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Salute to Supernatural, Creation Con 2009, Recap

I know there are (and will be) hundreds of recaps from this past weekend in Chicago. And many of those will more than likely include videos and pictures. I have neither. What I do have is an enthusiastic recap of two amazing days that ultimately re-invigorated me (even though I’m utterly exhausted today) and even helped to adjust my dial of being disappointed in the most recent episode.

I highly recommend checking out[info]agt_spooky at some point, for her amazing pictures and videos (seriously, this gal is tireless and amazing with how much information she provides) and[info]wolfpup2000 for her pictures as well. She has a great eye and also sat on the aisle, so she was able to get some great shots.

As some of you know, I was gifted with tickets to this con, just as I was to last year’s con. Were it not for that, I wouldn’t have had this amazing chance, and I will forever be in gratitude for the generosity of Amy Blair. She’s a force of nature, that one, but once you meet her, you’ll never forget her. And she’s taught me a little bit about accepting myself for myself, if you know what I mean.

This was my last con. And it was fantastic.

Amy and our friend Karen (kumaparoogey) arrived on Friday night. She wrote up a recount of their adventure from Friday night and asked that I post it with this recap:

Amy's Friday Con Report
Gaelic has allowed me a little space on her LJ (although I realize I have one, I just barely use it) because I wanted to give my impressions of Friday - which Gaelic was unable to attend. Originally Gaelic, kumaproogey, and I were going to do a group road trip but Gaelic's schedule just would not allow it and so she took an airplane while kumaproogey and I took my van. kuma lives about two hours away from me and then I am five-ish hours from the con and really? It was a non-stop talkfest the entire roadtrip. When we arrived and checked in, we giggled at how we immediately started running into people that we were discussing on the road. We rounded a corner and ran into one of the con organizers and we saw from a distance a few people we had met at past conventions. The excitement in the air was swelling.

We road the elevator up to the top floor and got out, headed around the corner to our room and noticed the door across the hall was opening. It was none other than Aldis Hodge! Our neighbor! He was on his cell phone saying, "Hey, baby..." to what we guessed (and later found out) was his girlfriend. I got so excited I crossed my legs, crouched down, smacked kuma's shoulder, peed a little in my pants, and at a high pitch squeal said, "Oh my GOD!!! That was the guy who killed SAM!" As kuma rubbed her hand-printed-bruised shoulder, I could feel the air shift around us, the excitement raising a notch to zestful and kuma and I had to get out of the room as soon as we were settled. Had to see the happenings.

First, it was a bit quiet in the lobby. We people watched. Sat back. Enjoyed the views. Checked out the karaoke room. Hung back some more. Then we decided to go back in the karaoke room. As we walked in we saw Traci Dinwiddie singing to some Patsy Cline. She looked beautiful and sounded even better. She did another number and then returned to her table with her posse. I noticed that her "handler" was actually a guy I kind of knew so I started inching my way towards them. kuma and I watched the next set of people sing and honestly? Never even realized until they started the second song that one of them was Alona Tal. She was so much smaller than I would have ever expected. Her clothes were very casual - almost Yoga worthy and her hair was swept up in something like a pony-tail, very little make-up and I would stare and her and think, "It's her. No it's not. Oh, yes it is. No it's not." It was really pretty pathetic of us. We finally figured out that it was her, took a pic and then we were at Dinwiddie's table. I was able to finally get ahold of the person I knew and wait patiently while he gyrated up and down my body and hugged and kissed me like 15 times while I tried hard to smile. THEN he introduces us to Dinwiddie (who has been watching this display) and she was so warm and fuzzy and immediately invites kuma and I to her. We talked with her quite a while. She was dressed all in black with this adorable knit-ish hat hanging off the right of her head. She hugged us and let us have her pic with us and was truly very genuine and adorable.

As we left (finally) to go back to our room, we passed wolfpup and her girls. We stopped and talked with them for a bit and then retreated back. I stopped at Adis' door to listen in, but all was quiet so kuma and I bedded down. I remember checking the clock as I shut my eyes: 2:10 a.m. and all I could think of was "Gaelic's going to wake up in an hour and get ready to board her plane."

The excitement level went from zestful to "Oh, my God! I can't wait for tomorrow!" in three long breaths.

(Back to me...)
I wanted to also say that it was so fantastic to have the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people in this fandom that I’ve had occasion to talk with via and livejournal. Thanks for making my con experience that much better, Muffy Morrigan, K. Hanna Korossy, wolfpup and a blackwinged bird, JazzyIrish, Jeanne Gold, deangirl1, Clarice, Sue Grimshaw, Nana56, agt_spooky, and more. The one lady I looked and looked for but never found was Cathy67. Cathy—if you’re out there! I’m sorry I missed you!!


I left Lawrence for Kansas City at 4:00am, packing everything I needed into one messenger bag. I got to the hotel via shuttle around 8:30am and hurried up to the room Amy and Kuma were sharing. After sharing their Friday adventures with me, we got breakfast, gleefully greeted old friends, and found the schedule.

