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Stream of Consciousness, Episode 5.19

What a ride. Seriously. No, no, seriously.

Quick shout-out to my gals sanderspleen and tuya_moon who lived all this time in the same city, enjoying the boys, and didn’t realize they were mutual fans. Look at that--SPN uniting friends once more. Hope you two had fun watching together tonight!


First? Just need to say that Muncie, IN, is my hometown. As in, when I say I’m going home for a visit? It’s to Muncie. I wonder how my uber-religious parents would feel about the fact that a pagan god vs Satan showdown apparently happened down the street from them! LOL!

I just had to say that really quickly. They’ve mentioned other places near and dear to me before—the most obvious being Lawrence, KS, where I live now, and Cicero, IN, the home of my first love—but nobody really even knows about Muncie, unless you’re a David Letterman fan and heard him mention Ball State University. So that was kinda cool. Hee.


I have a confession. I almost didn’t watch tonight. I KNOW! I feel shame. In addition to my regular full-time job, I’m working another project in the evenings and I also let my need to see my girlfriends win over and went to a wee bit o’book club tonight before leaving early to (supposedly) work on my 2nd project. But then…I managed to arrive home safely from the 20 minute drive and didn’t remember a single stop light or intersection along the way—and I know there are many—so I decided my brain needed a break.

And I needed our boys.

Oh, and speaking of our boys…something else that has been kicking around in my head since I read a comment on a different site. I am unapologetically a DeanGirl. That character gets to me in ways no other fictional character ever has. I find myself seeing the world so clearly through his eyes and understanding his motivations and assumed thought processes. I just identify with him. But that doesn’t mean I’m anti-Sam. I firmly believe that if you enjoy this show for what it truly is, you can’t not enjoy both characters.

I think that Sam’s character is extremely interesting and there are many times he breaks my heart or endears himself to me. I make the conscious effort in this ramble to look at things from both points of view, attempting to understand the why behind each brother’s thought process. I just wanted to say that I never intend to inadvertently slight anyone who reads by slighting of the character they gravitate toward.

If that makes any sense.

I appreciate each one of you who read and take the time to drop me a line, and I thoroughly enjoy reading your take on the episode and/or this ramble—even if it differs from my own.

OKAY! Now that my conscious is clear, let’s begin.

I’ve stopped watching the THEN’s. After the episode where they showed Lisa and I was watching for her the whole time, I decided they gave too much away in that, so…thank you DVR.

I’ve really enjoyed the ebb and flow of the focus the show has made on each character—going from each brother’s individual struggle with their apparent destiny, to their struggle to adjust to and reassess who they are to each other and how they fit into each other’s lives. We’ve had Sam-centric episodes and Dean-centric episodes, and then we’ve had ones like this where it’s the brothers united against a common enemy. Or two.

The episode’s focus wasn’t specifically on the brothers—though they were pivotal to the outcome. It was more on the Big Picture and the question of if this war we’ve been witnessing is just a small piece of a wider view, or if it is, indeed, the entire vista.

We’ve seen pagan gods before—A Very Supernatural Christmas comes to mind, with their fudging sacrifices and their fudging fingernail pulling, and let’s not forget Gabriel’s alter-ego, Loki. But I have to confess…I’m not well-read on the different gods. Unless they were Greek, I didn’t read much about them. This made for an interesting episode for me because I both had no preconceived notions and had no idea what to expect.

The opening was intriguing with its E.T.-esque plant slowly returning to life and the self-healing mirror. And the blood splatter from the death of the poor Security-Guard-turned-dinner was a portent of gore to come. But things got really interesting when the boys showed up at the same hotel we’d seen moments ago as abandoned and run-down, now revived to its former glory.

