they found it surprisingly refreshing that my fanfic gives balance to the brothers because my reviews are rather "Dean-centric." At first I wanted to apologize for that, and then I thought about how I could be more balanced in these reviews, but I soon gave up. You get me raw with these, so if raw equals Dean-centric... *shrug*

-- An invitation for open communication. I simply love to hear all of the thoughts -- whether in agreement with me or not -- about the show and/or the posted ramble. You all have some amazing minds and what you choose to share always gives me pause to think. All are welcome.

I only ask that you play nice with others.

Will not:

-- Meta-type thinking and speculation with concrete ties back to myth or history. Unless it's just like hanging around in my head. There are some fantastic writers who contribute those types of reviews. Off the top of my head I can think of bardicvoice   and

dodger_winslow  that I enjoyed reading at different times last year. Also, Bettina Charles at has resumed her recap, so I understand. I have the hardest time finding that link myself, but the regulars who comment on her blog have some really good insight.

-- "Bashing," I believe is the term. I may question, I may mourn, I may even rant, but I will never bash a character, writer, director, or storyline. This is their craft and they share their gift with us and I thank them for it.

-- Spoilers. I don't read sides or spoiler sites or anything like that. I do watch the previews they tack onto the end, so that's about all you'll get as far as spoilers are concerned. The anticipation is great enough for me that knowing much more beyond the spoilers would probably send me over the edge.

I think that's it.

If you come by this season, I'll be very happy to see you. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and for those of you in the States, enjoy your three-day weekend!



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