Registration didn’t take long, and the vendor room wasn’t exactly overflowing with ‘must-haves’… Ultimately all I purchased were two glossy’s of the guys, one that was signed by Jensen.

There had been some scheduling shuffling—Julie McGiven (Anna) wasn’t able to come when scheduled, and Jake Abel (Adam) couldn’t come at all, so Richard Speight (Trickster) filled in for them. I couldn’t have been happier. No offense to Anna or Adam, but I adore Richard—and not just as the Trickster.

Richard Speight

This man is truly adorable. I couldn’t see clearly what he was dressed in—basic pants and shirt, but he was bouncing like a kid on his 3rd Red Bull and his face was quirked into a permanent semi-grin. Last year at Chicago had been his first con and he’d been scared to death. This year, he said, he embraced the madness. He joked about being Creation’s pitch-hitter; it was the 2nd time he’d shown up to bail out a schedule shift by hadn’t been on the banner. Apparently the night before he’d been in a play playing a bad actor. In tights. Hee.

There were a lot of questions and talk about “Changing Channels.” He spoke about finding out he was Gabriel. “I’m an angel. Who knew?!” He had to catch up on the “Satan’s out of the box” stuff once he got the script for “Changing Channels” and he consciously chose to deepen his voice when shifting into Gabriel mode. He also hopes that Gabriel lands on the side of the boys and fights with them instead of against them. Which was kinda cool. I hope so, too.

As for what super hero he’d be? Since he spent the evening before in a full leotard, he wasn’t too keen on repeating that anytime soon. Said he’d like to be The Hulk, but that he didn’t really save anyone, so he settled on Captain America for the fun propaganda and that it’s good for the kids. Hee.

He referenced the Neil Gaiman books and learned some Trickster lore after he’d already completed filming “Tall Tales.” He said he thought he’d done a pretty good job. “They [meaning those who write Trickster lore] should be reading about me.” Random fact? He can say ‘no’ in Maltese. For whatever that’s worth.

Someone asked if he had ever had a fanboy moment, or a moment that made him *squee*. “I don’t know if I could say I… squeed…” Hee. He saw Michael Stipe in a hotel lobby in Ireland once (MAJOR R.E.M. fan) and saw Keith Richards in a hotel lobby in L.A.

His dry delivery and very mobile eyebrows were captivating and hilarious. He once referred to Castiel as a “do-gooder running around looking like David Duchovny.” *laugh!* When a person asked what he’d do if he wasn’t an actor and how he’d like to see God portrayed on the show, he chuckled then said, “That’s like saying… what’s your favorite food and… define time.” HA! By the way, he’d be a lawyer and he’s just curious as to what the Kripke is going to do about God as we are.

And then we come to the pumpkin-colored underwear story… I’m sure you can find this clip, but this is The Story that was touched on with just about each subsequent panel. *ahem* It seems that the guy playing the cop that was stabbed and then morphed into Richard was a fan and told him that he’d left him a gift. Richard returned to his trailer and waiting for him, folded up on his table, was a pair of pumpkin-colored mens bikini briefs. They’d been laundered, but were obviously, um, well-worn. He was like… wth??

Heading out of his trailer, he ran into a crew member who handed him a bag with 2 beers and a thank-you card that was from the cop and he was like, oooh, okay, that makes much more sense, but, um, hello… where did the briefs come from. Light-bulb! The tall guys. When they were filming the Dr. Sexy scene, Richard confronted the guys—miming how he literally had to look up at them—was like, “lots of laughs guys, really funny…” The boys were clueless. Honestly clueless. So, he’s like, seriously… wth??

He decides to put the underwear up in the production trailer. A few days later… Misha fesses up. They were his. Apparently he’d spilled some soup or some such thing and the laundry service had returned them to the wrong trailer. They were, he said, a gift from a fan. Richard claimed they were threadbare. Heh. He turned the brief’s over and wrote “this pair of underwear smells like Cas” on them. *laughs!*

Aldis Hodge

I didn’t write much down for him—having been in only two episodes, I wasn’t terribly engaged in his panel. He spoke a lot about Leverage, though, which was nice. And he has a fantastic speaking voice. Guy does a mean Will Smith impression. Highlight of his panel was Amy going up to the mic, telling him her room was across the hall from his, and asking him if he wanted a Starbucks in the morning.

He ordered a tall soy chai, extra hot, extra foam. *shakes head* Good Lord.

He also called his girlfriend while up on stage – that was cute. She could hear us and we could hear her. Hee. “Ya’ll got a brother some brownie points.”

Jim Beaver

I was so looking forward to his panel—even though Misha was also on deck, it was Jim that I wanted to hear. He surprised me a bit. He’s not exactly the gentle soul I’d somehow imagined I’d gotten to know through reading his book. He is, but he’s also a bit of a flirt. He walked out in a jean jacket and a black trucker hat, which said “Damned if I know”… or something close to that.

