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More zine action...

Agent with Style is getting a plethora of zines ready for MediaWest con in Lansing, MI, on May 21-26, 2008. 

I have a story called "Midnight Clear" that was the last solo story I wrote during my stint on the Virtual Seasons Team in one of the zines available there.


     From tears to joy and everything in between, Christmas with the Winchesters could *never* be considered ordinary.  These deftly-told tales will pull you into the lives of Sam and Dean, how they celebrate the holidays -- or not, as the case may be.  With surprises around every corner, you'll never want these stories to end!  In this issue, you'll find:

"Midnight Clear" by Gaelicspirit
     When Dean and Sam encounter a coma-inducing witch it could be the answer to Sam's prayers...or the death of his brother this lonely yuletide season...  Just who or what is Boz, and can she fix the unfixable?

Also in that zine are Christmas stories by Bayre, Supernaturalsam, Kittsbud, Irismay42, and Tree66. For more information, go to


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