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Stream of Consciousness, Episode 5.20



 I’m not sure what it is I’m feeling about this one.

I liked it—I like all of them for one reason or another, some reasons greater and more grounded, other reasons just because of the guys (re: Dean), full stop—but it left me with that stopped-reading-in-the-middle-of-a-paragraph feeling, y’know? I really feel like we’re not going to know WHAT to think until we see the finale rock us to a conclusion.

Because amyblair3  reminded me that they might could possibly play the only classic rock we could get this season in the THENs, I watched. This time, though, I don’t think they gave away too much of the actual story. Except for reminding us that the Croatoan virus is still very real and still very much planned to be used by the demons to turn the world into what we saw in 2014.

It also made me ponder how far we’ve come. I mean, Lordy, did it dig into anyone else how friggin’ young Sam looked in the brief clip with Jess from the Pilot? And then seeing the Sam-Of-Now? How the years of war and pain and death have worn on him.

Worn on him and bulked him the hell up. Yowza.

Okay, so…the beginning with the rats and monkeys in the lab and the demon-janitor injecting one of the lab techies with a “vaccine” made at Niveus Pharmaceuticals was kind of transparent to me. Pestilence spreads his mucus and with that the swine flu cases spike (70 cases in a day and a half in Somewhere, Nevada). The country gets scared, doctors call for a vaccine STAT, and ta-da! Niveus comes through! Only…instead of a vaccine for the swine flu, they inject the Croatoan virus and suddenly we have a reenactment of 28 Days Later complete with the red eyes and the ripping of flesh and the spewing of blood and the ewwww!

At least, that’s what I got out of the beginning. That and a grin out of our guys when they walked into the clinic wearing germ masks.

Dean: “I look like the King of Pop. Too soon? Too soon…”

*snicker* Oh, Dean...

When the doctor tells them how many cases of swine flu popped up in the last day and a half, they forget that they aren’t speaking telepathically, apparently, and say something about that being right around the same time the statues started crying—which is a nice aside that there is Much Apocalyptic Weirdness Afoot—and the doc hears them.

Doc: “Did you say…statues were crying?”

Dean: “No! Who would say that?! Crazy people! Which we’re not.”

Sam: hem-haw, deny deny deny (adorable)

Later, in the car, they’re on speaker phone with Bobby saying that it’s the 4th town Pestilence has hit with no discernable pattern. Bobby’s basically like…uh, yeah, head East.

In unison, the guys exclaim, “East?!”

Dean: “Bobby, we’re in West Nevada. Pretty much everything is East.”

Bobby has little sympathy. Heh. I kinda love it a little bit when he goes all gruff uncle on the both of them.

And without warning, Crowley is in the back seat of the car. I jumped, Dean swerves the Impala to the side of the road, and Sam pulls out the Demon Killing Knife to stab Crowley. Pretty much exactly in that order. Crowley, however, blinks out of there and is suddenly knocking on the side window. He wants to chat, you see.

The boys are out of the car with fire in their eyes. Sam lights him up about the Colt and how it very much DIDN’T work to kill Lucifer, then lays into him about how they lost good people on that suicide mission. *pauses a moment to miss Jo and Ellen* Crowley, however is not taking any of the blame for that—saying who they take on the ride is their own business. Well, of course he’s not going to take the blame.

He’s a demon. Hello!

However, he claims that the whole thing with the Colt not working was a mistake and he didn’t know and they’re in this together. Sam’s pretty much ‘my ass we are’ and lunges after him with the knife again (narrowly missing hitting Dean when Crowley blinks out of the way). Dean, interestingly enough, is simply standing there, watching Sam go nuts on this guy, but isn’t saying anything. I found that nicely reassuring; he knows Sam is angry, he allows him to be angry, and what’s more, he knows Sam can take care of himself.

Crowley has enough of the blinking away from Sam’s knife and asks Dean to, “Call your dog off, please.” Dean puts a hand on Sam’s arm and demands Crowley give him a good reason. Crowley says he can give them Pestilence. And suddenly…Dean’s listening. Which Sam cannot believe.

Sam: “Are you actually listening to this?! Are you friggin’ nuts?!”