As the whoo-hooing died down, he grinned and said, “Hello, idjits” (about two seconds after Amy leaned over and whispered it to me). You could tell he enjoyed the accolades. He just kept looking out over the throngs of people and grinning. I couldn’t help but smile back. He shared a story about how Bobby’s T-shirts are all washed out so that the show doesn’t have to pay royalties, but he found one that he thought aptly depicted his thought son the arch.

“Bad angels, good demons…” He opened his jacket and revealed a ‘70’s era shirt that read kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out. Aw, Jim. You’re such a pistol. He shared a story of a party he went to wearing a similar shirt—way back during Vietnam—and met an actress he’d admired from afar. She was… unimpressed.

He spoke at length about Bobby’s injury—that while it’s tough to be left behind and out of the fight, he’s very aware that there are so many people in the world that don’t have the option to get out of their wheelchairs. He doesn’t want Bobby to be fixed by magic or some supernatural element. He wants the character to deal with his injury—and he believes that it was indeed the injury that caused his paralysis and not Zachariah.

Random questions ran the gamut from what movie genre is his favorite (Westerns) to Harper’s Island experiences to whether he’d want Pamela to return to haunt Bobby (yes). When a young Aussie asked if he was going to come to the Aussie con, he replied (with a certain amount of swagger and sass in his voice) “I am now.” They continued to bat words and I just shook my head. What. A. Flirt. He said he was supposed to go to Sydney on R&R in Vietnam, but he was ousted by a Colonel.

He paced a lot and threw out random comments—like the reason the guys used deep voices on the show was because they were holding their guts in. Heh.

He didn’t really speculate much on what the future had in store for Bobby, but did say he wanted to be there when Kripke got himself out of the corner he’s written himself into. *grin* You and me both, man. He spoke a bit about his book, “Life’s That Way,” and expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the reception it’s received. He gave a brief synopsis of it, then said that everyone has “a sad story; not everyone gets to make something good out of it.”

I love how this man thinks. Though I noticed that he is much more eloquent when writing than when speaking. A quality we seem to share.

Misha interrupted him and Jim introduced him as the “not very angelic Misha Collins.” Dude. I had no idea how right he was until Misha’s panel.

He did a day’s work on an independent western with Henry Thomas and John Wayne’s grandson (who turns out was actually his neighbor, though he never knew that). The film is called “The Legend of Hell’s Gate” and since it’s a low-budget independent movie, it probably won’t be easily accessible, but it sounded interesting. I rolled through his fan page on Facebook awhile back and was absolutely amazed at how many different shows/movies this man has been a part of. Not only that? But I’d seen more than half of them and had no idea I was watching Jim Beaver until he brought Bobby Singer to life.

He talked a bit about working with “the world’s oldest 16 year old,” Chad Everett in CCoDW, and then said that he really had trouble with the scene outside the hospital when Bobby confesses how deeply he’d sunk into depression and how desperate he was for those years in that poker game. He was the last person to set up as a role model—or claim a character he played was one—but he was troubled by Bobby’s level of despair and was glad Dean knocked some sense into Bobby at the end.

I expect, having survived what he’s survived, something like that would be rather difficult to play. But, as he said, people in difficult times have a lot of stuff that goes through their heads… He was wonderful. Truly the highlight of my Saturday of panels.

Misha Collins

And now for the most random hour of the day. There were all ages of fans at this convention—from (much) older men and women to young kids. Misha? He couldn’t care less. He was as opposite from an angel as humanly (no pun intended) possible. I don’t think he gave one straight answer. He was frikkin’ hilarious.

“Let’s just effin’ get the underwear thing overwith…” He claimed the pumpkin colored underwear weren’t threadbare as Richard claimed, but… respectably worn. Okay, the fact that he wore them AT ALL cracks me up. You never know about some people. He talked about a random movie he’s apparently in that will air on the Sci-Fi (oh, sorry SyFy *rolls eyes*) channel called “Stonehenge Apocalypse.” *snicker*

He spoke about the gruff voice he uses as Castiel—said his voice is rather ‘wussy’ and on camera he tries to tough it up a little. He claimed he could out-growl Jensen (As. If.) He did a Jensen impression, then shifted a bit, squaring his shoulders and took on his own growling persona and said, “Oh yeah, F*cker?!”

There was some conversation about yogurt that I totally didn’t get—might’ve stemmed from his ‘minions’ that follow him on Twitter, who knows. He was such a showman—like a sarcastic stand-up comic. It actually surprised me to find out that he was married. Not sure why. He was dressed in a suit and tie and sat in the director’s chair the whole time, but didn’t let that stop him from rotating fan-to-fan and giving just about every questioner hell for no good reason. *laughs* I honestly didn’t know what to make of him, but he made me laugh.

When asked what happened to Jimmy’s personality in 2014 when Cas was busy being generally stoned and having orgies, he simply said, “That’ll really bake your noodle.” He teased that since he’s such a method actor, they really did have the orgy and that there were in fact, two Jensen’s. One is just better than the other. *shakes head*

Someone asked him if he thought Cas would find God, he replied, “I have to believe he’ll find God because if I don’t… then I’d have to believe something else… and that would just take too much energy.”

