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TWO WEEKS!!! TWO WEEKS!!! *does happy dance*

I was going to post this next Friday because then it would only be one week until The Premiere...but next Friday I'll be in Indiana for my brother's wedding surrounded by family and the likelihood of getting a sane moment is slim to none (as those of you who've read my posts on my crazy family can attest to), so I thought, what the hell.


If anyone is interested, I'll continue to write the Stream of Consciousness rambling episode reviews. Those of you who have read them over the past seasons know what to expect, but as I've made some new friends this summer *grins* ... If you've never read them before, you will see that my heart belongs to Dean, but I try to look at things from Sam's POV as well. There is no 'bashing' of characters or writers or actors.

I will recap and review in one hit, most often starting immediately after the credits roll. You can expect a fair amount of emotion infused into the flow and more often than not, my personal impressions (mostly around family or being a mother or the oldest of five) are infused into my reactions. I don't do spoilers beyond the previews for the next week that they show at the end of the episode. And? They're rather long. Plus...there could be typos.

So, if you're cool with all of that, I'd love to have you read and share your thoughts in the comments. All are welcome -- doesn't matter if you agree with me or not. The most profound realizations come from ya'll's comments.

Now, to get us TOTALLY pumped up for The Premiere, I bring you two vids. The first is by the amazing lsketch42 who, I swear to you, can do no wrong. Everything this gal touches is gold. When I saw she'd made a Season 6 promo, I literally bounced. And as a spoilerphobe, I can assure you, it's spoiler-safe. :)

This one is by a vidder named TikiTyler9. I don't know this person and ran across this video by accident. I think it was rec'd to me on Facebook, actually. ANYWAY! It's an absolutely gorgeous recap of five seasons and made me all mushy and missing my favorite brothers like crazy. Enjoy!

Tags: stream of consciousness, supernatural
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