Dean: “Shut up for a second.”

This is interesting to me. Because it’s the 2nd time Dean has been willing to trust Crowley. The gray area that he’d been so wary of for so long seems to now shadow him at the most interesting times. And even the fact that Crowley had given them the Colt and it had failed miserably doesn’t seem to impact Dean as much as it does Sam. Perhaps he sees the military tactic in the whole “enemy of my enemy is my friend” approach. Perhaps Sam’s being burned so deeply by Ruby (and used and abused by Azazeal) has soured him against any demon being somewhat possibly trustworthy.

But Dean spent 40 years in Hell. I think that would trump any gray area when it comes to trusting demons. What that shows me is how desperate, how thin on options Dean is feeling and how close to the edge of honestly and truly losing it Sam is. He was calm when he had to work on his brother. He figured out how to play that game to bring Dean back to him. When he had to be strong, opaque, he was. But now that Dean’s back with him, Sam’s crumbling. He’s slowly allowing that anger that is constantly humming just under the surface to take hold; it's curling its claws into his soul and it’s wearing him down. Not to sound unsympathetic, but I find that so interesting. Dean’s strength comes from Sam being with him. Sam’s, it seems, comes when he doesn’t have Dean to depend on.

This is just an observation. No harm, no foul and all that. Don’t stone me. I’m still waiting to see how it all plays out, ultimately.

Anyway…Mark Sheppard reminds me why I dig him, even though he always seems to play bad guys, as Crowley says that he still wants the Devil dead…the only problem is that now the Devil knows it. Dean’s like, we could give a rat’s ass.

Crowley: “They burned down my house! They ATE my tailor!”

Dean does that eye-roll-they-did-what-now-pause. *laugh* I love him. But…you knew that.

Crowley continues to have a hissy fit, then asks them to come with him. Dean’s gives him an awesomely impassible Bruce Willis in Die Hard stare and Crowley ups the ante with “you want the horsemen or not?”


Apparently deciding to go with him, the trio shows up at a run-down abandoned house with random spray-painted markings that apparently mean nothing because all manner of demonage ends up running amuck in it. Crowley is bemoaning the digs of his ‘life on the lamb’ and Dean’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah, out with it already.

Crowley knows about the horsemen because he’s been following the guys--spying on them. Sam calls bullshit because they have hexbags hiding them from demons (they do? How did I miss that?). Crowley says that last time they were with him, he had one of his henchmen bug the Impala with a ‘magic coin.’

*pauses to giggle at Show for a brief moment*

Crowley says he wants ‘in’ – he doesn’t know where Pestilence is, but he knows where they can find the “stable boy” who has their, um, itinerary, per se. All Crowley has to do is, essentially, sell sin to a demon.

And with that, we shift to Niveus Pharmaceutical’s board room where a bunch of suits are getting the riot act read to them by none other than Whitney Fordman! Okay, well, that’s who he was before Smallville killed off Jason Teague and got all manner of ridiculous. Hmm… random thought…wonder if that actor (whose name I can’t remember) and Jensen Ackles discussed their days as Lana’s before and after?

Moving on!

Whitney—er, um, Brady—is back in his office and one of the suits that dared argue back in the board room comes in to apologize and Brady promotes him to a role in communications, asking him if he was ready for the ‘cut-throat’ business of corporate executiveness just before he literally cuts the dude’s throat. Well, he had to have blood for his Demonic Blood Phone, ya’ll! And just like with the original Meg, we hear a one-sided conversation with what is obviously Pestilence by the flies that pop out of the Blood Phone. Seems Ol’ Mr. Snotty isn’t happy with Brady’s ‘best.’ He wants him to “do the best of someone else.”

Heh. Yeah, that’s sounds like a boss I had once.

Back at Crowley’s House Of Shame, the guys are loading up and Sam grumbles that it’s totally insane to listen to Crowley, to which Dean replies that he doesn’t disagree. And then he cocks his gun. Crowley shows up, but announces that Sam’s not coming.

C: “Because I don’t like you. I don’t trust you. And you keep trying to kill me.”