Honestly, I think his irreverent approach to fans’ questions and not giving anyone a straight answer might’ve been one of the better protection modes I’ve seen. This way, no one really knows what he’s thinking and he can say anything… and, as we learned, he pretty much does. An Aussie gal came up and asked him if he would return to Aussie for a con and he told her he’d had a terrible time there. When she pushed, he said he’d return to Australia in spite of the people. She asked what had been so bad about his trip and he said, with much irritation in his voice, “First, I can’t keep up with their drinking. I’m pissed off that I didn’t see one kangaroo, so that was a lie. In fact, the whole country’s built on lies.”

It went a bit sideways from there with Misha just making things up, handing back off-the-cuff answers. It was… uncomfortably funny, or just out-right hilarious, depending on who you were in the audience. For example, when someone asked him about Cas’ evolution since being introduced last season and where he’d like to see Cas go, he said he’d like the angel to be more politically conservative and bring in more of the Fox News viewers (which, honestly, took me a minute to get because, as most of you know, I live under a rock).

He has apparently been wearing the same suit for just about every shot, though they’ve had to replace the tie because it got shot up (by Dean and Bobby). Someone asked him what he would ask us and he immediately rapid-fired some questions off. “What’s it like being a fan? When did you first realize you were a fan? Was it a gradual progression or did the light bulb suddenly dawn?”

Another gal got up to the mic and said that he was ‘obviously very fan-friendly’ (referring, I think to the Twitter Minion things) and he replied, “Is it obvious? Talk to the woman from Australia.” *BWAH!* Someone did bring up fanfic with him and the audience groaned. I’ll skip over that because, really… There was an interesting moment when he recognized a fan that had been at Cons before and was trying to remember not only her real name but her ‘handle’… that was rather funny.

Richard showed up and there was some back-and-forth with the undies where Misha dropped more than a few F-bombs, then said that he was just trying to remember what self-respect felt like. More questions included: will Cas get the drive the Impala (he hopes so… Sam does, so why not Cas?), will Cas mend fences with Sam (yes), and some random stuff about his time interning at the White House.

He talked about the whoopee cushion scene in Fallen Idols. He said that he, Jared, and Jensen were on the phone with Kripke being actors and saying that the gag was not going to work, it just read awkwardly and they didn’t want to do it. Kripke insisted and they acquiesced, finally, as he is their boss and all. Then, when it came to filming, they couldn’t stop laughing. I hope that’s on the gag reel…

The rest of the day…

Amy and I had a ‘sandwich’ shot with Misha and Jim and as we stood in line, we got to talking and laughing with people around us. I was so wrapped up in the moment, I completely forgot to be nervous. I didn’t really even register Misha when we walked in—I stood next to Jim. I did see that Jim had changed his shirt—it was black, but I’m not sure what it said. I’ll have to wait until I get my copy of the picture. I did see the picture before I left on Sunday and I’d really like to cut myself out. I was laughing and have that omgIjustheardsomethinghilarious look on my face. Jim looks like he’s going to charge the camera. Amy looks pleasantly happy. And Misha’s just grinning.

We didn’t have autographs for anyone but Jim Beaver, but as it turned out, that was a marathon wait session. We were able to eat, but spent many many many many many many hours in the main room waiting to get his autograph. I’d originally planned to tell him that my book club was reading his book in February and I couldn’t wait to hear my friends’ reactions because it had affected me so profoundly.

But… as it turned out, after the World’s Longest Game of War and several Twizzlers, we didn’t get up in line for his autograph until 1:00am. By that time, I’d been up for 22 hours. The only thing that kept me from just giving up and going to bed was the fact that I knew I wasn’t going to do this again, and I really admired this man. And… if he could be signing all that time (I think his Facebook status said it ended up being 7.5 hours total), then I certainly could sit and wait. When it got to be my turn, I handed him my book, watching him sign, and simply said, “Thank you.”

I got a little flack for that—for not saying something else—but I think it was pretty good that I was able to even do that, to be honest. We headed up to the room. I haven’t had roomies since college. And I haven’t shared a bed with someone other than my sisters or my husband in about twenty years. So Saturday night was an exercise in controlled hilarity. All I can say is thank God for earbuds and iPods and the ability to sleep in a space less than a foot wide. I was conditioned for Saturday night by having a three-year-old daughter. *winks at Amy and kuma*


Okay, prepare for some full-on fangirl gushing in this part of the report because I did not gush while I was there and need to let it out somehow! First, a tiny back-story. Amy and Kuma had managed to get two sandwich pics with the boys—Kuma was to be in one and Amy and I in the other. I wasn’t really allowing myself to think about that too much because I would get actually nervous. *shakes head at self* Last year, the only pics I’d had was a sandwich (or maybe it was a double-decker??) with Mary, Ash, Agent Hendrickson, Amy and I. No worries there. And Misha and Jim? Like I said, it all happened so fast and I was distracted and relaxed.

