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Stream of Consciousness, Episode 6.04

“Atticus was right. One time he said you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them. Just standing on the Radley porch was enough.” -- To Kill A Mockingbird

Congrats on a wonderful directorial debut, Jensen Ackles. I was thoroughly entertained. 

The first thing you should know is that I had a friend in town this weekend to watch with me, and I may have driven her half-crazy with my habitual talking at the TV. I come by it honest. My Dad yells at the coaches during basketball games. *grins*

I don’t know much about the different roles in TV and movie-making. How much sway the director has over the writer’s script, and so forth. But in one of the promos for this episode, I saw that Jensen said he just approached this new challenge in a way that he felt would make Kim Manners proud. I definitely think he accomplished that. And I thought the way this story came together, the pacing and the reveals and the shots we didn’t-quite-see were wonderfully done.

I absolutely loved it. I honestly didn’t even mind that we had less ‘pretty’ to look at because when they were onscreen, it mattered. And it was funny. And poignant. And we got to see things from a unique POV that we didn’t often get to see: Bobby’s.

I was really upset with Bobby before this episode. I still don’t quite understand his reasoning for keeping Dean in the dark about Sam. It was cruel and assumptive and, quite frankly, hurt worse than Sam’s keeping silent. Sam at least is…different. He went to Hell and was…changed, somehow. I am ticked at him, but there were things I can slide in to shore up the argument he handed Dean. His excuses disguised as reason.

But Bobby? That just hurt. He knew Dean looked at him like a father figure. That Dean had no one else in life to cling to and that he’d just about died trying to save his brother’s soul. He knew what Dean would be going through thinking Sam was in Hell because he (Bobby) had been there himself when Dean went to Hell. And yet, despite all that, he did what he thought was best for Dean—not what Dean would have wanted, necessarily, but what he thought would protect Dean.

Kinda like…a father.

So, I wasn’t really ready to forgive him for what Dean went through. And I still think that he’s got some explaining to do. Him and Sam, both. But…I’ve been humbled a little bit. And reminded clearly that things are tough all over. And that no one is spared hardship or heartache. No one.

I decided something, too, by the way. A friend over on the forum I visit mentioned how she wished she could go back to watching the show just for the pure enjoyment of watching the show and not be so aware of how ‘fandom’ would react to this or that. I agree. And so I am. My speculations may be waaaayyyy off-base, my squee about the show in general may be a bit too PollyAnnaish, and I may lean too far toward one brother because his story (and…everything else) just does something for me, but this show is fun, ya’ll. It’s not the same as it was before…but, then again? After nearly six years? Neither am I. *grins*

Okay, so skipping over the THEN’s, we see a news report of a major storm in Galveston, TX, with a news reporter (whom, I was told, was actually Jensen’s dad—is that right?) covering the mess that was left behind weather-wise after the Almost Armageddon. We’re told it’s one year ago and we’re at Bobby’s.

Bobby summons Crowley, who is his usual high-larious crotchety self. There’s some verbal exchange about “just saving the sodding world together,” and Bobby offers Crowley a drink—which the demon declines as Bobby’s rot gut isn’t up to his usual standard of Krieg. Basically, the pleasantries aside, Bobby wants his soul back. Obviously.

Crowley says he didn’t read his contract closely enough and BAM—insta-tattoo on Bobby’s arms. Ouch.

Crowley: Paragraph 18, sub-section B. It’s on your naughty bits.

Heh. Of course it is.

Apparently, Crowley only has to make “best efforts” to give Bobby’s soul back. Can’t say I’m surprise. I mean, the dude is a demon. Like he was really going to write a contract that gave Bobby his soul back after they iced Lucifer. Puh.Leeze.

He says Bobby has 10 years. Bobby traps Crowley with a glow-in-the-dark Devil’s Trap (cool!) but Crowley trumps him with pet Hellhounds (crap!). Lacking a better idea…Bobby lets him go.