Sam is all, no friggin’ way is this happening without me. Crowley says he’s not asking Sam, he’s asking Dean. Dean just gives him The Stare and Sam’s like, so there. Crowley walks away with a ‘it’s your funeral’ type parting line…and Dean stops him.

Sam turns to face his brother and the expression on Dean’s face does this swift flood of is this right can I trust him what about Sam I can’t just leave him what if this is our only shot can I afford to not go I know I’m going to regret this… He says he’ll go.

Sam’s incredulity at Dean’s decision travels miles across his face. Dean pauses and half-turns, does that tongue-lip dart and without actually looking at Sam says, “What can I say…I believe the guy.”

Sam? Is. Not. Happy. He hangs out at the abandoned house, drinking Jack. Drinking a LOT of Jack. saberivojo ? If you’re reading…I thought of you. Don’t throw things at me. Sam’s on the phone with Bobby recounting what just happened and Bobby, God love him, says, “Maybe it’s time we go crazy.”

Yeah. When nothing you’ve always done is working, you gotta try something else, right? Just…y’know. Within limits. Like NOT what Sam segues to next. He wants to know how Bobby took back control when he was possessed and Meg told him to kill Dean. Bobby is understandably suspicious.

Sam: “Say we can open the cage…what if you guys lead the Devil to the edge…and I jump in.”

He says it with conviction, with heart. Thinking of how Bobby did that one act—shanking himself—to save Dean. All I could do was shake my head as I watched and listened. I mean, Sam himself was possessed. Yes, Meg used a binding link to lock herself into his body, but he has to know how next-to-impossible it is to take control. John did it for a half-second, long enough to save Dean from having his heart ripped from his chest and give Sam a chance to grab the Colt. Bobby did it for a half-second, too, but both of those were demons very much OTHER THAN Satan himself.

Bobby: “Are you idjits trying to kill me? We just got done talking your brother off the ledge and now you’re lining up to say yes??”

Gaelic: THANK YOU!

Sam says he isn’t going to do it unless they all agree…but I have to say I have a bad feeling. I don’t know that they would lay that groundwork this late in the game if they weren’t going to at least try to play that card. Even if Sam ultimately DOESN’T say yes, I think they’re trying to tell us something here about how it’s all going to go down in two weeks.

Either that or toss out a red herring…which I’m very much hoping for. They’ve been fighting so hard, all year, to find another way to defy a destiny that they’ve apparently been groomed for—and we’ve had so many almost-wins and hints of help from the ‘good’ side…I just would very much not like it to end with Sam making a sacrifice of this sort. Even if it were perceivably for the greater good…it would destroy him.

Even if he were able to take control, or somehow get rid of Satan and be in one piece afterward, he would never again be able to be fully human. And that’s my main problem with this whole idea of ‘sacrifice’ and saying yes. These two are our HUMAN heroes. Even if their bodies are returned to them (well, Dean’s body in any case…we haven’t been given any such promise from Lucifer), they would never again be truly human. And I don’t think I like that. I’ll basically decide to accept whatever they end up doing, of course, but any ‘saying yes’-ness from either of them will make me utterly, completely, sad.

Back to Bobby, though.

Bobby: “You can’t do it…what I did was one in a million. With some piss-ant demon. Not the Devil himself. Kid, it’s called possession for a reason.”

Sam: “I’m strong enough.”

Uh-huh. Sure you are, Sam. Who are you trying to convince by downing a gallon of whiskey as you have this conversation? You want to be. You aren’t. And I’m scared for you.

Bobby: “You ain’t.” (SEE??) “He’s gonna find every chink—fear, grief, anger. You’re not exactly Mr. Anger Management. How are you gonna control the Devil when you can’t control yourself?!”

Good point. I don’t know why I can’t really see my way around understanding Sam’s motivations. I do understand his anger—I think it’s justified. But he’s always somewhat foggy to me. *shrugs* Ah, well.

Meanwhile, Dean and Crowley are outside the pharma company, spying. Crowley says that the human shields are in the lobby; the demons are on the 12th floor. Dean’s all, I guess we’ll have to find a way in through the back.

Crowley: “You Winchester’s make everything so complicated.” And POOF.