But these were the guys

Anyway, Amy had a friend from Venezuela that hadn’t arrived as of Sunday morning. After some checking and worrying, we found out that she wasn’t coming and knew that she would be devastated to miss this. Amy managed to get Creation to relinquish the unused tickets so that we could at least send her the autographs from Sunday and a pic of the boys. We’d planned to have just the boys hold up a sign that said: Thamara, wish you were here!

But that didn’t quite work out. With her tickets came some interesting opportunities for a number of people. First, we’d found out on Saturday that our friend Jeanne Gold hadn’t been able to meet Jared despite having gone to several cons—and he was her favorite. So, Amy and I chatted and I said I really only wanted to get Jensen’s autograph when it came down to it, and after all she had purchased the tickets and gifted them to me, so gift them to someone else.

Jeanne got her Jared autograph ticket. And then we realized we had a Gold Ticket in the Venezuelan package, so after more discussion and some, no, no I couldn’t possibly’s, we were situated thus: I got the Gold Ticket (felt a bit like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and with it came both boys’ autographs. I got to keep Jensen’s and Jared’s would go to Venezuela. That meant we had an extra Jensen ticket and Amy gave it to a fan named Lia from Brazil who would get to meet Jensen otherwise.

Everyone was happy and I have to say once more, with feeling, that Amy Blair is generous to a fault, and I am a very lucky gal to have gotten this opportunity.

Okay, so with all that, we had to get in the queue for our ‘duo’ pics at 9:45. I got to chat with some people who’d been at the breakfast and one showed me a few of her pics. There was one that just epitomized the two guys: Jensen was standing, perfectly still, mic in hand, slight grin on his face, looking over the audience. Next to him is this Jared-shaped blur. That’s all. Just a blur. It was hilarious. She was upset because the pic didn’t come out, but I was like, oh, no. It’s perfect just as it is.

When we got up in line, I was talking to people around me again, and still wasn’t really nervous nervous. I mean, seriously, what was the big deal right? Just two guys I watch every week and write about their characters and have pictures of in my office and… Okay, so we get up there and the way they’ve set up the room was so that you walked around the place where the pics were taken in sort of a U-shape. This way, you were in the room with them for a good minute before it was your turn, and you got to watch them and get used to the idea you were in the same room with them.

It was probably the nicest thing Creation did. Because other than the main guy—Mark, I think?—and one other woman who was on the marathon Jim Beaver autograph signing, the majority of Creation peeps were grumpy as hell. I can’t really blame them—it is a whirl-wind weekend and they have a lot of schedules and people to juggle, and I’m sure they’re uber-aware of how much money people pay to have their moments… but one particular lady (who sat with Jensen for the autograph session and actually snapped her fingers at me because I didn’t hand her my ticket and item to be signed quickly enough) looked like if she cracked a smile her face might crumble. Ah, well.

Creation Nazi’s aside, we were able to see the boys pose and laugh with the other people. Jensen, as you can see in any of the downloadable or YouTube clips, was wearing a thin, form-fitting black sweater, jeans, and black boots. Jared had on gray-and-blue plaid, and we found out later a black V-neck T-shirt under it, jeans and boots. Jensen was a tad scruffy (YUM) and Jared was clean-shaven, Sam hair good to go.

Just before Amy and I was a lady with her eight-year-old boy who apparently LOVED Dean. The guys got down on their knees to be at his level and that pic was all about that little boy. I melted a little bit. Amy asked the Creation gal if we could have the boys pose with Thamara’s sign, but she said no, we had to be in the pic with them. So, Amy went up to Jared and tried to explain the sign. I’m not really sure what she said because I zeroed in on Jensen and did this like, tri-corner-dance-step-move to get around Amy and next to him.

Amy turned and Jensen kinda tucked me up under his arm and then I felt Jared’s fingers—around Amy—touching the back of my neck. Jared repeated Thamara’s name as Amy pronounced it: Ta-mah-da. Jensen, though, goes, “Unless you’re from Texas, then it’s TAM-er-a.”

His voice was twangy, deep, and kinda rumbly. We smiled. Then Amy’s like, “We have two!” I started laughing. Just like one of those sudden “HAHAHA!” laughs and Amy put Thamara’s sign behind her back. I felt Jensen laugh—his chest rumbled against my shoulder—and for a reason I can’t remember, I decided to reach up around Amy and touch Jared’s arm (which was still touching my neck). Click.

And then we were done and outta there. I didn’t even realize until I left the room that I hadn’t looked at Jensen’s face. Which was probably a good thing. I saw wolfpup and a blackwinged_bird in line and went over to them, touching one on the back. She said I was shaking. Well, whaddaya know. So I was. All. Over.

We had a brief wait and got to chat with more people and then it was time for the boys’ Q&A. Rather than do the usual 30 mins with one, 30 mins with both, 30 mins with the other format, they elected to both be together for one hour. Technically less time, but I think it worked out really well. And whether it was for scheduling purposes or to protect each other from the potential crazy questions, who knows. It was so fun, though.

