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Hello all! I bring you a Master Post of all my Supernatural fics.

I will add to this list as I continue to post stories. Universal Disclaimer: I'm borrowing these characters for each story and having my way with them, happily so. I get nothing but enjoyment from writing these stories. Go raibh maith agaibh. (Thank you)

In addition to this Master Post, I created a Links List sidebar for easy access. I've posted the link to the first chapter of each story, and the chapters are liked to each other.

PDFs of All Fics Available:

Most fics (with the exception of a few one-shots) are also available as PDFs for download on MediaFire. If you see a fic below that you'd like to download to your eReader or read off-line, feel free to access the MediaFire link. New fics will be added to the link as they are completed. Enjoy!

Complete Collection of Gen Fics and One Shots (includes stories that also appeared in zines):

Title: The Lost Boy
Characters: Dean, Sam, brief appearance by Charlie
Disclaimer/Warning: They're not mine. More's the pity. Title and opening quote come from a song of the same name by Greg Holden. Incidentally, for you Sons of Anarchy fans out there, I first became obsessed with this song on that show.
Summary: Missing Scene from 10.11, There's No Place Like Home. There's a darkness within each soul. Some repress it, some embrace it, and some balance it. Then there are those who are consumed by it; they are the lost souls.

Title: Thicker Than Water
Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel
Disclaimer/Warning: They're not mine. More's the pity.
Summary: Missing Scene for Episode 10.03, Soul Survivor. The pain went deeper than just the physical effects of the blood. It was pain of regret, of missed chances, of what ifs and should haves, of loss. It was the pain of humanity.

Title: Hell Is Empty
Characters: Dean, Sam, Crowley
Disclaimer/Warning: They're not mine. More's the pity. Title and opening quote come from Shakespeare's The Tempest. Also, this tag deals with death, though if you've seen Episode 9.23, you're pretty much already dealing.
Summary: Tag to 9.23, Do You Believe In Miracles. There's no pill quite as bitter as regret. Two brothers realize the impact of choices made and words said in the heat of the moment when their future lies broken and bleeding before them.

Title: When You Break
Characters: Dean, Sam
Disclaimer: They're not mine. More's the pity. Story title from song by Bear's Den, as are the lyrics at the beginning and end of the story.
Summary: Missing scene from 9.18, Meta Fiction. Is there a moment you recognize the edge, or do you simply slip over, your exhale a helpless prayer that someone will be there to catch you and pull you back?

Title: The Weight of Us
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating/Disclaimer:: They're not mine. More's the pity. Title of the story comes from a song of the same name by Sanders Bohlke. Give it a listen. Rated PG-13 for language.
Summary: Missing scene/tag to 8.14, Trial and Error. Some errors have been too great, some trials too costly. Losing his brother is not an option, not this time, not when he can do something about it.

Title: Soldier's Eyes
Characters:Dean, Sam, Benny - GEN
Rating:: PG-13 for language. Title of the story comes from a song by Jack Savoretti by the same name. Also, Mumford, Iowa, is totally made up.
Summary: Tag to 8.07, A Little Slice of Kevin. There's only so long he can avoid the trap of memories, and he fears that when they catch him, they won't let him go.

Title: Night of the Hunter
Characters:Dean, OC
Rating:: PG-13, for language, violence and a mature scene in the 1st chapter.
Summary: Missing scene from 5.02, Good God, Ya'll through 5.03, FTBYAM, leading to the first part of 5.04, The End: This story chronicles what Dean did and went through during the time he and Sam were apart. Starts from when Sam walks away from the picnic table and ends when Dean gets back from the future. Let's just say there are vampires, a werewolf, a case of mistaken identity, some sleepless nights, a lonely man, and a lot of Dean.

Title: Wake Up and Fight
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13, for language.
Summary: Season 5. When Sam is attacked and marked for possession by a 'Hell Bearer,' Dean will stop at nothing to save his brother. Pain and exhaustion he's handled before; however, adding to that the horrific memories of Hell may be too much for this world-weary hunter to bear.

