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Anyone know anything about... units?

I secured a 2nd job, of sorts, writing "how-tos" for a company that provides the write-ups to Google. The first round of subjects center on storage units. My instructions are to do research, but make the write-ups unique (i.e., no direct copying from Wikipedia). I will admit that when the assignment first came my way, all I could think about was a painted devils trap on the floor, booby-trapped rock-salt entries, dusty soccer trophies, and cobweb-covered, sawed-off shotguns. But, there's unique and then there's unique... *grin*

Once I finish the first batch, I turn them in and if they're pleased, I can request more. They pay by the word (which, for me, would be made of awesome, but they also cap out the articles at 1500 words). I figured I'd do a few online searches to see what's currentout there right now, and interview a few peeps I know who actually work at and/or own storage unit facilities.

Anyway, as part of my research, I thought I'd see if anyone had input on:

Self Storage Basics:

 Why use self storage?

 Estimating the amount of space you need; choosing the right size unit

 Environmental/climate considerations

 Accessing your unit (compare outdoor, indoor units)

Does anyone work at a storage unit facility? Did anyone do research prior to using a storage unit? Any sites you found particularly helpful?
Any tips or techniques for storage units that you've been dying to share with someone?

I thank you in advance for any information you can provide.


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