And from Row C? It was an amazing view.

Jensen and Jared

They both sat on the director’s chairs at first, but, true to form, Jared wasn’t able to stay still. At one point he bounced up to playfully shine one of the stage lights on Jensen, then realized he’d kinda screwed up the light and struggled a bit getting it back in place. At another point he thought he heard someone say something back stage and bopped up to head backstage, leaving Jensen alone on the stage looking patiently bewildered. It was adorably humorous.

When seated, Jared shifted positions approximately every 10-15 seconds. Right leg tripoded over left knee, or visa versa, shifting back in the seat, leaning forward in the seat, head dropped back, head dropped forward, looking at the audience, looking at the questioner, looking at Jensen. If I watched him too long, I got tired.

Jensen, however either leaned back in the chair, or leaned forward on his elbows. It was almost as if he were subconsciously compensating for the frenetic energy that was his companion. Once of the first things said when they came out was something about his character in Ten Inch Hero and JA revealed that his hair grows really fast. They’d wanted him to wear a wig or something for that Mohawk and he was like, seriously, wait a week. I got this.

There was some good-natured banter about who to address first—Jensen or Jared. They were just easy-going, full of smiles, and engaged with the audience. JP claimed that if the questioner didn’t specify who the question was for, it was obviously for him. Hee.

They each talked about their take on being vessels. JA’s view point was that for the first three seasons, the mythology didn’t really have much to do with Dean. It was like in Star Wars: Luke (Sam) was the hero and Han (Dean) was just hanging out being awesome. (hee) Now, though, Dean is a pivotal piece of the puzzle and he thinks it’s pretty cool.

JP said that he likes playing Evil!Sam. He glanced to JA and said, “You haven’t gotten to play Michael yet, right?” JA just shook his head and I was like… yet?!?! That’s probably just Jared rambling because the guy talks so fast, but I hope JA never plays Michael, personally. Anyway, JP really liked playing Lucifer because he had to do it differently than he’d really thought—he wasn’t all *growl* I’m evil, do my bidding. He was more of a sympathetic figure and that was intriguing to him.

When someone brought up the possibility of this being the last season, JA’s first comment was, “Well, this [meaning cons] doesn’t have to end.” Whoo-hoo’s all around. They basically said that yes, when the series ended it would be sad and heartbreaking because the cast and crew has become family over the last five years, but they both sounded like they’d really be okay with it. JP wanted to be able to look back over the whole story and see how it all wove together.

I think when talking about the end, JP must’ve said “ya’ll guys” about 50 times. Hee. When it is over, though, JP plans to sleep for two years, then wants to do movies. JA was more like, I’ll take what I can get. The inevitable “advice to aspiring actors” question came up and I really liked their responses. JA said it’s a tough game, but you have to keep at it, keep getting in front of people. JP, though, was very deep about it and even quoted William H. Macy. In fact, he was all about the quotes during their sessions.

JP said to keep to your craft. It can’t be about the money or the fame. It has to be about the performance and what you bring to the table. He said that William H. Macy put it like this: Show up on time. Know your lines. Hit your mark. Hang up your wardrobe. He may have been talking about acting, but dude, that could really apply to anything and everything in life. I really liked that.

Someone asked what they—meaning Jared and Jensen, not Sam and Dean—would do if it really was the end of the world. JP said he’d turtle up and wait until the loud noises ended. JA said he’d channel John Travolta in Battlefield Earth (circling back to an earlier crack about channeling John Travolta in Michael). They are both enjoying Kripke’s take on the apocalypse. JP said it was like Emeril’s kick it up a notch, only he botched the hand motion and Jensen ribbed him about it.

A little boy came up to the mic and asked if Sam will fight with Cas or if they would be ally’s. JP’s take was that they’d probably come to blows at some point, but they were essentially on the same side. Side note? Both boys were so respectful of the questioners and answered honestly and from the heart, even when they added some teasing. It was decidedly different from Misha, who’d been the last Q&A we’d been to.

Someone asked them what dreams outside of acting had they not accomplished. Now, I’m not the type who gets mushy about stuff like this with actors, but after a beat, JA replies simply, “Having children.” That totally turned me into mush. And the rest of the audience, too, by the sound of the “awwwww”’s. Not wanting to be outdone, though, JP looks around, wide-eyed and says, “Me too!” But they said they’re both Texas boys and family-oriented, so children were definitely in the plan at some point.

Then JA says he also wants to fly a plane and talked about base jumping, saying, “Sign me up!” But then amended that he couldn’t/wouldn’t do that if he had kids. JP just shrugs and says, throw them off! JA looks at him sideways and is like, and this is why you’re never babysitting. Someone asked them about the gifts they’ve given each other (which, personally I found slightly disturbing that someone knew that much information) and in the list of things she said ‘camera.’ JA looked at JP and mouthed “did you give me a camera?” JP’s like, *shrug*. Hee.