Wake Up and Fight: Soundtrack/Fanmix and Trailer(s)

Title: Just Cause
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13, for language.
Summary: Season 3. The majority is set after 3.12, Jus In Bello. But there are spoilers for all of Season 3. Picking up the pieces from a soul-crushing loss, Sam works to find a way to regain focus as Dean escapes his destiny inside another hunt. But this time, will 'acceptable losses' include the Winchesters?

Title: On the Surface
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13, for language.
Summary: Set in Season 2 dove-tailing the end of Episode 2.12, Nightshifter. On the run from the FBI, the brothers are sidelined by a snowstorm and find themselves at the mercy of a sheltered town filled with secrets. Staying alive means staying together as they fight to stay on the surface.

Title: Heroes for Ghosts
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: This story is set in Season 1 after 1.16, Shadow. In an attempt to save a disillusioned hunter from himself, Dean and Sam are caught in a spell that sends them to 1870 Texas. Surviving the old west is hard enough. Escaping it could prove to be impossible. This plot asks that you suspend reality a wee bit. I've worked to keep it as close to canon as I could, and I hope that you trust me to carry our heroes through this journey to a satisfying end.

Title: Fix You
Characters:Dean, Sam, Bobby
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Set immediately after 2.02, Everybody Loves a Clown. They can fix the impossible, save the innocent, but when it comes to wounds too deep for tears, and scars left on a beating heart, the brothers realize some things may be too broken. This story was originally written in the fall of 2007 for the fanzine Brotherhood 8; printed by Pyramid Press.

Title: No Quarter
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Set in Season 2, after Crossroad Blues. Originally written for Brotherhood 2 zine. Dean and Sam are pitted against a powerful evil as they fight a battle in a timeless town. Dean's inner demons threaten to defeat him as the brothers struggle to survive.

Title: Hear No Evil
Characters:Dean, Sam, OC
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Season 2, set after 2.15, Tall Tales and before 2.16, Roadkill. The trickster left the brothers in need of a clean hunt. An explosion turns a routine spirit hunt into anything but clean. Dean must deal with the ramifications, while Sam tries to finish the job and help his brother pick up the pieces.

Title: Sense
Characters:Dean, Sam, Castiel
Rating: PG-13 for language, a mature scene in the first chapter, and some darker themes
Summary: Set in Season 5 after 5.05, Fallen Idol. There are things that make him human. Deciding what those are will become the difference between sanity and madness. When a demon forces the issue, Dean and Sam fight back the only way they can: together.

Title: Wearing and Tearing
Characters:Dean, John
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Pre-Series. With Sam at school, John and Dean must find a way to connect and survive. When John is hurt on a hunt, Dean is forced to pick up the pieces. However, when ghosts threaten to take Dean down, it's up to his father to keep him from fading.

Title: Desolation Angels
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: This story is set in Season 1, overlapping the ending of 1X12, Faith. While Dean struggles to keep his head in the game after being healed, Sam works to come to grips with John's purposeful distance. The last thing they need is to run sideways of two brothers hunting for buried pirate treasure...

Title: Gravity
Characters:Dean, Sam, some baddies, and those of us who bounce
Rating:: PG-13, There is some sexual content and language in this fic.
Summary: One hunt, three moments. Dean feels the weight of his sacrifice as the horror and honesty of his life press down. Set after 3.05, Bedtime Stories, and inspired by Staind's Devil

Title: Fate
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG
Summary: Tag to 2.20, What Is and What Should Never Be. Somewhere between the life they know and the life they want is the life they are meant to live. Dean's sacrifice as told through Sam's eyes...

Title: Raincheck
Characters:Dean, Sam, Bobby
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Set in Season 2 after All Hell Breaks Loose 2. The brothers are forced to confront the ramifications of Sam's death and Dean's deal when they agree to assist another hunter in the search for an ancient Celtic spirit. This story was originally written in June 2007 for the fanzine "Rooftop Confessions," printed by GriffinSong Press.

