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I saw this on agt_spooky's journal and thought I'd give it a go. Granted I should be listening to a conference call right now, but... if you won't tell them, I won't tell them.

Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

The Mindgamer

Everything is possible, nothing is ever really over.

Fanfiction is a creative outlet for you. You don't intentionally write it, it just happens. You find inspiration in several fandoms, but are not obsessed with only one.

You like to explore "what if" situations. What if this character had never made this very choice? What if this event had taken place sooner, never, elsewhere? What if these people had never met?

You are likely to write Alternative Universes, fan seasons or sequels and just follow your (sometimes pretty strange) plot bunnies.

Take The Fan Fiction Personality Test at OkCupid

I agree with all of it except the "not obessed with only one" fandom thing. I have yet, with the exception of one non-SPN story, been able to be inspired to write in any other fandom. Not sure if that qualifies as obsession, but... *shrug*
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