Bobby: This ain’t over.

C: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Annnddd…Shattered Glass. Also? I just noticed the sound of the heartbeat with the glass. I can’t believe it took me four episodes to pick up on that. *bad Gaelic*

We’re in Kenosha, WI, and it’s present day. Through a clump of trees we see a bunch of kids playing on a playground…but just this side of those trees…is a gutted dead body with one Dean Winchester elbow deep in the bloody chest. Gack. Sam comes up and says he couldn’t pick up any EMF, but Dean says he found some weird claw.

He calls Bobby. The phone rings for a bit. Sam thinks maybe Bobby’s in the can. Not having Bobby answer right away is enough to draw a slightly worried, slightly irritated frown across Dean’s face. Bobby finally picks up and Dean rapid-fires him with the 411: 6 bodies, chests open, no EMF, no sulfur, nothing. He needs an ID ASAP on the baddie.

Bobby, wiping his hands on a towel, says he’s busy, but Dean presses for answers. Bobby relents and we have a montage that definitely makes it into my top five—right up there with the “Carry On Wayward Son” Road So Far montage, the “Simple Man” montage, and the “Back In Black” Impala Love montage—“The Gambler” Bobby’s Research montage

Made. Of. Win.

I loved it! It probably helped that literally last night, one of my best friends and I thoroughly weirded out our kiddos by singing as many of the Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits as we could remember for no particular reason.

The lyrics fit awesomely with what we were getting to see of Bobby working to help the boys out.

First, he starts looking in the thousands of books stacked around his house—nada. “Balls.” Then, he hops in his ancient Charger (it is a Charger, right?) and drives down the road past a pretty blonde neighbor with an adorable grin who waves at him. He gets to the Sioux City library, only to find it closed. “Balls.” He goes around back and breaks open a window, attempting to climb inside and ends up falling head-first through same said window. “Balls!” He gets back to his car (presumably with the info he needs) and his car won’t start. “BALLS!”

*is laughing*

He ends up popping No-Doze and mainlining coffee as he spends the next several hours looking through book after book after book after…well, you get the idea. Finally, by sunrise, he calls Dean with the answer. It was a masterful glimpse into the story behind the “I called Bobby” answers we see from the other side.

It did make me wonder, though, if Sam did the same thing during The Year. I mean, he was hunting with the Campbells, right? So, I wonder, even when he lit out on his own, did he call them? Or did he call Bobby? It’s more Dean’s ground to reach out to Bobby. To the man that stepped so easily and quickly (in Dean’s mind) into the empty hole left by John. I wonder if Bobby had kinda had a year off from this mad-search for answers as well, y’know?

It’s always been interesting to me, this relationship between Bobby and Dean. Dean isn’t the same hard-ass we met back in 2005. Saving people, hunting things…that drove him for a long time—even after he lost his dad. But losing his brother changed that. Losing his soul immediately after that…and then his life, and then any innocence he might’ve had, and then pretty much everything else that grounded him…it all wore down the hard edges and the man we see now is softer. He’s still as bad-ass as they come when he needs to be, and he’s still a fighter, but he’s more willing to expose his heart to certain people.

People like Bobby.

But that’s what intrigues me. Bobby has never really been exactly…gentle with Dean. Please correct me if I’m not remembering something, but…when he found out Dean sold his soul for Sam, Bobby (though visibly wrecked and heartbroken) gripped Dean’s face and said he could “throttle him.” He was angry that Dean had followed John’s footsteps in the whole sacrifice thing. When Dean was fed up with Sam and wanted to walk away, we got the “boo-hoo, Princess” speech. Yet…at the same time, Bobby stabbed himself to save Dean’s life. And on the heels of reaming Dean for, basically, giving up, he tells Dean that he is twice the man his father was.

It’s a rough love. Not tough love, exactly, but it’s rough. Just as John was with his son, so it seems. Dean sought in Bobby the same kind of rough display of love he’d always gotten from John to grip him and pull him back and give it to him straight.

