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Feels like the first time...

So, I'm here. On LiveJournal. A place that has had the power to strike fear into me since I first discovered fanfiction. I've wandered, I've browsed, I even perused a bit, but never lingered enough to actually create a page worth mentioning. But now... Well, now I think I'm ready.

I see I have a friend's page. I am happy to have you, you brave lot that associate yourselves with me. It's been fun wandering through your thoughts and posts.

As soon as I can figure it out, I intend to post my stories here as well. I'm not exactly technically savvy, so it could take awhile. I'm not even really sure what has compelled me to try this playing field at this stage of the game, except for perhaps validation. Loneliness pushed me to write. Fear challenged me to post. And now I'm here... so, we'll see if anything comes of it.

If anyone has any words of wisdom on getting the hang of posting stories, I'm a sponge. 

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