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New Comm: SPN Awards

Hi there.

I recently found out about a new comm: spn_award. The talent in this fandom has me in awe -- from fic writing, to vidding, to art, to the betas-we-can't-live-without, to those who watch the show and share their thoughts in various reviews and meta's.... There is a virtual treasure trove of awesomeness around us.

Since the mods asked to be pimped, I'm joining in the pimpage and letting anyone who wanders this way know that there's this comm, and that they will be posting a list of the awards you can nominate people for on October 15th. Nominations close October 31st and voting begins November 1st.

No worries if you're not into the awards thing. *smiles* But if you are, I thought I'd share.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Tags: fandom, fanfic, livejournal, thank you
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