It’s just…an interesting observation in an observationally interesting way. *wink*

Okay, so anyway, Bobby tells Dean (who is shoveling food in to his mouth) that they’re dealing with a Lamia—which apparently (before this) never leaves Greece—and the easiest way to kill it is with a silver knife blessed by a Padre.

Dean hangs up—he got what he needed and they had a baddie to knife. I was like, “Uh…you’re welcome, Dude.” Two seconds later, Bobby said the same thing.

*shakes head*

That deed done, Bobby heads downstairs to where he’s tied up a Cross-Roads Demon on top of a Devil’s Trap. He wants his soul back. Of course. She’s all coy with him. “Foreplay will get you more play.” *gonna have to remember that line* Gives him flack about his having to kill his wife. Twice.

Bobby wants Crowley’s real name. The CRD ain’t talking. So, he shows her a bag of…something. My friend watching it with me immediately guessed ‘bones.’ I have smart friends. *grins*

CRD: It won’t work. It’s a myth.

B: Then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

He dumps the contents of the bag into a basin thing and lights it up with a blow-torch. She begins to burn. He presses her for Crowley’s name and she finally shrieks out that Crowley is now the King of…Hell.


Wait, what? Whoa. THAT’S an interesting twist.

The doorbell rings and Bobby’s torture session is interrupted. Again. He goes up there and it’s the pretty blonde neighbor—Marcie. She’s baked him some ginger peach cobbler. Something (that I missed) catches her attention and Bobby shrugs it off saying it was a horror movie.

Marcie: I love scary movies. Have you seen Drag Me To Hell?

B: Trying to avoid it.

Hee! Marcie invites him to dinner, which Bobby awkwardly (and reluctantly) declines. So, nervously trying again, she says her wood chipper is broken and would he come by and fix it? He agrees, and I found myself thinking, I hope she’s real and not a demon or someone he has to kill.

Annnnyway, back in the Basement Of Demon Torment, Bobby starts to light up the CRD again and gets from her that Crowley’s real name is Fergus McLeod. She says they call him the “Lucky Leprechaun” behind his back. Bobby snarls that McLeod is Scottish and he is so disgusted that the CRD switched the Celtic heritages that he torches her.

No, not really.

But he still burns her bones and poof…no more CRD.

Next day (I guess) we see a map of Scotland where Bobby is apparently trying to narrow down where good ol’ Fergus might be buried (since the burning of CRD bones to kill them thing apparently isn’t a myth), but a curmudgeony hunter’s job is never done and his multiple fake phone lines are ringing off the hook.

Now, whether this is really a Day In The Life, or things are just crazy now because there is a surge of monsters and Heaven and Hell are both apparently in chaos, I’m not sure. But the bottom line was, Bobby was damn busy.

A hunter named Garth calls him with some intel about vamps that apparently doesn’t sound “right” and Bobby tells him to call the FBI. Another phone rings.

B: Willis, FBI. No, not me, the REAL FBI. How are you still alive?!


Midst all this, there’s a knock at the door and Bobby opens it to see Rufus on the other side asking him to help bury a body. Seriously, the things this dude deals with. They give each other the appropriate amount of sh*t as they head out to Rufus’ truck and see a body of an Asian woman in the back—something called an Ocami. And yes, I’m aware I’m probably butchering the spelling of these baddies, but I’m writing this too fast to look them up.

B: Only time I ever saw one of these was in Japan.

Huh—so, that’s why Bobby knows how to speak Japanese. He’s been there!

The hunters have a minor WTF moment when Bobby shares that Dean and Sam are hunting a Lamia and it usually never leaves Greece. (Tiny aside…Rufus didn’t react to Bobby’s mention of Sam, so either he didn’t know what went down at Stull, or he also knew Sam was back. Hmm.)