Title: Buried Secrets
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Missing Scene from episode, 4.16, so yeah, here there be spoilers. What was happening with the brothers while the angels were busy dancing on the head of a pin?

Title: Stay
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Set in Season 1. Timeline is one week after the events that take place in Shadow. Sometimes it's not the leaving that's hard. This story was written a little over a year ago for the Rooftop Confessions 3 zine, March(ish) of 2008, printed by GriffinSong Press.

Title: No Dominion
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Missing Scene for episode 3x11, Mystery Spot. And there is a character death, 'cause, well...you know... Four moments in the span of a hundred, four lessons in sacrifice, four chances to save him, and only one to say what he really means. This one-shot was written in June of 2008 for agentwithstyle's Mystery Spot Tribute zine, You'll Thank Me When It's Wednesday. She actually put out two Mystery Spot zines, the other being Every Possible Way.

Title: Shadows and Dust
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: This story is set in Season 2, following Episode 2.03, Bloodlust.
Written for zine, Blood Brothers 2. Ghosts from the Civil War wrap around Sam and Dean and take them through a different kind of vanquishing.

Title: Deep Waters
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Story takes place immediately after Episode 2.03, Bloodlust. In the wake of John's death, the boys investigate mysterious drownings on a ferry boat and end up fighting to not be pulled beneath the surface. This story was written in the fall of 2008 for the zine, Roadtrip With My Brother 7, printed in November of 2008 by agentwithstyle (www.agentwithstyle.com).

Title: Veritas
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Set in Season 2, after the events of 2X12, Nightshifter, and before 2X13, Houses of the Holy.Sometimes the line between the truth and a lie becomes the net that saves you. Hiding under the radar,the boys discover a witch, a victim, and a reason to keep fighting the good fight. This is a zine story, written in January of 2009 and printed in March of 2009 in Rooftop Confessions 4, published by GriffinSong Press.

Title: Wayward Ones
Characters:Dean, Sam, John, Pastor Jim
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: This story is set pre-series and in Season 1. They didn't have many safe harbors; they didn't have many friends. Pastor Jim had been both. A look at how one man's life and death affected the Winchester family. This story was written in February of 2009 for the fanzine The Brotherhood: 8, printed in May of 2009.

Title: Blue Collar Man
Characters:Dean, Bobby, cameo by Castiel
Rating: PG-13 for language and themes
Summary: He'd declared that family don't end with blood, and from the moment he'd met them, Bobby had lived that truth. In a search for something to save Sam from his destiny, Dean finds a journal that changes desperation into hope.

Title: Living on a Prayer
Characters:Dean, Sam, Bobby, John
Rating: PG-13 for language and themes
Summary: Dean gets an answer to his prayer for help, just not in any form he ever would have anticipated. Caution for angst abundance. And by abundance I mean put on your waders. But in my defense, that end scene? Begged for angst. Also, a possible warning for a dark-themed state of mind. Dean's mind, that is. Not mine.

Brenna Kavanagh (modern-day Celtic druid) Stories:

Title: Holding On To Let Go
Characters:Dean, Sam, OFC, OC
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Season 1, Following John's coordinates, the boys prepare to battle a witch. When they discover a greater evil is at work, can Sam save Dean's life or will his brother's pain become his own?

Title: Within My Hands
Characters:Dean, Sam, OFC, OC
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Season 1, The New Orleans job comes back to haunt Dean as he and Sam return to stop a series of murders, and end up discovering an evil they may not be able to defeat...with Dean's life in the balance.

Title: Into the Fire
Characters:Dean, Sam, OFC, OC
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Season 2, The brother's strengths are tested when they are confronted by both a supernatural threat... and a human one. Dean must face his fear of losing his brother in order to save not only Sam, but himself as well.

Title: Weapon and the Wound
Characters:Dean, Sam, OFC, OC
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: This takes place right after episode 3.10, Dream a Little Dream of Me. An unreal heat, an unusual enemy, and an unresolved relationship buffet the brothers through the storm of Dean's deal. No wound is healed without leaving a scar.

