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I am made of fail... aka Real Life Is Winning...

I've been trying really hard to keep to my 'every two weeks' posting schedule for Wearing and Tearing, but work has exploded on me and in the last three days I've worked 43 hours. That in and of itself isn't earth-shattering, but it has made for a difficult time getting Chapter 3 completed. That, coupled with preparing to be gone for two days and making sure the house, dog, and Mo Chuisle are covered, has resulted in a Made Of Fail status for keeping this promise.

I won't be able to write while in Chicago, I'm certain, so those of you who marked the date? I'm sorry. It's going to be a few days late.

Also? I have to work tonight. I'll do my best to post my ramble as per usual, but at this point, it's not looking good. It'll be posted, but I wanted to offer you a heads up in case you actually look forward to these things.

And to be honest, after seeing last weeks previews (still staying unspoiled with the exception of previews), I'm a bit wary of where this one is going. Especially considering day after tomorrow I'm heading to a Con myself...

*reserves judgment until epi is seen*

Sorry if I let ya'll down. I look forward to seeing you when I do get to see you.
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