The boys stumble in, soaked to the bone from a rainstorm of apparent Biblical proportions. Aside? Dean soaking wet with his hair a bit longer than usual all spiky and stuff? Niiiice. *grins* They head up to the front desk, commenting on the nice digs and the front desk guy (whom we know is Up To No Good because he’s the same creepy dude in a tux that killed the Security Guard ) helpfully hands Dean a tissue as he notes that Dean has a shaving nick on his jaw. Hmmmm…curious, that.

They’re told there’s no coffee shop, but there is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Serving what? Guard ala Mode? Dean eyes the desert table hungrily, unable to decide between two pies. Oh! Another aside! I read an article the other day about Twin Peaks and realized I’d totally forgotten Agent Dale Cooper’s healthy appreciation for pie. Hee! Wonder if Dean's pastry vice was a play on that at all. Anyway, Dean picks a pie and on his way back to their table catches sight of a gorgeous lady of ethnic decent—Middle Eastern maybe? Indian? I wasn’t sure. He tries on a Joey-ish, “How you doin’?” and she totally shuts him down cold.


Sam’s texting something/someone when Dean sits down and there’s a nice little interlude of brotherly concern where Dean wants Sam to “unpucker” and relax. He’s worried that Sam hasn’t slept, that he’s going to burn out—and truth be told, Sam looks tired, ya’ll. He has luggage under his eyes and he looks as if it’s a conscious effort to keep from slouching down in his chair and resting his head on the table.

It’s Dean’s moment to reassure Sam that last week (or, y’know, whenever it was for them) wasn’t a fluke. He’s not giving up, but Sam’s no good to him unless he gets some rest. Dean thinks they might actually get a night off—they should appreciate it.

And then we get a shot of a severed hand in the kitchen. Gack.

After dinner (which after that hand shot…uck) the guys head up to their room and Dean gets giggly at a couple down the hall from them getting frisky outside their room. Sam’s like, “What are you, 12?” Dean replies that he’s young at heart. Hee. When you allow yourself to be, Dean. They head inside and Dean’s all, “SCORE! Porn on demand!” He proceeds to snag the chocolates from both pillows and act the age of his heart while Sam’s busy looking around, visibly worried.

Okay, here’s something I noticed. In a previous ramble—the one for Free To Be You And Me, I think, I yammered about how I’d seen that M. Night Shyamalan used the color red in his movies—like The Sixth Sense—to signify danger or Very Bad Things. I remember noticing in FTBYaM, Sam’s bedspread was red when Jess was in bed with him. And then in The End, the only thing that wasn’t muted tones or brilliant white were the red roses.

There are more examples, but you get the gist. So, when I saw the red bedspreads in their room, I was immediately with Sam in the worry zone. And I remembered that the pretty lady who’d shut Dean down so harshly was wearing a red top. I have no idea if it means anything but…I wanted to share this observation with ya’ll.

Moving on, the Giggle Couple in the next room are cranking up the frisky just as Sam wonders aloud why there’s a 4 Star Hotel on a No Star highway (which is true…Muncie is like the Mecca for…nothing). Just then the brick wall is pushed inward. That’s some rough sex! They boys break into the next room and find it empty with a mussed bed and a diamond ring on the floor.

When they head down to the front desk to report it, the Creepy Guy tells them the couple checked out. Mmmhmm. Grumbling that they just wanted one night off, was that too much to ask? Dean tells Sam to follow Mr. SuperFantastic Front Desk Man and he’d case the joint. They split up and search for clues resulting in Sam getting a thin razor cut of his own just after he loses Mr. SuperFantastic Front Desk Man and Dean…well, here’s where it gets really weird.

Dean’s roaming the halls with the EMF reader thingy and as he passes the opened door of a room, he sees and elephant in a towel out of the corner of his eye. You heard me. Puzzled, sure he’s high, he backs up and looks in to see a very large black man in a towel shouting that this “ain’t no peep show, man!”

(Close your door then, man!)

Dean’s WTF expression is priceless. I want to know how he does that. How do you look like you just saw an elephant in a towel turn into a big black man and have no idea what that means when you knew you were supposed to see an elephant in a towel turn into a big black man because you’d read the script? Good thing I’m not an actor. I’d bore ya’ll to tears.