Title: From Yesterday
Characters:Dean, Sam, OFC, OC
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Post Season 5, AU. Stripped of their Heavenly help and their friends, their reality changed with that loss, pushing them back to a bare-bones approach to life, the brothers learn to redefine normal. However, though they stopped the Apocalypse, there is still evil in the world and it touches someone they thought they'd never hear from again. Is it enough to compel both brothers to start hunting again? AU heads up: This story tracks the end of 5.22, Swan Song…with some very specific changes. In this reality, the outcome of the battle at Stull Cemetery is decidedly different, taking the brothers on an alternate path than the one they traveled in Seasons 6 and beyond. A PDF of this story, including art, can be found here.

Abe Nokomis (Ojibwa hunter) Fics:

Title: Ramble On
Characters:Dean, Sam, OC
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: This story is set in Season 1 between Provenance and Dead Man’s Blood. When a hunt goes sideways, the brothers are hurt and lost in the northern Minnesota woods. They have only each other and their skills to get them out...and they aren't alone. They are being tracked by the 'perfect hunter.'

Podfic audio recordings:
Ramble On Podfic

Title: In the Light
Characters:Dean, Sam, OC
Rating:: PG-13
Summary:Set in Season 2,after BUABS. There is no rest for the weary. An old friend and a new hunt pits Dean against the elements and Sam against himself as the brothers fight for each other and for survival.

Virtual Season Stories:

Title: Devil Game, Virtual Season 2, Episode 6
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG
Summary: Sam's painful, overpowering visions of a ritualistic murder send him into the arms of a feisty witness, while Dean fights to determine if their foe is demon or human. The answer forces Sam to make an impossible choice.

Title: Suffocate, Virtual Season 2, Episode 10
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG
Summary: As a favor to one of John's Marine buddies, the brothers end up hunting a ghost that is haunting a small town. The tables are turned, allies become enemies, and soon Dean is literally buried in his work, Sam his only hope.

Title: Unseen Heroes, Virtual Season 2, Episode 18
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG
Summary: While taking a break from the action, the brothers run into what they believe to be a werewolf. However, this hunt may prove to be their hardest one yet, their anonymity as hunters being both a blessing and a curse.

Title: Midnight Clear
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Set in Season 3. It was written prior to the airing of A Very Supernatural Christmas so it's rather AU, now. When Dean and Sam encounter a coma-inducing witch it could be the answer to Sam's prayers...or the death of his brother this lonely yuletide season... Just who or what is Boz, and can she fix the unfixable? Written for VS Christmas, 2007

Co-written stories:

Title: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Co-written with sojourner84, set in Season 2 after All Hell Break's Loose 2. Still reeling from the revelation of Dean's deal, the brother's hunt down the Hell Gate demons. But one hunt sends them to a place where secrets kill, sins are punished, and Sam and Dean feel the impact of an ageless war.

Title: Devil Inside
Characters:Dean, Sam
Rating:: PG-13
Summary: Co-written with [info]sojourner84, Part of the Virtual Seasons Universe, Season 3. Dean and Sam uncover what appears at first blush to be the work of serial killers from the past.


( 28 Tall Tales — Tell Me A Story )
Feb. 10th, 2010 03:16 am (UTC)
Wow. A person could be in reading heaven for months! Very nice, two thumbs up!
Feb. 10th, 2010 04:23 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you. *blushes* I appreciate that coming from someone I admire so greatly. You got me into this chaos after all.
Apr. 15th, 2010 01:08 am (UTC)
oh i know where iam going to be [till the cows come home]
Apr. 15th, 2010 01:10 am (UTC)
*laughs with delight*

Now, that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day.

Hope you enjoy!

Mar. 13th, 2011 08:14 pm (UTC)
Where's your story "Closer"? The one novembersguest made a video for. I want to reread it.
Mar. 13th, 2011 08:26 pm (UTC)
Oh, she made a vid for the song "Closer."

I quoted the song in my one-shot, "Buried Secrets." I didn't have a story called "Closer" -- just the story I saw in my head when I heard that song and novembersguest indulged me.

