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3.15: Stream of Consciousness Review...

 Uhh... wow. So, no storms tonight. No interruptions. No blinking. Not kidding. Here's the review for those that would like to read. But I'll warn you. I'm feeling a bit rambley. What? Yes, that's a word!

Um. Holy Crap. Seriously. I think *I* need a new heart...


First, I have to say now that the previews for next week literally sucked the air out of me. I don't know how I'm going to survive the summer. And I almost want to avoid all forums and boards and whatnot because of the speculation that will be flying around, but I know I'm weak...

Okay, I got to watch this "with" SJ this time round (via IM) and so I hope that I'm coherent in this. Seriously? One of the freakiest episodes I've experienced. I physically jumped twice, covered my face and peeked through my fingers once, and yelped once. Out loud.

The dude getting tossed in his trunk at the beginning gave me the creeps because I think about that happening and am always gripping my keys in my fingers with the pointy side out when I'm alone in a dark parking lot... y'know, cause THAT'S going to save me... And his stumbling into the ER all bloody?? EWW!!

I hadn't been spoiled for this episode -- except for previews, of course -- and I have to say I was suprised when the boys went to zombie as an explanation. I thought about that urban legend where you're knocked out and wake up in a tub with a kidney missing... which, we later find, happened. Anyway, I'm jumping around.

Boys torturing demon for information. It's about time! I mean, why didn't they do this before? Just trap a few of the ones in Jus In Bello and torture them until they gave up something? Even though, granted, it didn't work all that well. The whole "your mother... right before I bent her over..." Way to get raunchy, CW! I'm liking this backbone they're showing.

Okay, so I was big on the facial expressions in this one. Sam looked sad as he started to mumble the exorcism (and notice how Sam ALWAYS seems to do the exorcisms?), but Dean... guh, that pained expression of hopeless frustration as Sam sent the demon to hell... *heart hurts* There is something about this tight pull around the corners of his eye and the way his mouth flinches ever-so-slightly that tugs a whimper out of me no matter what.

Dean's "stripper suffocates dude with thighs" guess when Sam mentions article they read -- HA! Love that guy. But Sam looked... over-eager. He was barely holding back that he was up to something. He wanted his brother to follow along with this hunt so bad he was practically vibrating from it. And of course, Dean did because of the "hot zombie action" and Sam challenging him that he was all gung-ho on hunting.

From the beginning of the seaon, The Deal has been the elephant in the room, and at times it's walked around, and at times it's discussed, but it's never removed and I think the beginning of this episode they were dancing around the "do we try to live our normal lives as long as we can, or do we focus on the deal and nothing but the deal" conversation.

The light banter with the doc/coroner was nice: "No, we're very smart" "You done?" "Yeah, I think so"... HEE! The whole maggots "Dude, I'm eating" conversation had me giggling. That's such a brother thing to do. Sam's little laugh and grin when he said "lost your appetite?" Hee! Oh, but then the "baby I could never stay mad at you" comeback from Dean... *Gaelic melts into the floor*

The Dean-look alike jogger dude's death was just NASTY. That was the yelp aloud when the Doc CUT OUT HIS HEART. *shiver*

Oh -- and I can't remember his name and I really should look it up, but I won't take the time to do so because this is literally falling out of my head -- Doc Benton was the same slimy actor from the Untouchables that killed Mason, Sean Connery's character, and Elliott Ness pushed off the roof and onto his car... Moving on!

And YAY! We get a tiny little glimpse of Bobby! I hope he's in the finale more because... OMG... *flashes to previews again* Anyway, the mention of Johnny Walker Blue had me thinking I was going to like this Rufus guy.

Then begins what was probably the hardest scene to watch. I was literally rubbing my heart. Dean wanting to go after Bella because she had the Colt -- the only proven, tangible thing to combat demons. Sam wanting to stay and find out the secret of immortality. So desperate to have something to hold onto that could save his brother that he would resort to a supernatural method. Sam broke my heart with that need. Dean broke my heart with his drive to do what he thought was the right thing.

All I could think was that they were separating so close to the end of their time together... it left me gasping... I mean, what if... what if something had happened?? God, the possibilities were terrifying. Dean's "Sammy be careful" and the look on his face... *SOB*

Okay, when Dean was talking to the security camera on the porch, I kept thinking I knew the voice on the other end, and when Rufus opened the door I literally called out "Captain Fuller!!!" They've now had Penhall and Fuller from 21 Jump Street. Hee!! Who's next? Johnny Depp?? Anyway, the conversation between Dean and Rufus was fantastic. The way he got in with the scotch, finding out that Rufus knows a lot of stuff about a lot of people... That he knew about Dean's deal... that he knew the Colt wouldn't save him... The freaking looks on Dean's face. That boy's eyes killed me dead in that scene. I mean, how is it that they are so full and so empty at the same time?? People just don't do that...

The most telling lines, though, were Rufus' "Even if you get out of this, there will be something else... we all got it coming... what do you have to look forward to if you survive..."