Meanwhile, the Lady In Red from earlier is getting a necklace fastened by a handsome man she dubs as ‘sweet.’

“I hate sweet.”

Whoops. Next thing you know, Mr. SuperFantastic Front Desk Man comes into the room and literally zips across the room to the Lady In Red, handing her two vials of the boys’ blood.

“Thank you, Mercury.”


The boys come back together to compare notes and see that the lobby is empty and the front door is locked. Sam says he thinks they were led there based on the detour on I-90 (Really, writers? Do you not own a map? There is no I-90 anywhere near Muncie, IN) and the ‘hurricane’…rats in a maze. Curses! They head to the kitchen because…well, I’m honestly not sure why they went to the kitchen.

Seeing a bubbling bucket of red liquid, Dean mutters, “Please be tomato soup, please be tomato soup,” then lifts the ladle. Annnnnndddd…. EYEBALLS!!! Gaaack. They are in Motel Hell. A noise…or something…catches Sam’s attention and we’re all startled (because, seriously, did you NOT jump when the hand pounded on the freezer window??) by the frantic pounding of people trapped in a walk-in freezer.

Sam pulls out his lock pick tools and Dean ‘helpfully’ tells him to hurry up. Irritated, Sam looked over his shoulder at his brother.

“I’m going as fast as I,” his expression shifts to oh crap, “can.”

Dean: “There’s someone behind me, isn’t there?”

Here’s where it got both interesting and a little…over my head. The boys are hauled from the kitchen into the Grand Ballroom by two hitmen-looking gods and look around in stunned surprise at the room full of people.

I just wasn’t into the specific gods, really. I didn’t know who they were from history (go ahead, point and laugh, I read different books) and the boys were basically sidelined for a bit. The way the introduce the gods, though, was clever, and was aimed, I feel, toward people exactly like me. People who are like…yeah, okay, they’re gods which means scary, but what do they do exactly? We see people, then name tags, and then flashes from Bobby-type books of the gods and sketches of what their 'true form' must be. There was Ganesh, Odin, Kali (the destroyer), Baron Samedi, Mercury, and someone named…Balder? I didn’t quite catch him.

Next thing you know, Mercury is serving up Security Guard Au Jus and a spot light is shining on the boys proclaiming them to be the ‘guests of honor’… Not. Good. The brothers are forced to sit and listen as Balder hands out the god ground rules which basically boils down to no slaughtering each other and hands off the local virgins. My family thanks you.

Sam looks at his brother and in a low stage whisper says shakily, “Oh, we are soooo screwed.”

Understatement of the year.

Just a point of interest? The Grand Ballroom was decorated in red.

Apparently, the gods have gathered to discuss the Judeo-Christian apocalypse and how it affects them. They have two bargaining chips: Michael and Lucifer’s vessels. There’s a bit of a verbal battle between Odin and a Japanese god that I didn’t catch the name of and I thought it was a really interesting way to step back from this talon-like hold we’ve taken in the Bible and the Book of Revelation and how there is God, the angels, humans, and demons—who used to be humans until Hell burned out all of their humanity. We’ve been so focused on that ‘hierarchy’ that we have kinda lost sight that The Show introduced other baddies.

Well, I say we but that’s not being fair to you. I lost sight of it. This whole take that there are pagan gods out there who could give a rats ass about God and His angels and their fight over the humans and just want their destructively peaceful existence on Earth returned to normal…was extremely intriguing. As the gods are arguing, the boys try to sneak out, but Kali stops them with the drop of a chandelier.

Kali wants to fight—says the Archangels only understand violence and the only way this is going to end is in blood. Mercury wants to talk to them. Kali apparently does not appreciate Mercury’s point of view and pulls a Darth Vader on him, strangling him with her mind until suddenly...Gabriel shows up. He’s such a cutie. Hee.

