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A Fanfic Blog Question for Ya'll....

Awhile back, I shared a link to a fanfiction blog created by mokibobolink. She's posted some really great fanfiction-centric entries such as, "Fanfiction: Your Dirty Little Secret?" as well as an exploration of the legalities of our hobby in, "Fanfiction: Is it Legal?" and also a series on getting and leaving reviews/comments including, "How to Leave Constructive Reviews" and "To Review or Not to Review."

She's had other fanfic writers publish 'guest posts' on her blog (Laine3112, an exceptional fanfic writer who focuses mainly on NCIS, was the most recent), and she's asked me if I'd like to submit a fanfic-centric guest post as well.

If I were to indulge my own penchant for waxing lyrical about this intriguing genre, what sort of topics would you guys like to see? I have thought about subjects like:

* Why we write/read fanfic
* Original characters: ally or enemy of a fanfic writer
* Betas: unsung heroes of fanfic
* The pull of original fiction over fanfic - is one a necessary evil? {input from deangirl1}
* Writing in multiple fandoms {input from deangirl1}
* Why do you stop writing/reading fic in a fandom (or at all)? {input from kimmer1227}
* What show trips your writing trigger and...why? {input from bardicvoice}

I wanted to reach out and see if there are any topics that you'd like to see further explored, and if so, what your thoughts are on those topics. I'll let you know what topic I decide upon and if Moki agrees that it would be a good article for her blog.

Thanks for your input!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Tuesday.
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