Dean: Aw, crap.

He peers through the binoculars and sees Crowley behind the desk attendant guy, cutting his throat.

Dean: Crap…crap!!

The front door is open and Dean’s gaping at the two dead people and all the blood. He can’t seem to look away…seemingly shocked—SHOCKED—that Crowley killed him.

*ahem* He’s a demon. Hello!

Crowley puts Dean in an elevator and says he’s not coming with. It’s not safe, y’see, ‘cause there are demons up there. So, our boy is going up to a lair of demonage…alone. Yes, this is a great idea. *shakes head* At least he has the Demon Killing Knife.

Whitney—er, sorry, um BRADY—greets Dean, offers him a chair, they blather a bit about it being the 11th hour and all. And then Dean offers him the deal Crowley told Dean to offer him: the other two horsemen rings. Only, he says Brady has to come with him out of the Batcave to get them.

Brady’s all…yeah, here’s the thing. I could give a crap about the rings—they’re literally no good to him. What he wants? Is retribution. On Dean. BLAMMO! Next thing you know, Dean is flying through the doors of the office, face bloody, gasping for breath. Brady follows him out and starts kicking the ever-lovin’ crap out of him. Okay, after the beating he took from Cas and the way Brady is wailing on him, Dean has to have cracked ribs, internal bleeding, or at least some friggin’ SERIOUS bruising. That? Or he started wearing Kevlar because seriously. OUCH!

And then…right in the middle of the hour, during the commercial break, the CW played that “O’ Death” promo that has been on the web. I knew it was out there—couldn’t really get away from it on Facebook—but I hadn’t watched it yet. I kinda thought it was weird to shove right in the middle of the hour like that. *shrug* But then…the CW doesn’t really make a lot of sense anyway, does it?

Dean, blood running down his face, staggers into the elevator, grimacing and gasping, his whole body tense as he gets down to the lobby. He exits uber-cautiously, looking around and suddenly, Brady is right behind him, continuing the beat-down. *whimper*

Out of nowhere, Crowley shows up, puts a back marked with a devil’s trap over Brady’s head and whacks him in the head—repeatedly—with a crowbar. Yikes! Dean pushes himself painfully to his feet, and it’s amazing to me that lines of pain track down his face—as if he’s actually been kicked in the side. Repeatedly. Dean gasps that Brady didn’t want the rings—he wanted him.

Crowley’s like, yeah, went like clockwork. ‘Cause of course he knew this would happen. He set Dean up—and claimed that Dean’s look of surprise couldn't have been faked. Dean’s like, you son of a bitch! And his voice wavers a bit with pain and the sting of I should have known better.

Crowley: “That’s what you get working with a demon.”

I’m not even gonna say it...

Back in the Impala, Dean’s wiping the blood from his face and Crowley is carving something in Brady’s chest, locking him inside his “meatsuit.” He says they can’t go back to Sam, because Sam and Brady “have a history.”

Dean = pissed. He pulls over and demands answers. NICE.

Back at the abandoned house, Sam’s waiting. Fidgeting. Anxious. He hears the Impala, peeks out the window, bites his lip, then comes downstairs to face Crowley and asks where Dean is.

Crowley: “For the record, I’m against this.”

I love how Sam is able to literally turn his face into a question mark. It’s an expression uniquely his.

Crowley: “I begged Dean not to come back. We should be miles away from you.”

Basically, Dean told him where he could stick his opinion. Sam’s like heh, that’s what I’m talking about. And I have to agree—I loved the brother unity in this episode. Even if Dean did leave with Crowley, he was leaving on a mission, he wasn’t leaving Sam. And the unity came with a price at the end, but it was still there. And I hope it stays. I really, really hope it stays.

Crowley verbally pokes at Sam some more and tells him to go on and ruin their last, best hope. Sam goes into the other room and sees Dean tying a guy with a bag over his head to a chair sitting in the middle of a devil’s trap.

Dean: “Sam, I need you to stay on-mission. Focused. I’m doing this because I trust you.”

Gaelic: *tiny yay!*

Sam: “Trust me to what?”

Dean removes the bag and Sam’s all, Brady?!