Forgetting completely for a moment that the pagan gods would know the Undercover Archangel as ‘Loki’ and not Gabriel, Dean almost says his name before Gabe steals their voices. With his big Used Car Salesman approach, Gabe works the room and says he’s there to talk about the apocalypse, then ‘shazam’s’ the boys back to their room so that the “grown-ups can talk.”

Dean (stammering adorably): “Ok…did that…HOLY CRAP!”

Sam: “Tell me about it. By the way? Next time I say let’s keep driving, let’s keep driving.”

Dean: “Next time!”

Annnnnddd we have our Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid “Bolivia” moment! *LOVES* That had me grinning so big. Hee.

Next thing you know, though, Gabe is in the room with them. Though he’d been pressing them to “play their roles” the last time they met, this time? He wants to save them. He throws out a pop-culture reference and either I didn’t hear it correctly, or I’m really tired because I didn’t get it. “I’m the Costner to your Houston.”

Huh? ETA: Nevermind!! A couple early morning (for me, anyway) commenters helped me screw my head on straight. He was talking about The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Duh, Gaelic.

Anyway, what he meant was basically he was there to save their collective asses. There’s some back and forth chatter about “uber-boning” because Dean ain’t picking up what Gabe’s puttin’ down and wants to know why he suddenly cares. Gabe claims he doesn’t care, but he and Kali…kinda had a thing. And he doesn’t want the gods to take on Lucifer and get slaughtered. Sam wants to know if the gods have a chance against Lucifer, but Gabe’s like, “Really Bad Idea.” Lucifer would turn them into fingerpaint. SO, he has to resort to “the old black magic”—since Kali has the boys trapped by a blood spell.

Dean’s like, okay, fine, whatever, but “we’re taking the hors d’oeuvres in the freezer with us.” Dean basically blackmails Gabe because he knows that the “Legion of Doom” thinks Gabe is Loki.

Gabe: “I’ll take your voices.”

Dean: “We’ll write it down.”

Gabe: “I’ll cut off your hands.”

Dean: “People will want to know why we’re walking around without hands.”

Sam’s face cracked me up. He's going right along with his brother, very much yeah, what he said. It was priceless.

Gabe’s like FINE! And goes to get it on with Kali. Meanwhile, the other gods get hungry and grab an Elvis Costello look-alike from the freezer and drag him across the front desk. The boys press back against the wall out of sight and Dean tries to go forward, needing to save this man, but Sam grabs him and presses him back muttering a rushed, “It’s too late.”

Annnnddd…it’s a meat clever to the head. Gack.

Gabe’s doing his Archangel best to talk Kali out of fighting Lucifer and basically gives up, kissing her, seeing the blood vials and turns up the passion, pushing her back toward the dresser.

Back to the boys, Sam’s trying to pick the freezer lock. Here’s a question. When did Sam become the Designated Lock Picker? I remember he was carrying the tools in ELAC when they got to the Roadhouse, but Dean actually picked the lock. And then in Sam, Interrupted, the fact that Sam couldn’t pick the lock fast enough and the patient died was a point of tension between the two brothers. I just wonder why it seems both that Sam is picking the locks and Dean thinks he’s too slow.

Switch places if it’s such a big deal, guys.

But, as he’s watching Sam struggle with The World’s Most Stubborn Lock, Dean is picked up by a sumo-wrestler god and thrown across the room. The god then proceeds to lift Sam up by the neck. Yikes!

Gabe and Kali are macking and he almost gets the vials when she cuts him, too, telling him she knows who he is and that he’s now bound to her. For life.

Dean finds a wooden stake...somwhere in the kitchen (which is somewhat puzzling, because if they created this Motel Hell, why would the gods leave the one thing that could kill them--other than Lucifer--lying around in the kitchen?)...and stakes the sumo-wrestler god, saving Sam. Whew!