B: Is it me, or are the monsters more lately….

R: Yeah. Weird. So, you got a shovel?

Love it. Get right down to business.

But, this also helps weave in the arch thread that the Big Bad we’re dealing with (aside from the fact that Raphael wants Apocalypse 2 and, we find out later, the demons are behaving badly in Hell) is a bunch of rogue monsters. Which seems like an oxymoron. The whole Alpha Shapeshifter thing is going to come back, I’m sure. Not the Shapeshift itself, but the concept of the Alpha.

I think that’s why monsters are leaving their territories and running amuck. All the Big Daddies are back in the game.

Bobby gets a backhoe and digs a wicked deep hole while Rufus looks on, grinning. “I know what I want for Hanukah.”


They bury the body and Bobby tells Rufus about Crowley aka Fergus McLeod and we find out the Rufus knows his Scotch. Not only that, but he has contacts in Scotland. Bobby insists that he isn’t asking for help. Rufus counters that he wasn’t asking for permission.

And this is the crux of a good amount of our angst right here, folks: asking for help, and admitting that you need it.

That and a serious failure to communicate.

So far, Dean’s really the only one even attempting to ask for help. Sam is in denial that anything is wrong with him, it seems. I mean, yes, he admitted that he was different but he’s also insisting that he’s okay. Which, clearly, he’s not. And Bobby has been apparently spending a year trying to do the same job he’s always done while simultaneously attempting to get his soul back. No one is telling anyone else that they’re drowning. No one is waving a hand.

And the sad part is, every single one of them would be there for the other in an instant (as was proved with tonight’s episode) if they just asked. I mean, sure, you could argue that the other party didn’t investigate. Dean and Sam knew Bobby’s soul was sold in exchange for Death’s location. But as far as they knew, Crowley was going to give it back, and they were both dealing with some pretty heavy stuff, too.

It just comes back to standing in someone else’s life—even for just one moment—and realizing what they’re seeing, what they’re living through, and understanding that no matter how much pain you’re in, there’s someone else drowning beside you.

Body buried, Bobby is back inside when one of his phones ring. He picks it up and it’s Dean—full-on frantic, no sh*t voice.

D: What’s another way to kill a Lamia?

Obvious sounds of a struggle are around and behind him. Apparently the blessed blade didn’t quite do the trick. Bobby is searching frantically through his house for something to help the boys. Meanwhile, back wherever Dean is, Sam is getting his ass kicked. Bobby tells Dean to get some salt and rosemary (they’re in a house, apparently). Bobby’s doorbell rings and it’s the FBI with Sheriff Mills next to him.

On Dean’s side of the phone, Sam is getting thrown across the room and Dean bellows at Bobby who tells him to sauté the salt and rosemary over high-heat. Dean throws the mixture at some shadow we don’t see—but don’t have to…we hear the hurryhurryhurry in Dean’s voice and we see Sam crumpled in a corner. Dean kicks aside a stove and rips the gas line out of the back.

D: Fire in the hole!

Dean lights up the gas line and torches the salt-and-rosemary-covered Lamia while Bobby is dealing with the sheriff and FBI in his kitchen.

B: Okay, good. Enjoy the roast, Mom.

And can I just say? Dean + Homemade Flame Thrower = Love. That is all.

FBI dude shows Bobby a sketch of Rufus (aka Luther Vandrose, aka Rubin Stoddard) and said that there were reports of him showing up at Bobby’s with a body. A slight pissing contest ensues between Bobby and the FBI dude and Sheriff Mills steps in and tells them to put the rulers away and zip up. She manages to get the FBI guy to go outside while she “looks into it” since she’s been arresting Bobby for about 10 years now. Hee.

FBI guy leaves and Bobby’s all, what’d you do that for? He has a body in the basement, but he also has a body buried outside.

Sheriff Mills: Dammit.

Checks, and FBI guy isn’t out on the porch.