Brady: “Brady hasn’t been Brady since middle of our sophomore year. You had a devil on your shoulder even back there. Now…let it all sink in.”

And sink in it does. Who this person had been to Sam…what he’d shared with this person…the impact this person had on Sam’s life…it all slammed into him in a heartbeat and his eyes shone with it while his face folding inward and he launched at Brady.

Sam: “You introduced me to Jess!”

Dean catches him and holds him back, shoving him into the other room and saying with pitch-perfect Big Brother Bravado, “That’s enough!” Sam wants him to get out of the way, but Dean says that there’s only one way to win, and it ain’t by killing that thing in there. Crowley passes them, saying something snarky that I didn’t catch and Dean focuses on his brother.

Dean: “We need Pestilence to get the Devil. And we need Brady to get Pestilence.”

Sam: “Why? Because Crowley says so? Because we trust him now? Like I trusted Ruby? Or like I trusted Brady back in school?”

Oh, Sammy…you poor kid. You never had a chance, neither of you. He makes a good point, but man, the game has shifted, hasn’t it? It’s almost not even possible to compare demon-trust situations. I mean, Sam trusted Ruby to the outcasting of his brother. This is them trusting a demon together. But even that doesn’t matter, does it? Because they’re both still demons, out for their own agenda’s. And Dean just got his ass handed to him because Crowley used him.

The thing I grab onto is that Dean is keeping his eyes up, focused on the objective: get the rings. Get the rings, trap the devil. Then his brother doesn’t have to die. Then nobody has to say ‘yes.’ Sam’s after the same objective, but like Bobby reminded us, his anger gets the best of him. Someone said once that Sam is proactive, Dean reactive. I agree to an extent. Except when it comes to having a clear mission. When Dean has a clear mission, he’s on it. Even when his emotions kick his legs out from under him. Sam can—and has—lose focus.

Not that I blame him.

Crowley has himself a little sit-down with Brady. He says, “When the Morning Star cleans house, we all get the mop.” Brady’s like, that doesn’t even make sense—he made us. Crowley points out that Luci? Is an angel. They? Are demons. You do the math. But Brady reveals that Lucifer is never going to let Crowley die. His suffering is going to be literally endless. However, Brady knows he is going to die regardless, so he’d rather die on the ‘winning’ side, thank you very much.

Crowley returns to find Dean sitting on a ragged couch drinking a beer and looking worn. He tells him to ‘get bent’ and then reveals that he’s going to go kick open a hive of demons since Brady isn’t giving in.

Crowley: “This whole bloody ring business better work.”

No kidding.

Dean kinda sags back against the couch, then goes in and splashes water on his face. Sam uses that moment to shut his brother in the bathroom and shove a chair under the handle. Part of me couldn’t help but think that if Dean REALLY wanted out of that room, a chair under a knob wouldn’t hold him. But…that could be my hero-worship kicking in. I will say, though, I liked that Dean’s protests included a “Sammy!” ‘Cause that’s just how I roll.

Sam walks into the room where Brady is tied up.

Brady: “Well…here we go. We doing last words? Or…no.”

Sam basically just stares Brady down, lets the demon do the talking while his eyes get smaller and smaller, his breathing gets more rapid and the literal hate in his expression gets darker and darker.

Brady reveals how he returned from Thanksgiving break all ‘messed up’…because it was the “new Brady.” He talked about how Sam spent so much time trying to get him back on the right track (aww…Sammy). That Azazel sent Brady back because they saw they were ‘losing’ Sam to a normal life…and Sam was the favorite, after all. He reveals that he was actually the one to kill Jess. That she was so hurt when he attacked because she thought he was their friend, too.

That is Sam’s final undoing. He goes all Incredible Hulk on the demon and cuts his neck with the Demon Killing Knife, but manages to rein in his fury and back off while Brady just laughs. I wasn’t sure. Was Sam just…testing himself? Trying to prove to himself that he could control his anger? Hmmmm…

Dean’s still pounding on the bathroom door when Sam comes back and is all, “All right, hey, all right. I’ll open it.”