And then for THE most confusing moment of the episode…Ghostfacers. I was like, WTH?? Why are they there?? It literally took me until the whole thing was over to realize that I was seeing a commercial for the web show. *laughs at self*

So, yeah, no Ghostfacers in the episode. Just a very confused Gaelic.

The god henchmen haul the brothers back into the Grand Ballroom and shove them in chairs where Gabe is also waiting. Dean’s all, some rescue. Heh. Kali exposes Gabe as an Archangel to the rest of the gods, climbs onto Gabe's lap and pulls out his angel sword.

Oh, you know what I mean.

Gabe claims that he’s trying to save them; he knows his brother and “Lucifer should scare the crap out of you.”

Kali stands up holding the sword and gives a surprisingly moving speech about the sheer arrogance of Westerners. “Do you think you’re the only ones on Earth? Your God is not the only God. We were here first. If anyone gets to end this world…it’s me.”

Okay…again, I don’t know much about the story behind the pagan gods, but I don't know that I can get on board with her whole “we were here first” logic. I kinda hold with the thinking that nothing was here before God. Not even all the other religions. Now, if she meant they were here before people, then okay, I’m with her there. But here's the thing: I was mostly moved by the fact that she believed what she said so much—it didn’t matter if I believed it.

She looks at Gabe and says softly and genuinely, “I’m sorry.”

And then she stabs him. He goes all brilliant white as angels do, but I was VERY skeptical. First…what, so, anyone can go around killing angels these days? Even pagan gods? And it was just so…anti-climatic. Not only that? The fact that they kept talking with Gabe’s body all slack-jawed in the chair was just…disconcerting.

Kali thinks that this proves they can kill Lucifer. During all of this, the boys have sat off to the side looking tense and worried and Dean finally stands up, out of options and says he agrees with Kali. I mean why not, right? He’s killed an angel himself, so I can see why he’d believe that powerful beings like pagan gods could do it, too. Especially if he’s desperate enough. Maybe he thinks it’s the sword and not the one who wields it…*shrug*

He moves slowly to the front of the room, that sly, I’m totally pulling this out of my ass half-grin on his face, and says, “Any other day I’d be looking to kill you. But…desperate times. So, even though I’d like to slit your throats, you dicks, I’m gonna help you ice the devil. And then we can all go back to ganking each other like normal.”

*is reminded of a line in The Princess Bride: “You put down your rock and I put down my sword and we’ll try to kill each other like civilized people?”*

He tells them that he and Sam can bring Lucifer, but they have to let the other people go. Sam, poor guy, is meanwhile squirming in his chair, a look of incredulous disbelief on his face.

Dean: “We can take on the devil together, or you lame-ass bitches can eat me.”

Sam: *rolls eyes*

Dean: “Literally.”


Sooooo….the people are running from Motel Hell into the Muncie night and Dean’s making sure they all get far, far away when he hears a, Pssst! Dean! Act natural. Gabe is in the back seat of the Impala.

Dean: “I thought you were dead?!”

Gabe gave Kali a fake sword he made out of…Orange Slice cans, I think he said. Anyway, Dean asks for the real sword—or that Gabe grow some and come help. Gabe resists. Dean pushes, playing on the fact that the whole reason Gabe showed up in the first place was to stop the gods from calling out his brother, Lucifer.

Dean: “I see right through you…the smart-ass shell, the I could give a crap…takes one to know one. They aren’t your blood, but they are your family.”

Gabe: “They just stabbed me in the heart!”

Dean: “Maybe, but you still give a crap about them.”

Gabe: “I can’t kill my brother.” (Awww…)

Dean: “Can’t or won’t?”

Dean’s pretty cavalier about his dismissal of Gabe for not being able to do something Dean himself could never do. I know there’s plenty of justification involved with Gabe’s brother being Satan, but when you’re using protecting your family as a ploy to get someone to do something you need them to do, it’s probably not really fair to also scorn them for not being able to kill said family.