Bobby: Balls.

That might be my new favorite word.

They head out to the back and find an empty hole in the ground—which Bobby covers smoothly as a blown septic tank. Good thinking.

The law folks leave and Bobby’s on the horn with Rufus about the Ocami escaping from its grave. Rufus is two states away, though, and not much help. There’s a bit of a disagreement about the number of times you have to stab the Ocami to kill it—clearly, it’s 7—and Rufus says it was feeding on single white females while they slept when he caught it.

Gah! Marcie!

In true horror-show fashion, pretty Marcie is getting ready for bed, all peaceful-looking in her white nightgown, innocently moving around her house closing windows and ruffling her hair when BAM! Bobby breaks in holding a shotgun and demands to know where her bedroom was.

Yeah…I kinda think he shot any real chance he had with her in that moment.

She points the direction—pretty much in shock—and he heads in there, looking under the bed, then turning around and asking her if she’d seen anything weird.

M: You mean, besides you?

And then…her eyes widen and she looks over Bobby’s shoulder and…the effin’ thing is on the freakin’ CEILING.

Great. I’m never going to sleep tonight.

A tiny, sharp-toothed, Asian female dives from the corner of Marcie’s bedroom ceiling onto Bobby and knocks him through a window, following him out. A fight ensues. Marcie runs out flailing and helpfully telling Bobby to watch out. In the struggle, Bobby hits the ‘go’ button on Marcie’s (rather massive) wood chipper and for a moment it looks like the trucker hat was going to get it, but Bobby is able to twist and fling the Ocami into the chipper and…eewwww….

Tons. Of. Blood.

Poor Marcie is standing there, literally covered in blood.

B: I thought you said your wood chipper was broken.

M (sounding utterly tiny and pathetic): I just said that to get you over here.

Poor Marcie!

B: I guess I can come over for dinner some night.

M: I…don’t think so.

Poor Bobby!

Next thing we know, Bobby’s talking to Rufus who seems somewhat surprised that Bobby is alive.

R: You just happened to have a bamboo dagger blessed by a Shinto priest lying around.

Dude…I wouldn’t put anything past Bobby.

B: Wood chipper.

R: Okey-dokey. Wood chipper. That pretty much trumps…everything.

HA! He said Okey-dokey. Guess he’s…okey-dokey.

Rufus tells Bobby that he got a lead on McLeod—Fergus Roderick McLeod, to be exact. Born in Scotland in 1661. And he had a son named Gavin who went down in a shipwreck, but whose signet ring is in a museum in Massachusetts. Rufus guesses that Bobby’s thinking of a hostage exchange, but the way Bobby replies, “Something like that,” you totally knew he had something else planned.

Later that night, Bobby’s attempting to eat Marcie’s ginger-peach cobbler and the phone rings. The caller ID says John P. Jones. I love that they get little bits of Led Zeppelin in there even if they don’t have the budget for the actual music.

B: Dean, you okay?

D: Lamia grilled up fine.

B: I sense a ‘but’ coming on.

D: It’s Sam.

We can see Sam outside the motel room on the phone—I’m guessing with Gramps.

D: He’s different. I get that going through something like that changes you, but…I got a few questions about that year—

Bobby’s phone clicks and he says has to get it, it’s important, his click over an answer to Dean’s, “more important than Sam” question. For Dean, even after all of this, nothing is more important than Sam. Sometimes…when you’re neck deep in your own pain and wrapped in your own fear, it’s hard to see a clear path through to what anyone else might be dealing with.

Anyway, it’s Rufus on the other end and he’s got the ring…but he’s also got the cops on his tail. To keep the ring safe, he swallows it. Gack. Sighing, tired, scared, and more than worn down, Bobby clicks back over to Dean who has grown increasingly irritated at being put on hold when his head is full of questions, his heart is tight with worry, and he’s still walking wounded from his brother and his father-figure keeping him in the dark for so long.