The lyrics to the song seemed to fit the story I was writing when I drafted "Buried Secrets."

Here's the vid link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZqMSsW3CNw&feature=feedf_more

She does fabulous work, our NG.
Mar. 14th, 2011 01:47 am (UTC)
I love that video so much. I watch it frequently. No one else has done the side by side facial shots or driving shots like she did. And that song really speaks to me. Especially coupled with that vid. I thought it went really well wit your story and I want to reread that story. I couldn't remember the name of it. (obviously) duhhh
Thanks for the info. *hugs you close*

And yes, she does do fabulous work. I think she's one of the best vidders on YT. Can't wait to see what she makes next.
Mar. 14th, 2011 02:40 am (UTC)
I was thinking of doing a post of vids people have made for me (because I beg and plead) and/or for my stories. Just in case people have missed them -- these vidders tell very evocative stories.
May. 22nd, 2011 06:33 pm (UTC)
YOU ARE SO AMAZING. I just though I'd tell you that. I've read all of your stories, and I love each and everyone of them. *sigh* Now that I'm done re-reading everything for the second or third time, will you write another story? *flutters eyelashes* Pretty please?

You're so inspiring. I hope I'll be able to write a fic like yours someday.
May. 23rd, 2011 03:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for this -- you made me blush. :)

I'm very pleased you've enjoyed these stories enough to have read them multiple times.

I am working on a one-shot that I hope to have finished in the next week or so (RL deadlines for work have been ugly lately). And I have two more promised after that. Starting the first of the year, I hope to be able to write an post an AU to complete the Brenna Kavanagh storyline.

If you choose to read any of those, I would love to know your thoughts.

Thank you!

Nov. 15th, 2011 07:48 pm (UTC)
*claps hands* So much fic and so little time. Ah, what the heck. I didn't realize there was so much of yours that I haven't read. I'm both appalled and overjoyed. Yes! More stuff to read. You are by far my most favorite fan-fic author. You're right up there next to Stephen King and Clive Barker in my book. :D
Nov. 15th, 2011 08:02 pm (UTC)
I've had this up for awhile, but it was buried because I'm a bonehead and didn't think about setting the date.

I had someone ask me where they could find my stuff, so I thought I'd group it a bit and add the upcoming stories.

Eventually, I'm going to PDF these and post links for download, but that probably won't be for a bit. Unless I can get an assistant. LOL!

I hope you enjoy the ones you've not yet read. Some of these are only on ff.net, so you'll be linked there.

Thanks so much!
Nov. 15th, 2011 08:07 pm (UTC)
Assistant? Hmm ... would you mind if I give it a try? I was going to download every single one of them and turn them into Kindle format so I can read them on my Kindle whenever I want. It's not that hard to do the pdf-version as well. If you're okay with that, of course. :D

Hmm ... another idea. Would you mind if I posted copies on my website as well? Obviously with all the right credits and links etc. Apart from my own stuff, I have one by Quellfromage. Outstanding little tale called Godzilla. :)
Nov. 15th, 2011 08:08 pm (UTC)
Oooh -- you've intrigued me. Let's talk off-line about the PDF thing, can we? My email's in my profile.

And yes, I'd be honored if you posted copies and/or links to your website. Thank you so much for asking! :)
Apr. 15th, 2012 01:51 am (UTC)
He He - PDFs!!!
Hey Gaelic!
I forgot that you posted PDFs for your work! I found the posting again today and downloaded the lot!! I can't wait to read them all again and revisit some old favourites! Hope you guys are home now and that Mark got some good news at the Mayo.
Life has been crazy recently, so not much internet time - I do a lot of lurking these days, no time to post!! But, I often check by to see what you are up to! Let me know if you ever get a business trip to Canada!!
Apr. 16th, 2012 04:13 pm (UTC)
Re: He He - PDFs!!!
Yay!! PDFs!! :) This makes me happy. I hope you enjoy. I have more cover art done by Terry, but haven't gotten my rear in gear to get them attached to the stories. They're pretty cool, though. :)

Have fun reading and hope your crazy life gets a little less crazy in the near future!
Apr. 30th, 2012 07:38 am (UTC)
Words Aren't Enough...
I just wanted to let you know that every single one of your stories is a true masterpiece of wonderful originality, intriguing plot lines, and scarily perfect interpretation of each character.