Dean exits in a literal prowl—bow legs, rolling shoulders, furrowed brow, the works. God, I love the way he walks. He demands to know what happened, but Sam’s fine, and Brady’s still alive. And suddenly Crowley’s there.

C: “God, the day I’ve had.”

Dude…this guy cracks me up.

Crowley confronts Brady: “Good news: you’re going to live forever. I just massacred a bunch of demons, but left one toad alive. Told that toad that you left because you and I are Lovers In League Against Satan. Hello, Darling.”


C: “Something else we have in common apart from our torrid passion: self preservation. Where is Pestilence?”

And then…howling. Ya’ll? Those freakin’ Hellhounds creep me out. I don’t know if it’s because we saw them rip Dean to pieces…or if it’s because we can’t see them at all…or if it’s because I have a vivid imagination that does unkind things to me if I don’t keep it under control, but yeesh. I shivered when I heard that howl.

Brady, sounding utterly, genuinely scared (and almost human) says, “Oh, God, Crowley.”

Dean: “Was that a Hellhound?”

Incidentally? Dean has actually been KILLED by these things and Brady sounded more scared than he did. To me. Dean just sounded like, seriously??WTF, man?!

Apparently, one of the demons that Crowley killed managed to plant one of those magic coin tracking devices on him. Brady freaks out, telling them he’ll tell them anything if they get him out of there. Crowley flips the coin into Dean’s hand and POOFs out of there.

Sam: “I told you!”

Dean, totally sassy complete with the whooped-de-do lean-back-into-the-air posture: “Oh, well, good for you!”

Brady still wants the hell out. Dean bolts from the room and finds…a big box of table salt?? In abandoned house?? That was being used by a demon??? I’m just going to decide that it was in the supplies they brought (along with the Jack and the beer and the guns) and not sprain something finding the logic there.

Before he can grab the Miracle Box of Salt, though, the invisible Hellhound bursts through the window, sending glass everywhere and knocking the table across the room. Dean ducks the flying glass, then bolts for the other room, pulling the double doors closed and grabbing a shotgun and blasting several rounds toward where he thinks the Hellhound is before bellowing, “SAMMY!” *loves*

Sam is trying to untie Brady and just tosses one word at his brother: “Salt?”

Dean give him A Look – the tight, worried, focused, we got serious trouble, man look -- and reloads. Brady continues to plead to get out. Dean shouts at him to Shut Up while he backs away from…nothing. Suddenly, Crowley is there.

Dean: “You’re back?!”

Crowley: “I’m invested.”

And what’s more…he brought his own Hellhound. And it was bigger. I’ll go with it. The invisible hounds go at it, Dean dives out of the way, Sam gets Brady free, and they all run for the Impala with the sound of battling dogs emanating from the house. Whew!

Crowley: “I wager $1,000 my pup wins. Heh!”

He actually says ‘heh’!

Dean rolls his eyes and they peel out. Next thing you know, they’re in an alley, Brady handing a paper with the address/location of Pestilence to Crowley, who hands it to Dean. Brady has his back toward the alley wall. Sam? Is standing, facing Brady, an impassive look on his face, his hip cocked, his hands loose at his side. Dude, he looked Bad. Effin’. Ass. Much better than Evil!Sam. Wiped the floor with angsty!Sam. He looked like the hunter he was. I was impressed in that moment.

Brady tells Crowley that he screwed him for eternity, and Crowley’s like, yeah, I don’t think you’ve got that long. Dean puts down a line of salt on the other side of Sam (behind him) and he and Crowley trade looks of mutual distrust before Crowley POOFs away.

Brady: “What is this?”

Dean: “All these angels…all these demons…all these sons of bitches…they just don’t get it, do they Sammy?”

Sam: “No, they don’t, Dean.”

Dean: “Brady, we’re the ones you should be afraid of.”

Gaelic: *mini-squee at the way those lines rolled out*

Sam approaches Brady with the Demon Killing Knife. Okay, here? I was all manner of mixed emotions. I was like 70% yes mainly because Dean worked with Sam to set this up, and made it possible for his brother to extract his revenge, standing behind him—having his back. I was 20% uh-oh as I worried about what this might mean for Sam and his ever-fragile soul. And I was 10% hmmmm… as I watched Dean and wondered what this might mean for how he saw his brother as he watched Sam with actual pain registering in his eyes as he listened to the demon taunt Sam, watched Sam kill, and heard Sam’s flat reply before he walked to the Impala.