D: Bobby, what the hell?

B: Sorry…

D: You are the one person I can talk to about Sam and having to leave Lisa…I don’t know which way is up right now.

His voice cracks with the last, showing how real this is for him.

B: Son, I know you’re hurting, but this is a really a bad time.

D (too calm and with a hefty layer of attitude): I’m baring my soul like a feakin’ girl. And you’ve got other things to do. It’s fine. Seriously, though, a little selfish.

Eee…yeah, I know. I said it, too. About both Bobby and Sam. And I meant it. But…then I saw the world through Bobby’s eyes. And I was, as I said, humbled a bit. I needed to stand on his porch. Doesn’t mean I let him off the hook—I still want that whole year thing address and thoroughly, but…okay, maybe I get it.

Life’s tough all over.

Bobby demands that Dean get Sam inside and Dean puts Bobby on speaker phone. The amazing thing is (to me) that these two adult men sit and listen and allow themselves to be totally reamed out by their friend—Sam, probably having no clue where this is coming from, since he didn’t hear the call from Dean that triggered it. They sit, they take it, they react the best way possible—with action. To me, that says a lot not only about them, but about who Bobby is to them.

B: I love you boys like my own sons, but sometimes…you two are the whiniest, most self-absorbed sonsabitches. I do everything for you. You call me, and I come through. Every time. I know you got issues—but you ain’t the center of the universe. How ‘bout you two sack up and help me for once?!

You know, I heard him. I did. I was irritated with Dean for not saying ‘thanks’ when he got the Lamia intel (though, he’s said it many times before). I was worn out watching Bobby move through the days. And even before all of this End of the World Big stuff, I found myself wondering if the boys ever called to just check in, or if they only called if they needed something.

But, on the flipside? Bobby never told the boys what he was going through. And he never called them for help. Not only that, but they’ve done plenty to help Bobby—dreamroot anyone? How about zombie hordes attacking?

It’s a two-way street and apparently everyone’s entitled to a frustrated, whiney, hissy fit when they’ve reached their limit and are swinging from the end of their rope. Even curmudgeony hunters.

Sam looks baffled, Dean chagrined. Not only that, but Bobby mentioned something in his rant about calling him to talk about each other, and both of them flinched. Dean looked embarrassed at being caught, Sam…I couldn’t tell. I kinda hope he called Bobby during The Year to talk about Dean, for some reason.

Sam: Bobby, all you had to do was ask.

Dean: Anything you need, we’re there.

*rubs hands* ‘At’s right. It’s on.

Next day(ish) Bobby meets Sheriff Mills on a bridge (that looked way too Vancouverish to have been in South Dakota, but what can you do) and asks for a favor—he needs her to extradite Rufus from Massachusetts back here on a charge of murder. Mills is basically, dude, I could totally lose my job for this—would like to help you, but can’t.

Which is tough to hear because Bobby actually asked for help. Used the ‘h’ word and all. However, next thing you know, he’s sitting in his kitchen sipping his rot gut and Mills shows up—with Rufus.

B: How did you—

Mills: Don’t ask. You got one hour. I lose my job for this, I’m taking it out of your ass.

Bobby turns to Rufus. Speaking of taking it out of your ass…. *ahem*

Rufus has the ring (which Bobby puts in boiling water). Next thing you know, we see Bobby using a summoning ritual with the ring and brings water-logged Gavin McLeod into his kitchen for a little chat about Daddy. Later still, Bobby’s back down in the Basement of Demon Torment and is summoning Crowley, trapping him in a Devil’s Trap.

Crowley spends a little time whining about how being the King of Hell wasn’t the rainbows and two-headed puppies he thought it would be and that the problem with demons is…they’re demons—evil, lying prats that are too stupid to learn a better way when it’s shown to them. He decides to (hilariously, I might add) cut to the chase with why Bobby summoned him—corn-pone insult followed by a witty retort….