I can honestly say that your stories are the BEST out there. You stay true to the essence of Supernatural while still maintaining your own style of writing. I am impressed beyond words!

Beautifully written, devilishly crafted, and emotionally gratifying... I absolutely cannot WAIT for your next adventure. Keep up the amazing work and know that we appreciate the bravery it takes to share your work.

I guess I'll just have to go back and reread all of your stories until you post your new ones.*sarcasm* Darn! ;)

Thank you again!
May. 2nd, 2012 06:36 pm (UTC)
Re: Words Aren't Enough...

Thank you so much for these kind words! I'm thrilled that you've enjoyed the stories and thank you for the gift of your comments.

I'm working on another story (Night of the Hunter) but real life has been a bit sketchy of late, not really allowing me the time I need to get chapters churned out, but I hope that when it's done, you have an opportunity to read and that you enjoy.

Thanks again for spending time with me! Hope you enjoy the re-reads. *grins*

Jan. 14th, 2013 05:02 pm (UTC)
Just a thank you

I haven't posted here before, but I wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying your stories and reviews of Supernatural. You can write, girl! You've nailed the characters' voices, and put them into some really interesting messes ( I mean, situations--). I hope you don't mind me lurking around--

I've just recently gotten started watching the show--I was a big Buffy/Firefly/anything Whedon fan when my kids were little and I was at home with them, used to watch the DVDs during naptimes. Then life got busier, I went back to work and back to school all while they were starting school, and TV went kinda low on my priority lists. Last summer, though, in the middle of my final exams, I started watching the show a little bit at a time, just as a personal reward. And honestly, I don't know if I've ever been bitten so hard by any show! Halfway through the first season, I was hooked, and when exams ended I got to have a few mini-marathons. I even got my husband into it during Season 2, and he's still watching with me--we're just over halfway through s7 now. (I admit, a big part of it is Dean/Jensen Ackles. I went from "Who is this guy?" to "He's pretty pretty and pretty funny" to "Where the hell has this man/hero been all my life?" by the beginning of s2.)

So, for the first time in my life, I wanted to dive a bit further in to the show than just what was available onscreen, and I started looking around the web at fanfic--let me tell you, it's hard not to get Spoiled pretty quick doing this! When I found your story, "Night of the Hunter" I was intrigued but had to set it aside until I got through s5 (read it now, and loved it!) But I found your LJ site through that story and was so thrilled to find all of your stuff set in previous seasons. And then I saw the reviews, which have become a regular stop for me, too. I like the fact that you appreciate the show and the characters, and still have a clear-eyed perspective to your rambles--you've helped me wrap my head around a few plot points and developments over the course of the story, and left me excited to find out what's next for the boys. We're almost caught up!

Sorry for the confessional nature of this post--it's just nice to know there are others out there who feel this story as deeply as I have over the past several months. I hope all is well with your family, and that you're able to keep up the great work!

Barb R.
Jan. 16th, 2013 03:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Just a thank you
Hi Barb --

I'm so honored that you took a moment to drop me this note! Thank you so much. I'm beyond thrilled that you've enjoyed the stories and the rambles. Writing these has fed the storyteller in me for about 7 years now.

I was much like you in my discovery of fanfiction. I'd never heard of it before 2006. I watched the first season of SPN as it aired and when it ended with that horrific semi-vs-Impala crash I needed MORE! LOL! So I did a search, found a few stories that captured my attention (primarily by ThruTerrysEyes and NovembersGuest) and wanted to try my hand at it.

I loved Buffy and Firefly as well, but it wasn't until Supernatural that I found myself truly relating to a show and it's characters -- most especially, Dean Winchester. He very quickly became my consummate broken hero. We shared some similar life situations - meaning, the oldest, raised siblings, idolized a father who never really seemed to return the favor, etc.

