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Zines Ahoy!

I'm feeling rather liberated tonight. And without any vino... imagine that. "In the Light" has been finished and posted. All of the promises I've made to the zine peeps have been written and submitted. And I'm VS-free.

What am I going to do with myself? *smirks and stifles a wicked cackle of glee*

I can't wait to start writing again...

BUT! In the meantime, if anyone is wandering by... a couple of the stories I've submitted to Pyramid Press' "BROTHERHOOD" zines are available to order. There are some fantastic writers in these zines, guys. I mean, I'm amazed to be included in this group -- if you are at the MediaWest con or any of the other cons, or if you check out the web site (below), you'll see what I mean.

As the other stories I've submitted become available in zine form, I'll post the links. And if you have any questions, you know where to find me. :)

There are two Supernatural zines: Brotherhood 4 and Brotherhood 6. And one "multi-media" zine which includes everything from Quantum Leap and SG1 to Young Riders and Supernatural: Brotherhood 5. I have a Supernatural story called "Fix You" in Brotherhood 4, and a Young Riders story (I was flirting with branching out) called "A Home for Better Men" in Brotherhood 5. 

There are some fantastic writers in Brotherhood 6. I'm working to see if I can snag a copy of that as well. Here's the link with the info:

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