It’s all glossed over because we’re focused on Bobby getting his soul back, but I gotta wonder about this new regime in Hell. And what it’s going to mean about the ruckus on Earth. And how the Civil War in Heaven plays into all of that. *ponders*

Bobby reveals Gavin and Crowley lays it on thick with the “Oh, Son!” The music adds to the moment, I might add. Obviously, though, Gavin was not the apple of his Daddy’s eye. They hate each other, in fact. So much so that Gavin told Bobby “everything.”

B: I know it all, Fergus.

Apparently, our boy Crowley sold his soul for an extra three inches below the belt. Men. I will never understand them.

Not only that—Bobby knows where he’s buried. He picks up the phone, dials, and hands it to Crowley. It’s Dean. And they’re in Scotland. I KNOW! I was all…bu-bu-bu…did Dean fly?? Go by Angel Taxi?? HOW ARE THEY IN SCOTLAND?!?!

Dean and Sam are standing over Crowley’s dug-up grave, the demon’s bones at their feet with the very real threat of torching them.

Bobby says something rather poignant about demons just being spirits—not as special as they thought they were—but I missed it because I was still all Dean is in Scotland?!?

D: You hear that, Crowley? I’m flicking my Bic for you.


Crowley attempts to hold out, but with a frustrated, “Bullox!” he returns Bobby’s soul—keeping the legs in the mix, thank goodness. Bobby lets him go, and Crowley shows up at his grave to gather his bones. Y’know…you’d think that if that really was a real problem, he might’ve thought to protect his bones a long time ago. But…whatever, I’ll go with it.

Dean threatens to torch the bones anyway, but Sam stops him.

S: He’s a dick…but a deal’s a deal.

Hmmm…so, you’ll let Cas torture a kid for intel, but you’re okay maintaining a deal with the new King of Hell? Interesting.

Crowley: I don’t need you to fight my battles for me, Moose. Get bent.

I love this guy. Demon or not.

He picks up his bones, then saying he “has a little Hell to raise,” he disappears. Ominous, that.

The boys are driving the world’s tiniest car—Dean driving on the wrong side—sorry—other side of the car and road. They are literally CRAMMED in there. Sam’s knees are like up by his ears. It’s hysterical. They’re talking to Bobby on the speaker phone and Bobby’s saying he knew the nine hour flight had to be hard for Dean.

B: Did you drink your way through it?

S (sounding slightly little-brother-delighted by this fact): No, he white-knuckled his way through four puke bags!

*HEE* And thank you Show for remembering that our boy is afraid to fly!! See? Do they come through for Bobby or what?!

D: I wasn’t drinking. I had a fork. I was ready if someone tried something.

*snort* A fork. HA!

Bobby tells them thanks.

D: Without you…I don’t want to think about where Sam and I would have ended up….

B: Let’s roll credits on this chick-flick moment.

Aww, boys.

Sam closes the phone and Dean accidentally hits the tiny horn on the tiny wheel in the tiny car and I cackled. Cackled, I tell you.

Bobby sits down, finally trying to eat some of the ginger-peach cobbler when the FBI line rings and he’s backing up another hunter. A hunter’s work is never done.

Thoroughly entertaining and had me grinning so much of the time. Plus? Moved the Baddie-arch of the story forward! *smile* I enjoye these types of 'breaks' from the Angst That Could Kill Me, but I'm ready to get back to it. Ready to watch Dean figure out how to balance a love back "home" with his real "home" on the road, watch him figure out how to come to terms with what happened to and is going on with his brother, watch him decide who he can trust, and what he's going to do next. And I'm ready to find out what's going on with Sam, and what happened to him.

Next week, though?? Good. Lord. I may have to take a nap to prepare for the late night of rambling after that viewing. Vamps? Dean-As-A-Vamp? GAH! Monsters running amuck, indeed! Can’t wait!

Thanks for reading. Would love to know what you thought.




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