Apparently nowadays, if they want something, they just go get it. Their parents hate Christmas because they never know what to get them, so they’re like, “here’s some socks.” Meanwhile, the guys are like, “Sweet! Socks!” The Eye of the Tiger scene was referenced and they said no, it wasn’t rehearsed… for the scene. JP’s like, “He’s been singing that song since he was 8.” JA replied that it’s his ‘mile three’ on the treadmill and pulled a serious Dean-like face as he mimed running. BWAH!

My friend kumaproogey got up to the mic and asked what I thought was probably the best question: will the VM message that Dean left Sam (but Sam never heard) in the finale last season ever be cleared up. The hilarious part? Both boys were confused by the other’s take. First, Jared just rolled out with, “You left me a message but Zachariah changed it.” So, that clears up the was it Ruby or was it Zachariah question. Jensen was like, “No, it was in your head. It never happened. I never left the mean message.”

Jared argued, “No, but I thought you did. I mean Sam did.” Jensen, confused frown firmly in place, says, “Well, does Sam know that it wasn’t real now?” Jared’s like, “How should I know?” Jensen says, “Ask him… annnnd action!”

Seriously, right then, Jared ‘shifts’ into Sam. Pensive face, puppy-dog eyes, the whole bit.
Jensen hollers, “Cut!” and Jared’s back. He just shrugs and says, “Yeah, he knows it’s fake.” It was hilarious. And the best part was that the question seemed unexpected and triggered genuine conversation between the two of them. Hee. There was some chatting about Chad Everett being such a big kid and who got the most questions addressed to them.

They both talked about filming The End. It was very difficult for JA to have to think about reacting to lines that he would say that he hadn’t yet say… but that he got help from the wardrobe and lighting peeps to assist in making 2014 Dean look so hopeless. JP was like, hey, I got time off and I got to play Lucifer. Done and done!

When the musical question was brought up—as it had been with Misha earlier (he was for it)—JA said yes, do it, it would be hilarious and JP was an emphatic no! The only way they could go there and not be a take-off from Whedon (IMO) is if it was a spoof for the DVD or something… *shrug*

They both liked the progression of the Trickster turning out to be Gabriel, and Jared said that it helped because Sam and Dean don’t usually lose so much and they just could not win against this guy. It helped that he was an angel. J When asked what TV show and character they would like to do now (if they weren’t doing this), JP said John Winchester on SPN… because he’s not on anymore. Hee.

JA said Mike Row from Dirty Jobs. I could totally see that. He said that Jared should be on Man v Food (and omg, if you’ve ever watched that?? It’s almost overwhelming the amount of food that dude puts away). They were funny about JA not finishing his meal and sliding his plate over to Jared—who was happily lapping up food from everyone else at the table. “I hungry,” he grinned sheepishly.

Okay, the best moment (for me) was the laugh. And if you haven’t seen a clip of this yet, go now and find it. A gal got up to the mic and opened with, “Don’t laugh, but…” Immediately they both start cracking up. Towards us, towards each other, towards her. High-larious. Jared calms down and says, “Ya’ll can’t see this, but, she’s standing there like this,” and he proceeded to mime someone standing with their hand on their hip, irritated. She tried to talk again and they laughed over her until I think they were actually, really laughing.
She finally got her question in, and it was honestly a pretty good—non-funny—question. Was it hard to act against a character that is represented by so many different actors. JP gave props to the writers for creating such strong characters, that even though the actors bring their own spice to it, the characters are consistent. I liked that.

JP prefers to play drama, JA comedy or action. He gets a lot of dramatic moments and says that his body doesn’t know any different. If he’s spent the day crying to do a scene or because something horrible happened, he still feels like he was hit by a truck. He’d rather be bruised. Yeah, I can see that. It was around this time that Jared “sprung a leak.” He was seriously sweating profusely. A stage person brought him up some water and a box of Kleenexes and he put the whole box down his shirt to keep it away from his skin. JA calmly reached over and took a tissue from the box. Heh.

Jensen said that Jared is always sweating on set and recalled a scene where he actually dabbed the sweat away between takes so that they didn’t have to step away from their marks. *shakes head* Oh, boys. They talked about the first prank they ever pulled, which led to a bit of messing with the mics, unscrewing the top (and voiding the warranty…whoops).

A young girl asked them if they’d ever film in KS (sadly, no), another asked what Disney characters they’d be (JA-Grumpy, JP-Dopey), and someone even asked what they would write on each other’s profiles. JP said of JA: Texan, single, willing to take anything. JA of JP: SWF, Flowing locks, oddly tall, likes to eat.

The similarities they feel they share with their characters is for JA, when Dean is ‘goofy’ and for JP when Sam tries to do the right thing. Moment in the show they are particularly proud of included simply working with Kim Manners. JA, though, did go a bit deeper and talk about how Kim blocked the scene at the end of AHBL2 so that he didn’t see the 30 or so crew guys standing around eating chips when he had to look at his dead brother and scream what am I supposed to do! It was just JA, JP, and Kim. And he was pretty proud of that. As he should be.

