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These smilin' eyes are just a mirror for the sun....

I was going to post the first chapter of my next fic today, but then someone suggested I wait until after VanCon was over this weekend and start posting on Monday.

Since I was all set and ready to post something, I thought I'd do this meme. I got this fromlovinjackson who, in turn, got it fromficbitch82 . The questions below were posed to me bylovinjackson . 

*insert long suffering sigh* She knows how to stump me.

Here's how it works:
Leave me a comment by saying "Beam Me Up, Scotty!" I'll respond by asking you five completely random questions. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions. Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions. If you'd like to play, lemme know. No worries either way.

1. If you could meet one actor/Actress(That you haven’t met so far) who would it be?

I honestly never expected to meet any star. Ever. Period. Enter fandom (and one amyblair3) and I've now met a few. So...let's see. Since the question doesn't specify, I'm going to say this can include actor/actresses living or dead and I'm going to go with Gregory Peck. I'd love to know if the man matches the image in my mind. And I'd love to know what it was like for him to play Atticus Finch.

2. If you could sit down for coffee with one Author who would it be and what would you ask them?

I was going to say Harper Lee, but rather than stick with a To Kill A Mockingbird theme, I think instead I'll answer Stephen King. I'd ask him if how he blocks out critics and keeps his energy channeled into storytelling. I'd ask him if he ever dreams about his stories or writes about his dreams. And I think I'd also ask him what one thing he'd like people to remember about him when he's gone.

3. What episode of Supernatural in all of the five years speaks to you the most personally?

Gah, this one's a toughie. In five years there have been so many that hit me personally, in different ways for different aspects of my life. For the context of this question, I'll have to revert back to why I was originally drawn to the show, and more specifically the character of Dean Winchester. The way the character found his identity through what he did for and was to others: eldest son, good soldier, big brother, protector, guardian. In a much more vanilla way, I found my own past, my relationship with the siblings I raised, my troubled connection to my parents reflected in those actions.

So, I'd have to say that All Hell Breaks Loose, 2 would be the episode that spoke to me the most, personally. Having already lost his father--who was his general, his hero, and his compass in so many ways--Dean had narrowed his focus (perhaps subconsciously) to one purpose: Sam. And in losing that purpose, he lost himself.

Two scenes in that episode dig into me: Dean's quiet tears as he tells his brother's body what Sam had been like as a kid, and why Dean was the way he was, and the moment in Bobby's junkyard when Bobby confronts Dean about his deal and Dean says simply, "I couldn't let him die...he's m'brother."

Other episodes would go above that on my "favorite" list, but that episode is the one that crawled beneath my skin and made itself at home.

4. If you had the chance to meet someone from the past and warn them about something terrible that was going to happen, would you warn them despite the possible ramifications, or would you let time carry on?

These are the kinds of questions I hate. Because if you say no, then you're a horrible person because you let something terrible happen, but if you say yes then you allow for the risk that everything from that moment forward would be hit by the butterfly effect stemming from the change.

One thing I always think about, though, when confronted with a question like this 9/11. If there was really one person I could warn (and convince) that terrorists were going to hit my country in such a horrific manner and stop the planes from crashing into the towers, the Pentagon, and the field, would I do it? What would my country be like today if all of those people were still alive, if we never went to war in Iraq, if all those soldiers were still alive? I can barely fathom the differences -- who would be President today, would George Bush have led two terms, would we be in the middle of a 2nd recession....

Sometimes I wonder if some things are inevitable. What if by stopping one 'terrible thing' you inadvertently cause another? I think the only thing that would make me say 'yes, I would change things' is if I'd experienced a loss that I couldn't fathom. A loss that devastated me personally. I don't know that I could cavalierly say 'I'd let time carry on' if I'd felt such a loss. But then again, I also believe everything happens for a reason.

*sigh* I'm just going to go back to saying I hate questions like this. *laugh*

5. Name three things that have improved in your life since joining fandom.

My personal life: I became a mom, I started developing a balance in who I am to and with my husband, I found friends I wouldn't have otherwise met, and I began to connect to the world on levels I hadn't recognized as possible before.

My writing: I finished stories, I learned about pacing, voice, and characterization, I found my smile and my groove

My self-confidence: I realized that I could be more than just what I perceived others needed, I found that I could be good at something and accept that assessment from others, I learned that saying 'no' doesn't mean I'm letting someone down

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