Sam is nervously telling Kali that in order to bring Lucifer there, he needs them to squeegee some stuff off his ribs. Kali says it would be easier to break them—but I doubt that would work. The brand would still be there, right? Broken or not? Oh, who knows. Hopefully, we don’t find out. Dean shows up and announces that the sword was fake and Gabe’s still alive.

Which is somewhat unfortunate timing because, well, Lucifer is there. Mercury called him. Y’know…so they could talk. They may have been dealing with an Archangel…but it’s The Worst One. The EVIL angel. Hellloooooo…the reason all the bad stuff happens in the world—to everyone and everything—is standing right in front of you, Mercury. Rotting vessel and all.

And he did look really nasty.

After informing Mercury that the pagan gods were worse than humans and demons both, Lucifer kills him. And then Odin, and then the elephant dude, and then Baron Samedi…by the time Lucifer’s done, the hotel hallway looks like something out of The Shining.

Sam feels him coming and he and Dean back away. Lucifer opens the doors to the Grand Ballroom, blandly greets the brothers, then kills Balder by shoving his hand into his chest. Kali lights up—literally. Like her arms start to burn and she throws a huge fire blast at Lucifer, knocking the boys back over the table away from the flames.

Of course the fire doesn’t affect Lucifer and he knocks Kali to the floor.

Sam checks to make sure Dean’s okay, but Gabe answers instead. “Better late than never.”

Gabe hands Dean something and tells him to “guard it with his life” then jumps up and power-knocks Lucifer away from Kali. He stands before Lucifer wielding his angel sword.

Gabe: “Luci…I’m home!”

BWAHHH! I love this guy. I’m really, really sorry to see him go. I think it was inevitable, but I’m still sorry. He was almost as fun to watch as Ash.

Gabe tells the boys to get Kali and get out—which they do. As they head to the Impala, Kali protests “riding in that thing,” but Dean’s like, shut up and get in, Princess, we just saved your pagan ass.

The angelic brother show-down isn’t Lucifer v Michael by any means, but it’s still meaningful and intriguing. Lucifer taunts Gabe for turning on him “over a girl” and Gabe? Man, Gabe just turns it up.

Gabe: “You’re my brother, and I love you, but you are a great big bag of dicks. Look at yourself! Boohoo! Daddy was mean to me so I’m gonna smash up all his toys. Play victim all you want. But you and I both know the truth: Dad loved you best. More than Michael, more than me. Then he brought the new baby home and you couldn’t handle it…threw a temper tantrum…it’s time to grow up.”

Gabe says he isn’t doing this for Michael…he was doing this…for us. For People. He is loyal to people because “Dad was right…they better than us.”

Lucifer practically snarls: “They are broken, flawed, abortions.”

Gabe: “Damn right. But a lot of them try to do better. To forgive. I’ve been riding the pine bench a long time, but I’m in the game now, and I’m on their side.”

What I loved about this? Was not that Gabe stood up to Lucifer. I mean, I did love that, yes, but ultimately it really didn’t do any good for Team Free Will. It’s not like Lucifer is going to think back on Gabe’s words and say, “Y’know what, he was right. All these millennia I’ve been wrong. The humans really aren’t that bad.”

Lucifer doesn’t give a crap. And that’s what made this whole scene perfect. They introduced Lucifer in the Show by playing on his seductive, deceptively gentle side—playing our sympathies. They then turned him into a misunderstood victim in this whole family drama. And then, his real side has been rubbed away and exposed. He’s vile. He’s evil. He’s everything humanity is not—even taking into account some of the human monsters we’ve seen.

And Gabe was able to turn away from him, declare his heart. Be true to himself—to who he really was. Not an Angel in “witness protection.” Not a pagan god. Not even an Archangel who simply doesn’t care. But one who made a choice—freely, of his own will—and chose our side of the field.

I really dug that.