And Dean. Saying. Nothing. *whimper*

I'm worried, people. I won't lie. I know we have a Season 4 and Kripke wants it to be about the brothers and their relationship and how they are dealing with the war and seriously? That's the only thing that keeps me calm when I think of the fate of our favorite boys...

I didn't get that whole thing about the ear... something about being as unique as fingerprints?? Didn't matter because the end result was Fuller--er, I mean Rufus-- showing Dean the file on Bella... I started my theories then. ;)

Sam and his rental cars... boy is all about the legal transportation these days. I had to chuckle when he checked the pulse of the first body with the BLOODY CHEST WOUND... and when he found the girl with the *gulp* maggots on her arm I started to kinda pull in on myself and when she woke up--JUMP!! Literally jerked all of my muscles...

Sam saving the girl was good -- but Doc Benton repositioning his head after Sammy ran him down?? GACK.

Okay, I know he hates her and really really wanted to kill her, but Dean slamming Bella against the wall kinda curled my toes a bit. Hush, I know. I'm bad. And when he whipped around like nobody's business and shot a hole in the door to stop her... holy crap. 'Course I had a fleeting thought that there had better not be anyone on the other side of that door... but STILL. Bad. Ass.

I was slightly bummed that the Colt was gone, but then thought it would have been a bit too easy... 'course when we find out the truth later I was amazed that Bella let herself be swayed by the almighty dollar and got rid of the Colt regardless of what the deal she made was in exchange for... she STILL could have used it... sigh.

Dean noticing that herby thingy had my head tickling and I will admit that at first I thought Bella was on the phone with Rufus when she said she knew where the boys were... I couldn't figure out who she was talking to. And the flashback? I figure, Daddy abused little Bella/Abby, Mommy let him, and thus, they had to die.

The fear in Dean's voice when he called Sam, told him he was right, the Colt was gone, and he was screwed... *whimper* It clashed so drastically with the hope and wonder in Sam's voice that a little Weird Science could really save his brother... it wouldn't be supernatural after all... oh, boys. I used to be sane. I really did. Until I met the Winchesters and now the way one word, one name is spoken my insides go to mush and I get all weepy.

Creepiest. Part. Ever. Was the doc taping Sam's eyes open with the whole "eternal life is high maintenance" line. My eyes were instantly burning. I remember an episode of Airwolf where the same thing happened to Hawke -- oh, and Conspiracy Theory! With Mel Gibson! Messing with the eyes makes me SQUIRM. And then when he leaned in with the ice cream scoop thingy... I covered my face and peeked through my fingers. Holy. Crap. That was just... ack.

Dean shooting the Doc to save his bro -- YAY!! So glad he heard Sammy struggling on the phone... whew!

And then begins heartbreaking conversation number 2. Sammy begging for time... But, Dean isn't willing to do just anything to get himself out of the deal. Black and white. Human or not human. And poor Sam peering back from the shadows of the curtain... you can see him wondering "what about me?" Dean doesn't know about the demon blood, but you know that's where Sam's mind went... and he wants so badly to save his brother -- but Dean's not willing to save his soul at the sacrifice of his humanity. And I gotta say, good. He wouldn't be Dean otherwise.

He's a rogue and a scoundrel, but of the two, Dean walks a straigher, narrower path than his brother. Sam sees the grays of the world -- lives comfortably in the hues. Dean, not so much. It is what it is for him, and gray is a hard thing to accept. Especially when it comes to how his life is going to play out.

The whole burying the doc "alive" with his book of secrets... CREEPY. Gave me the shudders... and I can't help but think that we may see more of the good Doctor in the coming seasons...

And then the truth comes out. I knew that when she got that motel receipt Bella would show up at the motel -- and I knew the boys had to have set her up somehow. I just didn't expect the deal. Though, it totally makes sense... and I'm glad it ended like that. Makes me wonder a bit about Sammy, though, that Lillith would change up the trade for the Colt to be killing Sam. She's REALLY afraid of Sam, or his influence, or his power. Even if that doesn't come into play to somehow save Dean (and I really do wonder if it will), it's going to come into play next season... they wouldn't have set up that whole demon blood and leader of the right winged demon faction and the Big Bad fears Kansas Boy storyline if they weren't going to do something with it.

Dean's point that if Bella had just come to them was so true, and Bella begging for help... after having set them up multiple times for death... I mean, seriously? *shakes head*

The memory of that little demon girl with the red eyes -- ACK! I wanted to feel sorry for Bella. I really did -- especially when she started to cry. But... nothing. I felt nothing but resignation when we heard the hell hounds howl. I did jump with the metal teeth chomp at the end. I was pulled in, man. So, Bella made a deal, and in her final moments finally told Dean something that he can use -- that Lillith holds Dean's contract.

Only, they don't have the Colt... and they have 3 weeks... and Dean won't go zombie to save himself... and Sam's desperate... and Dean's scared... and Gaelic is having trouble breathing. I think Rufus will come back to us next season. Oh, and I was spoiled on this a bit, but I had guessed awhile back that Lillith held Dean's contract. It just made sense how scared Ruby was of her.

One more week, guys. And then will begin a very long, very speculative, very fanfic-rich summer. Thanks for reading.



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