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PSA: Stream of Consciousness for 5.03 to be slightly delayed

Hey ya'll -- I apologize. I should have mentioned this last week or at the very least in the "what you will and won't find here" post, but on the 4th Thursday of every month, I have book club.

Believe me, I've considered skipping club to watch the boys and write the ramble. But this way I can defy the thinking that I am, in fact, completely obsessed with SPN. I can say, no I'm not. See? I go to book club when the boys are on! :) In truth, I'm dying to know what I'm missing and if I were younger and my daughter knew how to sleep past 6am, I would probably watching it when I got home.

Not to insinuate that anyone will miss the ramble, but I've had some say they check right after watching to see if it's posted, and for those that do that, I apologize for the delay. Those that check on Friday morning, it will just be a little later on Friday morning. :)

So enjoy the epi tonight. I'm excited to be able to watch tomorrow morning and look forward to your thoughts!!

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