Of course…it doesn’t save Gabe in the end. His trickster ways are guessed and Lucifer turns from the ‘image’ of Gabe he’d been talking to and stabs the ‘real’ Gabe that had crept up behind him whispering, “You learned all your tricks from me.”

Gabe truly dies then, the ashes of his wings spreading out majestically around him. *is sad*

I’m gonna miss you, Gabe. Trickster.

We get a Red Box Warning for Casa Erotica 13 and I was like…another commercial? But then the porn starts and we see that Sam and Dean are standing outside the Impala—sans Kali, so they ditched the god somewhere—watching a video on Sam’s laptop.

Sam: “Gabe wanted you to guard this with your life??”

They continue to watch as the porn plays on and suddenly, Juan Pablo de Gabe steps into the room complete with cheesy thick mustache.

Sam: “What the hell is going on?”

Gabe suddenly turns to the camera, rips off his mustache and says,” Sam, Dean…you’re probably wondering what the hell is going on.”

Basically…Gabe sketches out the plan for the final three episodes. Much like in Season 1 and the search for The Colt That Can Kill Anything Except The Devil, we get The Plan and the heroic music and I am pumped about this one. Gabe tells them that the cage that Lucifer was trapped in down in Hell is still there—and Lucifer doesn’t know this. IF—and this is a big if—they can somehow trick Lucifer and trap him in the cage again, then they don’t need to worry about the fact that there’s no way they’re going to be able to kill Lucifer now that Gabe’s dead.

Here’s the thing, though. To open the cage, they need four keys: the four rings from the horsemen. We get a quick flash (supplied for all those not paying attention at home, apparently) of them getting WAR and FAMINE’s ring. So…all they need is PESTILANCE and DEATH. Sam’s like, oh, is that all? But Dean is like, dude, we have A PLAN!! Atta boy. I’m all about having a plan! You have to have something to change, right?

They head off…in search of the rings…and my whole Sam/Frodo analogy in the comments of a previous ramble is hilariously coming back to haunt me.

But we’re not quite done, folks. Oh, no. In what was possibly THE MOST DISGUSTING five minutes ever on this show, Max Headroom shows up at a mini-mart gas station. I know, I know…the actor has a real name but he will always and forever be Max Headroom to me. He looks old, ya’ll, and he’s gunky and slimy and sick and sneezes snot ALL over the boxes and cold medicine he is purchasing as well as the nerdy little, fly-bothered clerk.


Seriously. Gross.

After spreading a hefty amount of germage at the mini-mart thing, he gets back into his little…Pinto. Grinning. Okay, WAR was a red Mustang, and PESTILANCE is a Pinto…what did FAMINE show up in? I thought he arrived in like a black limo-type-thing… Anyone?

Flies swarm up around him and we pan down to his license plate: SIKN TRD. *chuckles* Reminds me of the movie Jeepers Creepers and the baddie plate that read: BEATINU.

Max The Slimy PESTILANCE horseman drives off amid a swarm of flies…and the countdown begins!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy… It’s gonna drag us down a bit, isn’t it? I didn’t see previews—which is okay. I’ve learned it’s better for my un-spoiled brain to be TRULY unspoiled. But I am worried about a few of our players—there’s not many left. And there's still so many questions! Not the least of which is how did Dean kill an angel and where is the amulet??

I know we’ll see Cas again. My prediction is that he regains his faith in Dean (and therefore humanity) in time to do something heroic. I’m not sure what, but I think it would be great poetry if the human that caused him to question and search was the one that returned the true nature of his soul to him.

I’m worried about Bobby. I don’t know if they’ll let him make it through this.

And I almost don’t mind if they do give us a Butch and Sundance-type ending to carry us over into Season 6, since we know there’s a Season 6 with both brothers, and since, really, no one ever sees Butch and Sundance die. Remember—I said I ‘almost’ don’t mind.

We’ll see if I’m singing that tune come May 13th.

See ya next week! Thanks for reading.


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