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Under the hood he wears a mask...

I'm on the second day of a mini road trip with Mo Chuisle. We headed down to see thruterryseyes  for the long holiday weekend, have some girl time, and give her papa a bit of a break. More on that later--once I get back and have survived the return trip. *grin*

What I wanted to tell you about (with as few spoilers as possible) was that Terry and I got to watch Batman: Under the Red Hood last night.

So, I'm not a fan of animation and/or comic books. Don't have anything against them, really, they just don't trip my trigger. I watch everything Disney and/or Pixar-related, of course, because I have a four-year-old, but outside of that...meh. I don't collect the Supernatural comics and found that my eyebrows barely flinched when they announced a Supernatural animation coming out. So, I was surprised to find myself genuinely impressed with this movie.

Of all the 'super heroes' Batman has long been my favorite. He fights crime as a human with human strength, endurance, resistance, and ingenuity. He's not an alien from another planet drawing strength from our sun. He wasn't affected by radiation or other mutating elements. And he doesn't have any don't hate me for being born this way powers. He's just a guy. Fighting crime. As best he can.

MIchael Keaton got me back in middle school with the first Batman movie. Those lips, man. I was turned off by Val Kilmer's version and simply rolled my eyes at the joke they made of the story when George Clooney donned the cape and mask. But then Christian Bale brought the dark back into the Dark Knight and I was once again engaged.

I haven't followed the comics, though, and didn't know anything about multiple sidekicks (there's a Robin and a Nightwing??), so as this story unrolled I was literally hanging on for the ride. We allllll know why I was watching: The Voice.

People, I can't say enough about how much I love watching Jensen Ackles work. I love how he is able to express entire scenes in a glance. Emotions of a paragraph are conveyed in a simple shift of his eyes. He really has ruined me for pretty much ever other actor out there. I wasn't prepared for the fact that his voice alone would be able to do the same.

He sounded a bit like Alec from Dark Angel might've sounded if we'd been allowed to watch his struggle to survive years after that flag was raised over Terminal City. He sounded different from Dean--which was awesome, honestly. Even when completely pissed off, Dean has never sounded as bitter as Red Hood. It was a completely separate character.

I was truly captured by the storyline of Red Hood, too. How he came to be. Who he was. And why he was. Didn't hurt that at one point he jumped into a muscle car to escape (*guh*) and at another point he was on a motorcycle. Niiiiice. When the big reveal goes down, the emotion between Red Hood and Batman really hit me. The history and the injustice and the heartbreak both felt about and because of each other was palpable.

There was humor, too. Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing cracked me up with his sarcastic wit on more than one occasion. I wish he'd been able to be in it more. And the Joker was a truly evil villian. But it was Red Hood that drove this story and if they used Jensen for another, I can easily say I'd watch it--animated or not.

Okay. Rest time is over. Time to walk to the park.

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