Brady tries his best to get to Sam, asking if this is going to make it all better.

Sam: “It’s a start.”

Brady: “blah, blah, blah…wasn’t all our fault…you’re the one that let us whisper in your ear…we’ve got the same stuff in our veins…deep down you’re just like us…maybe you hate us so much because you hate what you see when you look in the mirror…maybe the only difference between you and a demon is your Hell is right here.”

He could have saved his breath. Sam killed him anyway. And then he backed up, looked down at the empty body, and said in a flat, almost-dead voice, “Interesting theory.”

It’s also true, in a way. Sam’s hell is right here. Because, the way I see it, Sam’s hell is the fact that he was wrong—about himself—and he can’t always control himself and someone else has been in control of him in the past, manipulating him and his surroundings to do their bidding. I think it’s probably one of the main reasons he and his father always butted heads. Sam didn’t like that John was in charge; he didn’t agree with the way John did things and probably thought he could do better.

Where Dean was the ideal soldier, Sam was the ideal revolutionary. And the fact that he has a destiny that is to be the puppet for the ultimate evil?? Gah. Just…yeah. Hell. And while Dean’s self-loathing has been well-documented and spread out for the world to see, Sam’s not that much different. His pride is the mask he wears. He is too proud to let his guard down and expose how much he hates what he’s done and what he’s afraid of becoming. Well, most of the time anyway.

Makes me really, really wonder where they’re going to take these two in the next two episodes. lovinjackson  said that she’d heard they end the season at odds. I’ve not read that—mainly because I avoid spoilers like the plague—but I really hope that’s not the case. Because even though Dean had pain in his eyes as he watched his brother extract well-deserved revenge, he was there. With him. He had Sam’s back, just as Sam had Dean’s when he teetered on the Michael-Stupid ledge.

I really want them to keep that. In a way…I kinda need them to keep that.

And that brings us to Bobby. And my poor, bruised heart. Crowley visits just as Bobby is hanging up with Rufus (nice reminder that not EVERYONE out there that we knew/know is dead). They have an interesting exchange that makes me grin. The best being the moment Crowley tells Bobby he doesn’t know where Death is.

Bobby: “Then get off my property before I blast you so full of rock salt you crap margaritas.”

BWAHH!!! Oh, that’s priceless! *love*

Crowley says he knows a spell…but, well, it’s a bit embarrassing…because, you see he can get the location of Death, but…what it’s going to cost is…

Bobby’s soul.

Bobby’s counter is to blast Crowley with a shotgun.

C: “OW! Bloody hell!” LOL!

Crowley says he’ll give Bobby his soul back. It’s just a temporary loan. Just needs it to get the location of Death. The camera fades out on Bobby’s face as he is obviously considering the offer.

And you totally know he’s going to do it. Are you kidding? I mean, he’s run the gamut of sacrifice—paralyzing himself to save Dean, wanting to die, promising he won’t, suffering through the 2nd mercy-killing of his wife, searching searching searching for ways to stop this, to save the only family he has left. The only thing he has to live for is helping the boys find a way to stop the end of the world without dying themselves in the process. Losing either of them (again) would destroy Bobby.

That’s pretty much it for him. And if he can get them the location of the last ring by letting Crowley ‘borrow’ his soul? Yeah, he’s thinking about it. The question is…can he trust Crowley? He seems earnest enough about stopping the Devil, and he’s willing to protect his investment in Sam and Dean…but does that extend to Bobby?

*is worried* I reallllllyyyy wonder if Bobby’s going to make it out of this.

And I did watch the previews. And the dude that plays Death? Creeptastic, man. Seriously, those miss-matched eyes? Yipe. I wonder, though, is that it for Pestilence? One five minute snot montage and an address and now they only need Death’s ring? Hmmmm…. Guess we’ll find out in a week!

The countdown is on…

Thank you for reading.


Tags: stream of consciousness
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