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And the award for Worst Mom goes to...


Karma, to quote the movie "Sleepers," is a bitch with claws
I had a tough weekend with Mo Chuisle. I live in awe of single parents. I worked about 60 hours in a 4-day week, then hit the ground running after an almost-two-year old on Saturday and Sunday, and said to a friend that I thought about quitting this Mom Gig on Saturday. 

A moment of peace and a glass of wine changed my mind... but the damage had been done. Karma heard and decided to teach me a lesson...

On my hurried way out the door this Monday morning, I let her hold the car keys to quiet her down, and she pushed buttons while I buckled her into her car seat, then tossed the keys to the front seat. I was singing and jabbering with her, planning my day in my head, and shut the door.

With her in her seat.

Locked in the car.

With the keys.

The only thing that prevented me from full-on panicking was the fact that we were in our garage, in the shade. I called the hubby (an hour away in KC) and a locksmith (an hour away just because) and tried to break in with a coat hanger. I broke the hanger and resorted to trying to keep her calm while the hubby and the locksmith raced toward us. 

My heart broke as she cried for me, reached for me, cried for her pacifier (which she'd thrown on the floor), tried to escape her car seat, face red, hair clinging... I. suck.

The hubby beat the locksmith and I couldn't hold her tight enough. I got her cooled down and calmed down, got her to daycare, and then I  cried the whole way back to work. The amazing thing is, as I was late for a conference call, when I explained my lateness, I found out that I wasn't the first or only Mom to have done such a thing. Thank God.

But I still suck. Lessons learned: 

1) slow down, regardless of the fact that its Monday and I have meetings
2) do not give baby keys, no matter how many time she asks, screams, begs for them
3) hide extra beeper thing for car inside the house when/if this happens again

Whew. I need more coffee.
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