Both said it was hard to imagine what would happen in Season 6 if the apocalypse arch was wrapped this season, and I have to agree. While the thought of not having them to look forward to each week, I honestly hope that this is it. That they go out on top. Not saying I wouldn’t watch no matter what, but I think I’d prefer them to end now rather than turn into a 9-year run like the X-files and risk a Reyes/Doggett catastrophe. I’m just sayin’.

They wrapped the end with some places in Vancouver to see and movies they quote all the time—Anchorman, Team America, Cable Guy, There Will Be Blood. Just as they’re ready to step off, Jared announces that he’s planning to auction his Season 3 Sam watch that he’s wearing to raise money for his mom’s kids (Students, Jensen is quick to clarify… Jared’s mom is a teacher) for something called UIL—he was talking so fast it was hard to catch what he was saying.

Jensen points out that it doesn’t even work, but Jared’s like, it just needs batteries, and Sam wore the watch in episodes 1-16 of Season 3. The Creation con guy says he should just do it now and Jared visibly pales saying he can’t do it, he doesn’t know how, no, that’s okay… back pedal, back pedal. He’s standing down on the main floor and Jensen is above still on the stage, looking down at him. He gets this little grin on his face and suddenly he is Jensen Ackles, Auctioneer. Complete with rapid-MicroMachineMan-speak.

The bidding gets up to $1,000 and is between two women towards the front (one of them is directly in front of me, so I got a lot of direct Jensen face time). The auction wraps at $3500 for the watch and Jared is choked up. He hugs the woman and thanks her (on his knees) and Jensen just watches him with that little grin on his face. It was honestly very brotherly—atta-boy like. They thank us, step off stage and then it’s the wait for the autographs—which for me wasn’t long thanks to my Willy Wonka Golden Ticket.

Jared ended up giving the shirt off his back—literally—to the lady that bought the watch and so when I got up there, he was sitting in a black T-shirt with the biceps of doom staring at me. The guy is built, ya’ll. No wonder he eats so much. He probably burns it off just by walking. They were moving us through fast. Very Seinfeld-Soup-Nazi-like. Jared took my pic, signed his name, looked up at me, made eye contact, and grinned. I simply said, “Thanks so much.” He replied, “Thank you, sweetheart.”

Then we had to walk across the room to get into another line for Jensen. The lady sitting next to him was she of the immobile frown and she snapped her fingers at me when I didn’t move fast enough. Whoops. It was the same with Jensen, only this time I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his hands. He has very nice hands. He took the pic, signed it, looked up at me, met my eyes and smiled. *butterflies* Seriously. Beautiful. Eyes. I said, “It was really great to meet you. Thanks!” He says, “Yeah, you bet!” And… done.

I walked around looking for more people, talking to some, waiting with Amy and kuma for their sigs. When the autographs were done, the boys came back out on stage and thanked everyone for coming, apologizing for rushing through the autographs. They were gracious and appreciative and it was so nice to see that. They really are genuinely good, good guys.

Then we went to eat. I was too hungry to wait to see Julie McGiven (Anna) who was to be on after the autographs. We did get done eating in time for Rob Benedict (Chuck), though, and I’m glad. He. Was. Adorable.

Rob Benedict

I didn’t take notes—I was honestly, genuinely cooked by that time. He’d never done this before and was seriously expecting something more like the last episode. He was so grateful and appreciative of the fan questions and seemed honestly surprised by how many people where there. He talked a lot about his band, Louden Swain ( and was so adorable about the fact that people knew their songs.

Best story I can remember is his fanboy moment. He loves Pearl Jam and got a chance to go backstage during one of Eddie Vedder’s solo tours. He really tried to get Eddie’s eyeline, but was unsuccessful. He saw at one point that Eddie was smoking and had a pack of cigarettes on the table in front of him. Thinking that could be a good in, but too shy to actually ask Eddie for a smoke, he asked the girl next to him. She was like, why don’t you ask him. Rob’s like, I’m too shy. Without looking over at him, Eddie just slides the pack over to Rob. Hee.

Best thing about his panel is that I actually got what the writers and Kripke might’ve been trying to do with the last episode. That though when I watched it I felt like they were poking fun, it wasn’t so much that way. It’s still probably my least favorite episode, but I no longer felt disappointed by it. And I love that this experience saved that episode for me.

We hung out for a bit longer, and then I caught a shuttle to the airport and made my way home. Amy and kuma picked up the J&J photos, but I haven’t seen them yet. I’ll not promise to post until I see how ridiculous they look.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading and sorry it took so long to get up. All-around fantastic time, and wonderful send-off to the professional cons for me. I’ve had my moment looking into the sun (*wink*) and I have enjoyed so very much meeting the wonderful people in this fandom that I’ve been blessed to meet. I know I’m a lucky girl, and I promise you, I don’t take that for granted.

My excitement about the show has been reinvigorated and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Slainte, all!
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