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DELAYED: 3.14 Stream of Consciousness Review...Stupid weather...

I could not BE more bummed at this moment. Plagued with tornado and thunderstorm warnings, my viewing of tonights episode was demolished. Destroyed. Cursed. I think there must be demonic activity about because I couldn't have needed to see our boys MORE at this time.

 I got to see 20 minutes -- enough to know that the beginning would have left me gasping and the end would probably tear my heart out, so I am now waiting until The CW puts the episode online or I can download it from iTunes... whichever comes first.

 I will be vigilantly avoiding my favorite Friday morning activity (checking out and I'm really put out that I can't write the review. It has become oddly cathartic to do so because other than SPN, Thursday are generally devoid of fun for me.

 If you're still interested in my rambling after I get to see it, I'll share it with you. If I bore you to tears, I can accept that. No worries.

 BUT! Don't tell me anything!! Please? Because I hope I get to see it tomorrow and if so... I'll be able to let out this big old breath I've been holding since LAST Thursday...

 Dangit. Stupid weather. Guess that's what we get for living in freakin' Kansas. Sigh.


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