Breaking down the episodes directly after I watch them helps me think through the complexities of the show -- or lack thereof, in some cases -- so I am pleased you enjoy reading those as well.

Thanks for the gift of your comments and I hope to hear from you again in the future! :)
Jan. 26th, 2014 02:22 am (UTC)

I've been a long-time fan of your writing, and was thrilled to find your LJ with the links allowing fans to download copies of your stories for their e-readers. Thank you!

I was wondering if there was a downloadable version of "Sunday Bloody Sunday"? That's one of my favorite stories, and I haven't had luck finding a pdf of it.

Thanks for sharing your talent with us!
Jan. 27th, 2014 02:38 pm (UTC)
Re: lembas7
Hi there! Thanks so much for reaching out! I'm so pleased you are enjoying these stories. :)

Sunday Bloody Sunday was co-written by sojourner84, so I emailed her to see if she would mind if we made a PDF of our story available. The PDFs on my MediaFire site are the stories solely by me, and I wanted to check with her before I told you if I could create one for SBS and make it available.

I'll let you know what she says -- thanks so much for your interest! :)

Edited at 2014-01-27 02:38 pm (UTC)
Mar. 12th, 2014 01:07 pm (UTC)
Re: lembas7
Hi there -- Sojourner approved a PDF of the story. :) Now I just need the time to make it! I'll get to that after I finish my current story, From Yesterday. So...look for a PDF in a few months if you're still interested.

Apr. 15th, 2014 12:37 am (UTC)
That's so awesome! Thank you! I have been periodically checking back and am so thrilled to hear that. Please convey my thanks so Sojourner the next time you speak with her(?)

*happy dance*
Feb. 22nd, 2014 04:52 pm (UTC)
Hello, I read Supernatural fanfiction quite voraciously and it can be challenging to find well written stories. I'm sure a lot of us have those select few that we rely upon for that quality and you are on a rather short list for me. I really wanted to say that I appreciate all your hard work and having just downloaded all your stories wanted to send you my appreciation.

I find myself somewhat disillusioned by the actual show nowadays and love that I can read one of your stories and find all those qualities that caused me to fall in love with the Supernatural universe. Your stories are very well written and captures the relationship between the brothers perfectly in that the relationship isn't perfect.

Well I could go on but really I just wanted to say thank you and happy writing.
Feb. 24th, 2014 01:42 am (UTC)
Re: Appreciation
Thank you for taking the time to read, download, and leave me a note that you're enjoying these stories! I write to entertain and I'm thrilled that I'm hitting the mark with you! I thank you for your gift of appreciation and I hope that you continue to be entertained -- and that I hear from you again in the future!

Jul. 17th, 2015 03:36 am (UTC)
Just wanted to let you know that I have been bing reading your stories to get me through the summer. Someone suggested your name when I was asking for some good Supernatural stories and I am very happy she did. I have been up late trying to finish each story I start so I am a little sleep deprived. I love how you get into the minds of the boys. You do focus on Dean (I kind of favor Sam) but you try for a balance and stick with what I see as the true relationships between the brothers. I have printed out the titles of all of your SPN stories and have been checking them off as I read them. I just finished From Yesterday and could not stop reading. I was looking for a What If type story and love the relationships the boys were able to form in a "normal life." I am going to try to get caught up on your TV show reveiws as well. You are a talented writer and I am very happy I have found your stories. Thank you for sharing.
Jul. 20th, 2015 08:15 pm (UTC)
Hello there --

Thank you so much for your message! I'm thrilled that my stories have been able to entertain you, what a compliment that is! :)

I do focus on Dean, but one of the things that makes Dean the character I love is his brother...there is no Dean without Sam (and visa-versa) in my mind, so I'm glad that the depiction of both works for you.

I had been wanting to write "From Yesterday" for years but it took me a bit to work up the nerve to go AU. I was really pleased with the result and I'm so glad you enjoyed it as well!

I hope you continue reading; thank you again for the gift of your time and words.

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